Should You Drink Coffee Before Running? (FIND OUT!)

Yo, what’s up guys, it’s Jonathan on the North We’re heading out right now to pick up running into style and we’re gonna go do a nice coffee running Let’s go So I think the plan is we’re gonna go we’re gonna go pick up running in style aka Olivia Continue Reading

Brooklyn Coffee Guide: Top 6 Specialty Cafes To Visit

(mysterious jazzy music) – Hey it’s Aleš from European Coffee Trip, Radek is behind the camera. And in this video, we are not in Europe. We are in US, we are in Brooklyn and our good friend Jiri will show us 5 of his favorite local cafés. So, check it Continue Reading

Coffee Ambassadors Episode #1 : Bratislava Brew Bar

The last I did not have caffeine was last November when I was sick for about two days… it was terrible! I had to walk outside in the cold and I did not know whether it’s the lack of coffee or the fever that felt worse. Hello, my name is Continue Reading

Berlin Coffee Legends & Their New Cafes | European Coffee Trip

hey guys it’s alex from european coffee trip and in this video we’ll take you back to January when abuse is in parallel hello guys I’ll extract from your own coffee trip today we are in Berlin it’s really cold here and we are excited to visit Berlin coffee legend Continue Reading

The Ultimate V60 Technique

[Music] today we’re going to be talking about how to brew with the Hario v60 how to get the best results you can throw a simple repeatable technique that will give you a delicious cup of coffee now I have designed this technique to work in a cafe as well Continue Reading

The Brno Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

Hello guys, it is Ales and Radek from European Coffee Trip and in this video we will show you 8 great cafes you can visit in Brno, Czech Republic. Cafe #1 is Cafe Mitte. Cafe Mitte is a tiny cafe in the centre of Brno and the reason we are Continue Reading

How to make iced coffee

how to make an iced coffee ? First, take 50 grams of coffee beans, and grind it. This time we choose an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Its body is very round and mouthful which is very good for ice coffee try to pour the coffee as gentle as possible on the Continue Reading

The Budapest Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

Hello guys, it is European Coffee Trip! And in this video we will take you to Budapest and with our editor Karolina we will show you 9 great cafes to visit in the city. Let’s start with number one. Cafe number one is Espresso Embassy. Espresso Embassy run by Tibor Continue Reading