Advertising Poster Design Lemon Tea | Photoshop | Ju Joy Design Bangla

Thank You for clicking my video Today I show you how to create lemon tea Advertising Poster Design I hope you like this video Let’s go tutorial All Image Stoke Download link in this description below I hope you like my tutorial Please Subscribe my Channel for more Idea

how to make mocha cold coffee

hello friends today we r making mochacold coffee ingredients required r milk,coffee,chocalate bar/icecream,watch chocalate bar cideo in my channel sugar to taste added milk n cofee in jug added sugar adding chocalate bar/icecream blend all ingredients together decortaing with icing watch my video of cake icing/frosting adding whipped icing in Continue Reading

Would You Like Some Tea? | Newbie Lesson | ChinesePod

Hi everyone! Welcome to ChinesePod. My name is Gwilym. Hi everyone! This is Fi, and you’re joining us for a Newbie Lesson. Now today’s lesson, what’s the main focus? It’s about offering someone a drink and how to say no. So often one of the first questions when learning Mandarin Continue Reading

Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not? | Parents

If you’re just a little tiny bit scary in the morning before your coffee or tea, you’re probably just a little bit interested in what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to caffeine and your pregnancy. Let me drill that down for you. 200 mg of caffeine a day Continue Reading

How To Make Tea Bags using a Heat-Seal Teabag Machine TTV#57

Hello! I’m here today to answer one of the questions that we’re asked most often, which is “How do we make these: teabags?” How does this – loose leaf tea of a tea bag grade, a Fannings grade we call it – how do we put it into these? Well, Continue Reading

Tea or Herbal Tea? What is the Difference? Tea Q&A with Andrew

– So the question today is “What is the difference between tea and herbal tea?” Well, the short answer is, tea is tea. It comes from Camellia sinensis plant, i.e. the tea plant. That’s it. Herbal tea comes from different plants, such as Peppermint or Camomile or Lavender or whatever Continue Reading

How to Make a Cup of Tea – The Victorian Way

Oh, hello. I think I’m just about ready for a cup of tea. Everyone here at Audley End House likes a good cup of tea. Lady Braybrooke makes hers herself in the house with her own urn. She, I’m told, has it very weak. And she has it made from Continue Reading

DIY Fabric Koozie Tutorial

Hi, this is Jen from Online Fabric Store. Koozies are great to have at home, take to parties, or have for on the go. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a fabric koozie that is insulated for both hot and cold beverages. So let’s get Continue Reading

Visma EasyCruit Coffee Club – Episode 01

Hi everyone and welcome to the EasyCruit Coffee Club! Today we are in our beautiful office in Skøyen, Oslo. What we are trying to achieve with the EasyCruit Coffee Club is to inform you about functionalities that we have in our system and that you might not thought about or Continue Reading