Nitro Coffee by Bettr Barista & Starbucks

Nitro is not happening today. Maybe on Thursday? I’ll continue to wait… yes. And yes! They have it, guys! Bettr Barista operates within DBS here at Plaza Singapura and today I’m going to finally have my nitro coffee. Let’s go get some. One nitro cold brew, please… thank you! Thank Continue Reading

SYRP Genie Mini and Nikon Z7 Beach Timelapse, Twig Stove Coffee & Thanks for 1000 Subscribers!

just come down to the beach this evening to try and set up a motion time lapse over sunset brew up a nice cup of coffee here on the beach and say thanks to you for supporting this channel so let’s go well hi folks I’ve come down to the Continue Reading

Gourmia GCM9850 Cold or Hot Brew Coffee Maker 50 Ounces or 1.5 Liters

you you here is the Gourmia coffee brewer right out of the box I’ve added some water because I’m not using it for company but you can also use it to my tea or even that infuse drinks it has a stainless steel stringer unit here it’s very fun you Continue Reading

Rusted Coffee Grinder – Restoration

1930 Vintage Coffee Grinder Peugeot Do not worry, everything will be fine my dear 😀 Looks like new inside Help Help Let’s starts disassembly! these screws are full of dirt At this point I don’t even know if anything can be done with this grinder… Those are bike spoke nipple Continue Reading

Gourmia GCM9850 Cold or Hot Brew Coffee Maker 33 Ounces or 1 Liter

welcome back to this unboxing you have probably seen the previous video of the larger container by Gourmia I’m not positive that that’s the correct pronunciation but that’s what I’m going with for now… as you can see this smaller unit it also has measurements unint it’s been in the Continue Reading