– Hey Hunties, it’s ya girl LaToya Forever. In today’s video, I’m showing you my night-time routine featuring baby Ayah. I partnered with Walmart in today’s video because of course they carry all of the products I use in our night-time routine. Now let’s jump right into the video. My Continue Reading

Jalan-Jalan ke YangMingShan| Lihat Bunga Azalea | Lattea Green Tea

This episode we’re going to YangMing Mountain 30 mins arrive to the destination from Shilin MRT station This bus is special because inside there are full of dolls put up by the driver himself after we arrived in YangMing Mountain main station we must change to bus 125 towards the Continue Reading

We Made A 3-Course Bubble Tea Meal | Eatbook Cooks | EP 6

Warning. These recipes are not meant to be taken seriously. Morning. Is it alive? What the hell? It’s definitely not alive… PD: Ready, 1 2 3. Open! Bubble tea? Only got 1 and it’s mine. OMO! What’s that? Is it a love note from Maverick? What’s this? Oh my god. Continue Reading

Cold Brew termahal | Expensive Coffee (ENG SUBS)

see you again with Javaimagi here with me one package from otten coffee this purcase should have done online because the availability of this beans on the store the first pack is arabica Papua this would be my first coffee from Papua the second one is the expensivest coffee i’ve Continue Reading

Lowest Delivered Prices on Compost Tea & other Organic Fertilizers for Your Garden

Alright! This is John Kohler with, today I have another exciting episode for you, and this is the one that you guys have been waiting for. I know many times I get comments “John, where do I get that rock dust, I went down and asked at my local Continue Reading

WTF – USB Cup Warmer

So what you’re saying is, TOASTYYY! *WTF music* *mellow piano* Mmh. I am really enjoying my delicious latte, here at the You Are Here Cafe. – But you know what really rubs me the wrong way? – Tell me. – And what really ticks me off and makes me feel Continue Reading

Rajini Murugan Tamil Full Movie – Sivakarthikeyan | Keerthy Suresh | D.Imman | UIE Movies

Madurai has been epitomized as the land of killings and theft ..filled with goons and murderers. That’s how you might know Madurai. Trust me, Madurai isn’t like that. With a scintillating scent of jasmines, Madurai is not a temple city, but also a festive city. The great land of Madurai Continue Reading

5 Natural DIY Hair Masks To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently

Is Dandruff destroying your confidence? Are you too embarrassed to wear black? Let me show you my favourite Diy Hair Masks For Dandruff! Just like you, I believed a lot in anti dandruff shampoos but they didn’t seem to work for me! I needed a much better solution! I discovered Continue Reading

KFC, Popcorn Chicken, French Fries, Green Tea Latte | MUKBANG | EATING SHOW – Dolomo #16

Hi, everyone. I’m glad you are watching my video. Today, my lunch is KFC. Let’s begin. First… wait. Ketchup first. Alright, let’s eat a popcorn chichen first. This is green tea latte. It seems a new drink this year. Tasty. Made of milk and green tea powder. We ordered… We Continue Reading