Types of Tea : Green Tea Vs Black Tea

Hi, I’m Nelson Drago with Chado Tea Room in Los Angeles on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we will be talking about green tea, especially green tea from China. Green tea, tea which is rolled but not fermented. Some of special green teas come China. Although India and Continue Reading

Coffee break with a friend

make sure you check your camera settings everyday this is Q&A Wednesday it is wednesday it’s a beautiful sunny day out today in Britain it’s 15 degrees which is 15 Celsius which is like 62 Fahrenheit and old money which is like roasting after being so cold it feels really Continue Reading

Asians Get Earwax Extractions For The First Time

– You have yellow stuff stuck on your instrument. Oh God, this is a nightmare. – My name’s Mikala and I am black, white, and Chinese. – I’m half white and half Filipino, maybe a little bit Chinese. – I’m Chinese and Vietnamese. Supposedly Asian people have dry ear wax Continue Reading

$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine

Today we’re going to get cultured *Sitting up in the chair* Is that a thing you can do, can you get cultured? I’m gonna EXPOSE you to a culture you might not be aware of That is the TEA CULTURE . (I don’t know) I’m not gonna do it by Continue Reading

How to Make Ceramic Mugs : How to Pull a Handle on a Clay Mug

Ok. Now, that the lug is attached. You’re going to take your mug and you’re going to hold it somewhat upside down like this. Get your hand very wet. Get this very wet. And, then you’re going to start gently pinching and pulling. This is a very slow process. You Continue Reading