DON’T BUY THE MUG! (I did, and regret it)

there we go yeah this is this is fine it’s the highly-anticipated true ceramic mug from Lego I bought it from the Lego shop at home Web Store a couple weeks ago and I have issues with it one of them is very obvious it arrived all broke did the Continue Reading

Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

if you enjoy a good coffee you may be interested in a new home coffee roaster created by the I a collaborative called Kelvin the award-winning allows you to custom roast fresh coffee beans enabling you to save money reduced waste and explore new flavors roast your own coffee at Continue Reading

DIY Miniature- IKEA Coffee Tables Tutorial

Hi guys! It’s Cath and today I have a super easy miniature tutorial for you. We’re going to make some mini IKEA coffee tables. These are from the ikea LACK series and I absolutely love the simplicity in its design. Let’s get started with the smaller square table first. I Continue Reading