Pulling the Perfect Key in Avid – 04 – Compositing Tricks

– [Ben] Hello and welcome to part four of Pulling the Perfect Key in Avid with me, Ben Brownlee from Boris FX. And in this section we’re gonna be looking at starting to tie the foreground and the background clip together. (playful xylophone music) So the first thing I wanna Continue Reading

How To Use Thumb Tape

Do you know how to use thumb tape? This tape is great because it will protect your fingers But it still allows them to be mobile, because it’s stretchy When you put it on – pinch it between your thumb and your finger wrap it around one time Then, bend Continue Reading

5 Ways To Make Caffeine More Effective l Nutrition Tips for Building Muscle & Loosing Fat

Get the most out of your daily caffeine intake by learning how and why caffeine works. Once you know this, you’ll know how to use it to achieve your major performance goals! Nearly 80 percent of adults in the U.S. consume caffeine in one form or another every day. For Continue Reading

Legs and Butt – Mobility | Espresso Workouts Foundation #10 (4K)

hi everyone thank you for taking the time to be working out with me my name is Caroline and I will be taking you all the way through mother of all work outs is a good warm up so I’ll be taking you through three warm-ups first one is lunch Continue Reading

Halle Berry Broke Three Ribs Training as a Stuntwoman for John Wick 3

-I want to talk about “John Wick 3.” I love “John Wick.” I’m obsessed with these movies. Where does this take off? Where does this start? -This movie starts exactly where 2 ended. It’s like not a second has passed. Yeah. And so he’s running. He’s perpetually running. But it Continue Reading

Get in Shape in 4 Weeks – Beginners Week 3 | Espresso Workouts (4K)

hello beginners and espresso work vouchers this is the Holiday Edition but still week number three of the beginners get in shape in four weeks and here we go starting with a wide squat this is one of two warm-up exercises bring your hips slightly backwards and in between your Continue Reading

🧡 Burn Complex Un-Caffeinated by ON Review from Fat Burners Only 🧡

The biggest supplement brand in the world, Optimum Nutrition, have come out with a fat burning range. I have in my hands here orange lid Burn Complex. Not to be confused with blue lid, which is caffeinated. This guy here is the un-caffeinated version of a fat burner. Just wanted Continue Reading

Caffeine and Weight Loss – How Does Caffeine Help You Lose Weight?

Caffeine is perhaps the most widely used stimulant in the world. As many as 90 percent of Americans consume 2 cups of coffee, which is about 350 milligrams of caffeine per day. We all are aware about that effects that caffeine has on one’s energy level and its ability to Continue Reading

Get in Shape in 4 Weeks – Beginners Week 4 | Espresso Workouts (4K)

welcome workout as to your fourth week of your beginners workout and my sister just reminded me that one leg bending forwards might be a little bit too difficult for beginners sisters are always honest so if this one leg balance pose is too difficult for you you can do Continue Reading