“Barın” mı var? Derdin var! ”Coffee Shop 2”

We continue to talk about coffee shops. There are lots of coffee architecture and styles all of which are spoken of. We will talk about them and find the best. We keep running after coffee. Whether coffee chases us or we chase it. I will talk about it in coffee Continue Reading

[Center Coffee] How to brew Hario V60 Brewing Guide by Sang Ho Park

hello my name is Sandra park I’m the former UK Brewers Cup champion and today I’ll be showing you how to prove 1816 loads of recipes out there on how to do a 360 but on this recipe I will show you how I prove my 360 and what I’m Continue Reading

The Ultimate V60 Technique

[Music] today we’re going to be talking about how to brew with the Hario v60 how to get the best results you can throw a simple repeatable technique that will give you a delicious cup of coffee now I have designed this technique to work in a cafe as well Continue Reading

A Coffee Brewing Theory “4:6 method” Invented by Tetsu Kasuya_ World Brewers Cup 2016 Champion

You can control the taste through the balance between the first and second pour. The third pour onward control the strength In this case, we will use 20g. Make the grounds with the coarsest setting of your HARIO grinder, or make the coarseness similar to that of a French press. Continue Reading

What Coffee Brewing Method Is The Best?

– Hi My name is Jeff Cheen, I’m the chief coffee guy at Groundwork Coffee and this morning we’re going to try one coffee, brewed over several different methods, and discuss the differences we taste that those methods bring out of the coffee. Come on in to my playpen, lets Continue Reading

“Coffee Shop – Kahve Dükkanı” ve San Sebastian

I want to talk about coffee shops or coffee stores. I don’t know if everyone is confused but I think, in a coffee store, coffee must be sold. I mean, okay, sell San Sebastian, I don’t say anything about that but, I mean, coffee bean also must be sold. It Continue Reading

How to make iced coffee

how to make an iced coffee ? First, take 50 grams of coffee beans, and grind it. This time we choose an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Its body is very round and mouthful which is very good for ice coffee try to pour the coffee as gentle as possible on the Continue Reading

Hario v60 & CHEMEX Coffee Maker Review & Recommend

Hi guys in our last video we were talking about our interview with Brian Sans, go check it out. And we also talked about the coffee that we’re brewing, and which was from Florence really good stuff great flavor what was it was like bold and earthy, woodsy.Yeah I was Continue Reading