Meaning of “It’s not my cup of tea.” [ ForB English Lesson ]

Hello, everyone. Welcome to ForB’s English lesson video. I’m Robbie and today we’re looking at a useful phrase. And, this phrase is: “It’s not my cup of tea.” So, what do you think this phrase means? Well, let’s look at a very short conversation. Speaker A says: “Do you want Continue Reading

Learn ABC’s – Learn Letter X | Alphabet Video on Tea Time with Tayla

Hey there, Bananas! Welcome back to “Tea Time”. Today we’re going to learn about a really cool letter. Everyone hold your arms like this. Good job! This is an “X”, and that’s our letter for the day! This is a capital X. and this is a lower-case X. They look Continue Reading

British Conversation lesson | An Afternoon Tea with English Like a Native

This is a channel takeover hello you can take over if you like these are two faces that might not be completely familiar you know this one but you might not know this one so hi everybody we have a special guest today on love English this is do you Continue Reading

Drinking tea in England

Hi, everyone. In this lesson I’m going to talk to you about drinking tea in England. You probably know that we drink a lot of tea over here in England, and we have been drinking tea for a really, really long time. Tea started to come here in the 18th Continue Reading

Ordering Coffee at Starbucks | English Class

Today we’re going to Starbucks! Yes! That’s right, we’re going to learn how to order a coffee in English perfectly. So we’re going to look at all the useful phrases and any special vocabulary you need and then I’m going to take you to my local Starbucks to show you Continue Reading

How to order a coffee in Starbucks | English lesson

Eat Sleep Dreamers, how are you? Today we’re going to help you order your cappuccinos, green tea lattes, grande, iced, soya, decaf, triple shot, frappadappaccinos in your favourite coffee house. Are you ready? Let’s do this. Thanks for joining me Eat Sleep Dreamers. Now today we’re going to be looking Continue Reading

Learn to talk about coffee shops in 6 minutes

English from BBC learning english hello I’m Catherine welcome to 6 minute English where we engage in some lively debate and discuss six stimulating items of vocabulary and let’s start here’s your cup of coffee Rob ah thanks but what took you so long Catherine oh sorry Rob I bumped Continue Reading

Does recycling coffee cups make a difference? Listen to 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello, and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Neil. Rob: And I’m Rob. Neil: Now Rob, we’ve talked before on this programme about our love of coffee. Rob: Oh yes, indeed. I couldn’t function without it. Neil: But have you ever thought about the environmental consequences of all those Continue Reading

English Lessons – How to order a coffee in English? ( Free Spoken English lessons)

The most common point of meeting for students, gatherings, business meetings is a coffee shop. Am i right? Hi everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back. Well the most common point of meeting for students, gatherings, business meetings is a coffee shop. Am i right? And at times Continue Reading