HoldUp Hot Job Tip #1

You treat the customer how you want to be treated and of course that’s with great customer service and with a smile. Body language, says it all. As well as the tone of voice. Also, remembering, if they’re a regular customer, remembering what their order is. If they love their Continue Reading

10 Surprising Uses For Your Old Tea Bags

Joy Home Remedies brings you: 10 Surprising Uses For Your Old Tea Bags If you drink tea regularly, you probably go through a lot of tea bags! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something useful you could do with all those tea bags, rather than just throwing them out? Continue Reading

5 Ways To Make Caffeine More Effective l Nutrition Tips for Building Muscle & Loosing Fat

Get the most out of your daily caffeine intake by learning how and why caffeine works. Once you know this, you’ll know how to use it to achieve your major performance goals! Nearly 80 percent of adults in the U.S. consume caffeine in one form or another every day. For Continue Reading

Growing Up in Reverse 🌻 (Art-Tea)

*ding!* AHHHHH~ Hello! Long time no see. It has actually been so long since I’ve just like sat down and talked to you guys. Life has been a little bit crazy, which is what I always say, but it really has. But I have missed just chatting with ya’ll and Continue Reading

How to make an Absolut Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail | Recipe

Wear Your Caffeine?!

(audience clapping) It’s time to check in and see if those caffeine bracelets I highlighted earlier have given our audience testers a little bit of a buzz, joined currently by Lisa, Leslie and Gretchen, they’ve been wearing this energy band all day I guess yesterday, and then I guess your Continue Reading

Red Bull and Violin Bow Shake – Caffeine and a Bouncing Bow Violin Lesson

hello musicians thank you for joining us Andrew Mercer here today we’re going to talk a little about Monster energy drinks caffeine coffee espresso we’re gonna talk to caffeine and your violin playing now I’ve been known to drink a little espresso people who know me well know that well Continue Reading

Milani Lipstick Haul + Review | Lipstick for Dark Skin

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today I am doing a Milani lip swatch video because I have so many Milani lipsticks and I just wanted to show you some of my favorites. I picked up some from the new matte line, so I hope you guys will enjoy Continue Reading