Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato Tea Ceremony – Shiga – 叶匠寿庵 寿長生の郷

Located in the suburbs of Otsu, Shiga prefecture capital city, Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato is a longstanding Japanese style confectioner famous all across Japan. While people visiting Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato can shop for some of the best Japanese sweet, it is also possible there to participate in Continue Reading

Amazing Japanese Pudding/Purin Recipe

Mr. Pompompurin: Hey everybody! Today we’re going to learn to make purin! Which is just some pudding and – Okay, alright, that’s enough of that buddy *Simon Dothraki man warrior sneeze* S: Sorry *laughing* You guys have no idea how long its taken me – S: I’m so sorry! M: Continue Reading

Japan Travel: Osaka – Kimono and Tea ceremony, Tennoji and shopping

Good morning it’s a new day today as I said in the previous blog today I’ve booked a eta ceremony and I have now arrived at the station where I am meeting the lady who will be hosting it stairs… as usual I am a bit early just in case, Continue Reading


An intriguing cafe opened for a limited time in the chic area of Tokyo, Roppongi. There is so much to say about this place! First, the view over Tokyo is amazing, we are at 52nd floor’s observatory. It’s an entirely self-service cafe Let’s buy some beans from this machine The Continue Reading

How to make easy cold brew dashi & recipe (Vegan dashi too!)【 Neo Japanese Cooking 】

How to make easy cold brew dashi! Hi, welcome to Neo Japanese Cooking! I’m chef KG. In this video, I will show you how to make easy cold brew dashi. If you know how to make dashi, you can use dashi for so many things in Japanese dishes. I will Continue Reading

Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

When it comes to health, weight of course is not everything, but since there are so many health complications from being overweight or obese, it’s safe to say that Japan with an obesity rate of 3.5% is generally healthier than America with an obesity rate of 30%. Japan isn’t perfect, Continue Reading

Gothic Halloween Tea Party in Tokyo, Japan! VLOG

Hello everyone, welcome back We are now on our way to a Halloween themed gothic tea party We are kind of running late Why? Because we had chicken wings On our way back, we didn’t order fried chicken, but grilled chicken wings It took us so long to eat them Continue Reading

A Japanese Robot Made My Coffee

It’s well known that Tokyo has an abundance of coffee shops Especially here in Shibuya with it’s popular Starbucks overlooking the Scramble Crossing But today.. I’ve come to the basement of a shopping complex to have my coffee made… by a robot! This is “Sawyer”. Japan’s first Robot Barista Sawyer Continue Reading

Traditional Japanese tea at Tokyo’s Sakurai Tea cafe | Where Locals Go

[wind chimes ring] [ice cracks] [wind chimes ring] [soothing music plays] ♪♪ -Japanese tea is not simple about tea leaves, but also about a space that incorporates cultural factors, as well as our style of brewing. And while you may refer to it as an art form, it’s all about Continue Reading

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019 • 東京大茶会2019 [ENG Sub]

This year once again the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony took place in the Hamarikyu Koen. I visited that event together with Yoko and Maddy and we discovered a lot new things. We were welcomed by the musical program. Shamisen and beatboxing – an unfamiliar, but cool combination. You could find Continue Reading