Okay, first number one. You sing it to Yankee Doody Dandy. Patriots have come to town to save the constitution. Take away our liberty and bring a revolution. Tyrant Congress leave us be. Patriots, defenders, we declare our liberty and never will surrender. Second verse! Do we have a second Continue Reading

Millars Organic Wood Roasted Coffee – How We Do It

Hey guys this is Devin Millar, from Millar’s Organic Wood Roasted Coffee. We use a wide range of different types of wood. Including Alder, Cherry, Maple, and for this month we are using Hazelnut. I’m going to show you how we roast our coffee from start to finish. So what Continue Reading

Exploding Tea Party Protester Threatens Interviewer

so you want to end all government health care? I think government should stay away from anything have to do with health care we don’t believe in socialized medicine but I myself a veteran that realize American dream because my hard work and three jobs I like to take the Continue Reading