Boundaries: Real Talk with Coffee

Hi folks! Marie here for some real talk with coffee. I just wanted to hop in today to say that nobody can respect boundaries that they don’t know. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot; I have talked to a lot of people about setting boundaries, figuring out what Continue Reading


Hey guys, it’s Ro! It is still very cold outside, and I know I live in Southern California where it isn’t the most cold in January. But the other day, it was 38 degrees, and for me that is very chilly! And when it’s cold outside, I like to make Continue Reading

Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker! (Quick & Easy)

♪ [music] ♪ If you’re one nasty crabapple before you have your morning cup of coffee, this will be of interest to you. Many of us use Keurig coffee makers to make our morning cup of coffee. But there are other kinds, like Tassimo. Regardless of what kind you use, Continue Reading