Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP! #CreatorsForChange

Do you know what i freaking hate? This This is a beautifully crafted and measured Lie They get you from really, early on Now this right here is how they want the whole world To view us Watch this Ladies and gentlemen Welcome, to the stereotype world Stereotype world Stereotype Continue Reading

Portable Coffee Maker

Finding a good cup of coffee can be a struggle when traveling we’ve found the perfect solution The portable coffeemaker let you make coffee anytime anywhere It’s compact lightweight and versatile innovative design and powerful Extraction pressure for a rich and bold espresso the coffee maker is your best choice Continue Reading

$3 Ramen Vs. $79 Ramen • Japan

– Here we are. For the last three episodes of season three, we’re here doing Worth It Japan. We’ve brought our friend, colleague, cultural guide translator, tasty producer, Rie McClenny. – Hi. – Three foods, three parts, ramen, coffee, cake. – There’s gonna be trains, vending machines, walking, other b Continue Reading

Famous Kolkata 100 Years Old Coffee House & Juice Center| – Dpx Vlogs

Oh My God !! you are taking Video like this Then Switch On the Lights I am at Kolkata right now I was doing vlog in bangalore ; These couple of days , Due To some emergency I am In Kolkata just for 2 Days I will show some interesting Continue Reading

Coffee and Vienna | VIENNA/NOW

It’s no secret that the Viennese are crazy about their coffee. The Vienna Coffee Festival celebrates the traditional and brand-new coffee scene in the city. There are tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, as well as interactive workshops. My name is Chris Cummins. Let’s find out about Vienna’s coffeehouse culture Continue Reading

The secret to a perfect Melbourne coffee

Melbourne has probably one of the most mature espresso cultures in the world we were getting some of the earliest coffee machines anywhere coming out of from Italy when Italians were moving over here in the Fifties and that’s meant we’ve been drinking it for decades a lot longer than Continue Reading

Handpresso Auto Review – 12V portable espresso machine

Hi Guys. This is Car Products Tested and today we’re reviewing the Handpresso Auto. It’s a new product from Handpresso. We reviewed the Handpresso before and we were really impressed with that, so we’re join to show you how to use it. First off, pull off the power lead and Continue Reading

Man Lives and Sells Coffee out of his VW Bus

My name is Eric Gordon and I own Carabiner Coffee. It’s the coffee shop that I run out of my van around the country. Carabiner Coffee started because I was a climbing instructor doing that for about five years and it kind of got to the point where I was Continue Reading

The coffee story in Melbourne Australia

That coffee has got balls! Try try the best coffee in Melbourne right here In Melbourne, people line up for their coffee. I would absolutely rather abstain than drink crap coffee And if I take a sip of a coffee and if I take a sip of a coffee and Continue Reading

Coffee Addicts Try To Guess Regular Vs. Decaf Coffee

– My mom started putting like a little bit of coffee in my hot chocolate and the first day I almost like shit my pants on the way to my school. (laughter) (upbeat music) – I started drinking coffee when I was in the second grade. – It’s like the Continue Reading