Senate Votes Against Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial

-Guys, I’m very excited about this. Super Bowl LIV is on Sunday. [ Cheering and applause ] So many exciting questions. Who will win? Who will lose? Most importantly, who will take the hint when the game’s over to leave my house? [ Laughter ] I’m actually having a big Continue Reading

What It’s Like On Senate Floor During Impeachment Trial: ‘No Eating, No Drinking Caffeine’ | MSNBC

Baking espresso shortbread in Trump’s America

COMEY: With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets. SPICER: And then obviously there’s been discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time, but beyond— Continue Reading

Navy Corruption and the Eddie Gallagher Case – Coffee With Trident Shield #3 Clip 2

and when you’re over there away from your family having somebody having the commander-in-chief come over there and support you does mean something so that’s a great segway into another rant about the Eddie Gallagher story I mentioned that the Navy Times and I hope I can find it now Continue Reading

Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 19, 2019 (Day 3) | NBC News

John Bolton Spills The Tea On Trump

>>Former national security advisor John Bolton recently gave a private speech to some wealthy individuals. It was Morgan Stanley’s global investment event in Miami. And during this event, apparently he had some negative things to say about Donald Trump and he made it clear that he believes all of Donald Continue Reading

Peanut | All Over the Map | JEFF DUNHAM

(yodeling music) – [Jeff] Something else interesting, did you know that Norway sends Sweden its garbage to use in its recycling programs? (audience laughs) – A lot of countries import other countries’ garbage. Canada gave us Justin Bieber. (audience laughs and cheers) – [Jeff] I was telling one of the Continue Reading

“Peanut: Can you hear me now?” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

– You know what else pissed me off today? – What? – Tried using my cell phone. – Having trouble? – Just like the stinking commercials. Can you hear me now? How bout now? Now? Now? Now? Now? (Audience laughs) – You know when you don’t hear in those commercials? Continue Reading

Deutsche Bank Is Spilling The Tea On Donald Trump

So I know the talk of the town recently has been all about Ukraine with regards to Donald Trump’s impeachment. But let’s not forget, okay, this guy is still facing several different investigations that are also pretty damaging. One of the ones that continues to fly under the radar is Continue Reading