Asly – 249TooDope X Eaz Da Bully (Prod.By: HARGO) #حفر_ميوزيك

How much longer do I gotta keep schooling ya’ll Drill Drill Drill Had the contract, ya boy signed it This evening man got concert Why didn’t I eat, My head’s hurtin Why did I smoke my chest’s fucked up How am I supposed to perform right now Quickly I grabbed Continue Reading

Giant ROYAL WEDDING at Haunted HACKER Mansion! (Spending 24 hours Rebecca vs Best Friend Challenge)

NEFFEX – Gibberish [Official Video]

Yeah Since day one I’ve been getting it I ain’t spitting gibberish I spit the realest shit That’s why they can feel my shit ohh And I’m limitless Run it like a business I ain’t leaving witnesses I just keep on getting it uhh So meticulous Spitting out these images Continue Reading

NEFFEX – When Everything is Gone (Best of Me the Collection OUT NOW!) [Copyright Free]

Yeah Let’s get it It’s you against the world Better figure out fast Who the hell you can trust If you wanna make it past All the fakes and the lust better figure out fast Nah This ain’t what you want You don’t want it that bad Can you give Continue Reading


i wanna dream vivo 4la mami es por mi por nadie mas si me jodí llegue al lugar me hago rich que cuenten mas oh yeah, mama estoy fecendo money oh yeah, quizás mañana voy a morir oh yeah, mama estoy facendo money oh, yeah quizas mañana voy a morir Continue Reading

Morning Coffee. | Future Bass Mix Vol. 1

Hyper Potions – Surf Synthion – Cake Pop Dark Cat – Crazy Milk Kankitsu – Magic Motion Killabyte – Our Story Shindig – Hiccup Kotori & Synthion – Omurice Xypc – Soft Serve Daft Punk – Something About Us (Krys Talk Remix) Virtual Riot – Flutter (Feat. Madi) WRLD – Continue Reading

Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

مرحبا سيدي اتريد القهوه او شاي او… انا؟ شاي من فضلك ام سيدي هل سمعتني؟ لقد سالت اذا انت تريد القهوه او شاي او.. انا؟ وانا قلت شاي من فضلك.” اخترني”! …لكن انا اريد شاي. هل تكرهني سيدي؟ لا,انا فقط اريد شاي. انا امر فقط بيوم سيء وانت بسببك اصبح Continue Reading

DirtyGun – Coffee shop

Accartocciati sti fogli bianchi dentro le tasche solo pazzia state lontani da quella donna perchè si chiama malinconia passi più lunghi di queste gambe passi di moda come le scarpe ma non t’accorgi che ormai sei grande calmo lo stress ma con la maria la stringo forte tra le mie Continue Reading