Melbourne: Coffee Culture

What can I get for you today? Just a latte. Cappuccino. Ristretto. Yeah, long black. I’ll have a cold drip thanks. Milk on the side? Do you do raw milk? Skinny milk. Cow’s milk? No milk. Oat milk. Sorry was that oat milk or goat milk? Do you have oat Continue Reading

The Best of the Worst Coffee Shops in Central London

What’s up everyone, welcome to another video So I am your host Hal and today im starting off a new series called five things And I think it’s gonna be a good one Because it’s the first one And we’re gonna start it off in Victoria So, it’s Sunday morning, Continue Reading

Coffee can heat your home, and even cook your dinner – find out why!

an enterprising Melbourne company has found an ingenious use for one of the city’s biggest waste products, coffee grinds. The tiny startup company has managed to turn the leftovers from your morning cuppa into fuel that can heat your home or even cook your dinner. Is there anything more wondrous Continue Reading