Eugene Ranks Every Popular Soda

– This is too much aspartame for me. (Eugene inhales) I’m going insane. Aspartame. Is there such thing as an aspartame trip? Can the editor put effects on here, that looks like it’s an aspartame trip? – [Rachel] Yeah, go for it. – Yeah. Oh, I feel skinny. I’ve been Continue Reading

Costco Taste Test Challenge

Can we tell the difference between the Costco generic brand – and the name brand product? – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – On a past episode of Good Mythical Morning, we did the Walmart taste test. We tried to decipher between Walmart Continue Reading

Eugene Ranks The World’s Most Popular Fruit

Eugene: He’s my theme song writer and singer. Min-young: Oh wow! He is the raaaaaaaannnnkk kiiiinng~ (and queen) M: Wooow! M: Bravo! E: Thank you. M: Bravo, bravo! E: Thank you *intro* Fruity fruity fruity (fruityfruity) Frooooooooo-ty fruity (fruit-a-fruit, fruity-fuity) Fruity fruity frui-TY! E: Welcome to the Rank King, the Continue Reading

Die Zukunft des Wohnmobils – Vanlife VisionVenture by Hymer | Vorstellung & Roomtour

What is the future of RV and Vanlife? Could it look like this? As I found these images, I thought at first this is sort of computer graphics or 3D animation, but then I realised this car actually exists! It is a concept car that Hymer developed in cooperation with Continue Reading

家電開箱 Breville 咖啡機 BES 870 espresso

1st Jan 2017 time now is 2-3am but I would like to have my first box open in 2017 this one coffee machine just open very petty coffee machine the model number is …. let me see I forgot it model… model Number… OK this is Breville BES870 the design Continue Reading


hello friends today we will make coffee shoot. Hi friends today how to make espresso at home my daughter is prepared with cemre will tell you. Very expensive equipment for drinking espresso you don’t need it actually you need it just an espresso machine and a milk frother otherwise you Continue Reading