This Christmas Wish List Is Insane (feat. Ray Romano) – Lights Out with David Spade

A dad went viral for sharing his ten-year-old– this is kind of a crummy move– daughter’s insane Christmas list he put on the Internet. Some of the items include a MacBook Air and Gucci slides. Ray, you have kids. Is this a normal list? I see iPhone. I see a Continue Reading

Jesus Christ! Turning Water into Wine with Rob Trudell, Space Age Cup exchanged with GM DPG Stein

Turning into Wine is not Rocket Science. It’s a simple Belief you can do it. Okay, more, uh, okay, that’s water. Still water. Okay, we want this to be wine. All you need is a different cup. Okay? That’s Number 1. Well, not all. You need the cup. Then we Continue Reading

Would Your Morning Coffee Taste Better with 6-Pack Abs?

Do you think coffee tastes better when it’s served with a smile? Yeah. Well how about a smile and some washboard abs. (cheering) That is what’s one the menu at Seattle’s Dreamboyz Espresso. That’s a new drive through alternative to the bikini barista shops we’ve talked about. I’m going right Continue Reading

VANLIFE | Coffee beans & Orange juice | Greece | Episode 4

Faster, Faster, Frieda Go, Faster Faster It’s for your Grandparents? Yes Do you want to take a photo of it for them? No Lena did already. Flowers for our van? Yes. Great Over there is our FRIEDA. Right behind the van comes the beach and the sea What’s inside? Little Continue Reading

What’s that smell? It’s Lavazza Gran Aroma (coffee review)

Hey welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee this is our new set but we also like to call just our couch in our office and multimedia room right I guess there are a few computers in here I guess that qualifies as multimedia yeah and phones books yeah oh that’s right Continue Reading

Hand-roasted Coffee Beans | Miele Black Edition

Experience the seventh sense Indulgence With Miele coffee machines and hand-roasted premium coffee Black Edition No. 1 For everything you really love That’s Miele. That’s Immer Besser.