Caffeine use in first 8 weeks of pregnancy may increase risk of miscarriage: Study

a new study suggests caffeine intake may increase the risk of miscarriage according to researchers at the US National Institutes of Health women looking to conceive and in early pregnancy should eliminate caffeine from their diet as there is a slightly higher risk of miscarriage among those who drink two Continue Reading

New regulations requiring coffee shops to label caffeine content to be applied in 2020

Coffee shops across the nation… will be required by law to disclose the caffeine content of their beverages… starting in the first half of 2020. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced the new measures on Tuesday… aimed at preventing caffeine overdose. The new regulations stipulate… that warning labels Continue Reading

Korean gov’t to place advertising restrictions on high-caffeine products

Korea is set to place advertising restrictions on food and drinks containing high-levels of caffeine amid concerns children and teenagers are consuming too many of the products. The food ministry says the measures will start in November, and they will include banning television advertising between five and seven p.m. — Continue Reading

Fawlty Towers: Topless afternoon tea

Hello. Hello. I think I left it over here somewhere, hang on. Ah, here it is. See you tonight. Come here… Yes? A single for tonight, is it? Mr Fawlty, may I introduce Richard Turner. I’m sorry? He’s a friend of mine. Oh, you know each other, do you? Just, Continue Reading

Health tonics to add caffeine content, warning on labels from 2020

now so-called health tonics sold in South Korea must change their labels to show caffeine content and warnings starting from the second half of 2020 the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety says health tonics with caffeine must have contains caffeine and people under age 15 must not consume written Continue Reading

Coffee industry grows annually, but some fall behind with fierce competitions

a recent survey suggests more than half of the Korean population drink coffee regularly the industry continues to grow with imports doubling in half a decade however with an excess of supply some shops struggle and have to close down jaejoong-hyung zooms in on this phenomenon 350 cups that’s how Continue Reading

Emilia Clark Makes Hilarious Confession About ‘Game of Thrones’ Coffee Cup | THR News

– I’m glad. – I think that’s who did it. – But we don’t know for sure but that’s who you think did it. – I mean he said it. And he might’ve been drunk, but he said it. – Yeah, yeah. – The case of the coffee cup was Continue Reading

“Peanut: Can you hear me now?” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

– You know what else pissed me off today? – What? – Tried using my cell phone. – Having trouble? – Just like the stinking commercials. Can you hear me now? How bout now? Now? Now? Now? Now? (Audience laughs) – You know when you don’t hear in those commercials? Continue Reading