Learn Coffee with Gwilym: #3 Dosing Mistakes

As well as being consistent with the dose we need to be consistent with the amounts of liquid that goes in our cup. Because if we have different amounts of liquid, we have different flavours and different levels of strength. So, there are two ways we can do it, again, Continue Reading

“Coffee Shop – Kahve Dükkanı” ve San Sebastian

I want to talk about coffee shops or coffee stores. I don’t know if everyone is confused but I think, in a coffee store, coffee must be sold. I mean, okay, sell San Sebastian, I don’t say anything about that but, I mean, coffee bean also must be sold. It Continue Reading

First Coffee Shop in London Now Jamaica Wine House

ah right here we go right next door this is the Jamaica Inn its on the site of London’s first coffee store this was once a church yard there is still a church behind there St Michael’s but yeah there has been a church or records of a church here Continue Reading

Found an Insta-worthy coffee shop in Los Angeles.

Good morning, we’re heading to Eggslut now for breakfast We just finish our Eggslut Sandwiches it was really really good. If you guys go there, should definitely order Emm, the egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich It’s the best!! I’m back! So now we’re walking to em, the Farmers Market from Continue Reading