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Recycle Your Coffee Cup

Hey, welcome to my potting bench. I am Shawna Coronado from Gardening Nude. Today, I have a coffee cup challenge for you. Are you ready? The coffee cup challenge is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. A certain chain wastes 2.3 billion coffee cups every year. That is right – Continue Reading

5 Steps to Brewing Great Coffee at Home

Would you like to make great coffee at home for friends and family? We brought the automatic coffee maker into the lab to see what it takes to make great coffee with . Come join us as we take a closer look at drip coffee makers and find out what’s Continue Reading

How to set up your De’Longhi Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95 bean-to-cup coffee machine for the first time

Plug the power cord into the socket at the back and connect to the mains electricity supply. Make sure the main switch at the back of the appliance is pressed on; To select the language press next until the required language appears on the display: then press the flag corresponding Continue Reading

How to Make A Full Cup of Coffee Disappear AGAIN – Crazy Magic Tricks

I’m out of coffee, so water?!?

How to set up your De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.15.B bean-to-cup coffee machine for the first time

remove the water tank and fill to the max line with fresh water then put back in the appliance place a container with a minimum capacity of a hundred millilitres under the cappuccino maker plug the appliance into the main socket and press the main switch on the back of Continue Reading

How to Make Coffee

I’m going to be honest, I don’t drink a lot of coffee because it freaks me out. And when I do drink coffee I drink decaf because it actually has quite a bit of caffeine in it. But whether or not you have cultivated this craving: knowing how to make Continue Reading

How to deliver hot water on your Dedica Pump Coffee Maker EC680 and EC685

Turn the appliance on by pressing the on off button. Wait for the coffee lights to come on steadily. Place a jug under the cappuccino maker. Turn the dial to the position. Hot water is delivered from the cappuccino maker. To stop hot water delivery, close the dial. You should Continue Reading