Cara Membuat Kopi Latte dengan mesin espresso – Tutorial Lorek Coffee

Now, we would like to share how to make a Caffe Latte at home. We will use a home espresso machine. First,.what you need to serve is fresh roasted coffee. We will use Famous Estate Espresso Blend Coffee. Since this is a double portafilter serve 20 gr for double espresso. Continue Reading

People, trading and markets in Ghana | DW Documentary

On West Africa’s Atlantic coast, the former British colony of Ghana became infamous for its involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, and also for its abundant reserves of gold, which is why the English called it “The Gold Coast.” The country is rich in raw materials such as oil, which Continue Reading

산 속에 있는 카페, 근데 만석이라고? 커피기업 기센코리아 카페인신현리 시네소 창업

Oh! Chicken! Hey. The section chief.. Do you have any discount on espresso machines for YouTubers? What? This coffee tastes good. Where is it from? Your cafe coffee. korea Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province I’m going to Giesen korea (Making Korean jokes) We are continuing to climb the mountain. backward movement + Continue Reading

All 50 States Ranked. Nicknames

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs and the final installment of all 50 states ranked by their official nickname we’ve gotten to the best of the best these are the most fitting well thought out and sometimes just plain cool nicknames we’ve had Continue Reading

[Materials Square] Charge Density Difference with Quantum Espresso

Add Graphene unit cell at the ‘Preset Structure’. Clone the cell sufficiently. Click mouse right button to popup Select window. Select atoms to determine where Cobalt be added. Add Cobalt at the ‘Add atom’ menu. Select the Cobalt atom and move vertically to graphene basal plane. Click ‘x’ key to Continue Reading


Hello everyone, cacao 〜∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪ This time we will be making a cocoa flavored hamburger. First off we will make the carrot and potato side dishes (Garniture or Garni). Hold the petty knife this way… Peel the carrot skin. I made the chateau cut, but rounded cut would work as well. Continue Reading

Let’s drive Agrifull 65 (ENG.SUB) [FHD][GoPro]

Hi everyone, in this video I want to show you how the gearbox and the other commands work on the Agriful 65, let’s begin I’ll save the gearbox for later in case you can’t hear me with the engine on On the right we can find this lever to control Continue Reading

Pokémon Talk #33: Tapu Cocoa

[B] Hi, I’m Bulbasaur, [S] and I’m Squirtle [B] and this is Pokemon- *Squirtle mega evolves* [B] Why? [MS] Uhh… [S] Sorry Bulbasaur, I hadn’t thought of a way to interrupt you yet and panicked. [B] Well, it did its job, so it’s not a big- [B] Okay, now I’m Continue Reading