J Reviews – Reign Inferno Red Dragon

Reign has released some of the best tasting sugar-free beverages on the market. Not just energy drinks, I’m talking about beverages across all categories. I don’t think that there is a line, Bang included, that really competes with what Monster has been able to do with the Reign energy line. Continue Reading

Freshening your Smelly Washer with Baking Soda – Baking Soda Uses – ARM & HAMMER™

Our washing machine sometimes gets stinky…especially after my brother’s laundry! So Mom taught me that all you do is sprinkle in some ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda between loads! It makes the washer smell super-fresh… …and it helps boost your detergent the next time you go to do laundry! Even Continue Reading


Hello everybody, welcome to another video of Reação Imediata. And in the reaction of this video, we will react to Soda Stereo and the name of the song is “En La Ciudad de La Furia” we will make this reaction and hope you like this video. we will make this Continue Reading


Liz you’re up first so pick your favorite blaster and let’s go for it I’m gonna choose the mega nerf blaster oh okay let’s do it I have a target and go for it Oh Sharers that blaster has got some serious power I’m thinking what we’ll do is we’ll Continue Reading

How to Make Water Softener. JADAM Organic Farming.

How to make large water softner. I’m here to introduce how to make water softner on your own. (Mr. Youngsang Cho, The president of JADAM) Firstly we will need a pipe related tool. And the size of the tool is usually 12A, 15A , 20, 25 35 and 40 Most Continue Reading

COOL Experiments with Coca-Cola and Baking Soda, MEGA COKE EXPLOSION!!! BIGGER than Coke and Mentos!

Hi guys, this is Karina, and this is Ronald, and today we’re gonna do four experiments with Coca-cola The first one is going to be adding salt to Coca-cola, and we’ll see what happens Let’s try it Hey, this is smelling weird. This is going to smell weird. Get off Continue Reading


¡Hi Polynesians! Well today we are going to make a challenging very funny that is called “The hands of soda” this challenge is to stick a soda in this way with tape, let’s see paste it, Rafita. It is necessary to entangle it thus in all the hand with the Continue Reading

ITS JUST A SODA ANIMATION // (Angel & Alastor) Hazbin Hotel Animation – AnimatedMau

[laughter] – Okay, I’m just gonna fucking drink soda I guess. [slurping] – Umm.. ex- excuse me? Uh- – What? – Angel… – What? – [stutters] Do you have to caress the straw with your lips like that? – Yeah, I have to do that with everything that touches my Continue Reading

DIY CO2 system for aquarium – citric acid + baking soda

2 liter PET bottle from Coca-Cola – A 200 g of citric acid 600 ml water 2 liter PET bottle from Coca-Cola – B 200 g soda 200 ml water mix A – 600 ml water and 200 g citric acid tighten the valve squeeze the bottle A so that Continue Reading