Breville Espresso Range: Our Story

You know the story Freshly-made espresso, it’s the aroma of ground coffee, and it lingers in the air, your taste buds are anticipating that first delicious sip. It’s a daily love affair, so why should great tasting coffee be limited to your local cafe That’s the question we ask ourselves Continue Reading

【Green Tea】Basic Teaware

today I’m going to introduce basic teaware for Japanese green tea. first, Kyusu. this is teapot handle with this’s very common in Japan. using right hand, place a lid using my thumb pour this way.for Lady, using both hands pouring this way looks polite this is also common in Continue Reading

Group thermometer for La Pavoni and others espresso coffee machines

installation of the thermometer with heat resistant tape sensor is placed besides another sensor that will be used as a comparison reference temperature will be a little bit higher because sensor is closer to the boiler custom made on/off button to save energy of the two button batteries

Hot Cold Food vs. Cold Hot Food Taste Test

ELECTRIC KETTLE ELECHOMES Gooseneck 💥Tea, Drip Coffee | Crystal Knob Review- 👈

today I have a new electric kettle from Elechomes which is perfect for tea coffee or even instant soups this electric kettle from Elechomes features a gooseneck design with a crystal lid it has a variable temperature control with 12 settings a stainless steel body and as I mentioned before Continue Reading

The Coffee School – Temperatuur van de melk

When foaming your milk, it’s important to pay attention to the temperature. First creating foam, followed by heating up. You can feel the temperature in the middle of the pitcher. I see all the time. Or can feel it on the bottom of the pitcher. Many people are doing that Continue Reading

Liquid Nitrogen and the Tea Kettle Mystery

Frostbite Theater presents… Cold Cuts! No baloney! Just science! Okay, it’s not that hot, not that cold. It’s sort of room temperature metal, so it’s kind of cool. Pretend I’m at home. I’m at home, my radio is broken. No music. The only music I can get is if this Continue Reading

Milk first or last? The correct method for hot tea. (GONE MATHEMATICAL)

I’m going to answer the question that has plagued humankind for millennia. If you’re making a cup of tea Should you put the milk in straightaway? Or should you wait and add the milk at the absolute very last second? Now some people will try and convince you that of Continue Reading