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Top 10 Cafe Coffee Day [CCD] Lesser Known Facts

Welcome to barking well get inspire from most interesting and inspiring personalities of India Hello guys welcome to the new episode of barking well in today’s episode We are going to talk about the 10 things you didn’t know about the largest coffee retail chain in India owned by VG Continue Reading

Chef Edgard Bovier’s Recipe: Iced Coffee with Nespresso Kazaar Coffee and Meringue | CH

My Nespresso Kazaar iced coffee, wood-fired meringue and Rougemont double cream Today I’m making my Kazaar iced coffee with Botterens meringue, Rougemont double cream and some wild strawberries. I want a really strong coffee, that’s why I chose the Kazaar coffee. So, let it cool down for a few moments. Continue Reading

What’s The Best Boba Tea Shop?

– Chris Lam and Megan Lee. Boba tea. (upbeat music) What’s up guys, I’m Megan. – And I’m Chris. And we’re gonna be trying out a lot of boba places today. So, we’re gonna tell you guys which one is the best one. We specifically chose boba chains so that Continue Reading

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The Caramel Pecan Praline Affogato Shake at Flavors Coffee & Ice Cream Bar

🎵Music🎵 Hi my name is Seth I work at Flavors Coffee & Ice cream Bar and today we’re going to be making an affogato shake So right now I’m just adding a little bit of milk helps blend up the ice cream next I will make a double shot of Continue Reading

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