Hello! This is Riku from Riku Doing Stuff and Being Annoying. Today we’re going to taste some coffees. This is porridge. It’s morning. I haven’t had my morning coffee. Yet. This is – your name is? Carl. Yep. And your profession is? Good question. Barista. Coffee. Barista. We are today Continue Reading

Rooibos Tea or Red Bush Tea, caffeine-free South African herbal tea | Andrew’s Tasting Notes

– So this is Rooibos or Redbush, or Bush tea or Redbush tea. And people pronounce Rooibos lots of different ways but that’s how I say it. And here it is. And it comes from a plant that looks a bit like a gorse bush, that grows on the Cape Continue Reading

Grocery haul / Caffeine Pills / Food for the Week

this man this morning the high stakes if you’re watching us your open again on Vance Jackson is all threes so close to dunk my friend asked me to lose some weight around the lot of groceries grocery haul green grocer Whole I respect legally start with how much I Continue Reading

Red Bull and Violin Bow Shake – Caffeine and a Bouncing Bow Violin Lesson

hello musicians thank you for joining us Andrew Mercer here today we’re going to talk a little about Monster energy drinks caffeine coffee espresso we’re gonna talk to caffeine and your violin playing now I’ve been known to drink a little espresso people who know me well know that well Continue Reading

Marshmallow Snowman (edible craft) – perfect with Hot Cocoa

Hi, I’m Valentina. Wellcome to my channel. In this video I made these cute little snowman. This is a very interesting edible craft that you can make with your kids, and eat it as well. Subscribe to my channel if you didn’t already, and don’t forget to like these cute Continue Reading


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel I’m so happy you’re here Today I am going to review an amazing product The best, the best my favorite This is my favorite lip color, favorite – my favorite brand of lip color? Quite literally the longest lasting – best long-lasting lip Continue Reading

Best Tea For Revision? What Teas are Good For Studying? Can Tea Keep Me Mentally Stimulated? Tea Q&A

– Kay Hallsworth asks: I’m doing a lot of studying at the moment, and what tea would be good for keeping me mentally stimulated? Okay, well This is a great question. I’m sure, at the moment, there’s lots of students who are preparing for their exams. And I’m sure there’s Continue Reading

Come preparare un Miami Iced Tea cocktail

Hi guys and welcome to Infinity Cocktail, the channel where we learn together to prepare cocktails. Before starting I ask you to put a like, subscribe to channel and activate the bell so you don’t miss the next videos if you want you can also follow me on Facebook and Continue Reading

How to extract Caffeine from Caffeine Pills

So what a surprise! Back again, Nile Red is doing a caffeine extraction. This time though, the recovery should be a lot better because we’re not targeting it in a natural source. Today we’re going to be trying to target our caffeine in caffeine pills. This process should be a Continue Reading

La Pavoni Europiccola/Professional tutorial full guide

Hi, this is Claudio Santoro. This is a tutorial about how I personally make espresso coffee with a La Pavoni Europiccola machine In order to make espresso with your Europiccola, you need a setup like this: Machine, of course! Grinder: You need a burr grinder like this, because, to make Continue Reading