10 Minute Yoga For Energy (Better Than Coffee!!!!)

How to Wake Up (without coffee)

Nithyananda How to wake up without coffee in the morning One of my Guru’s, Annamalai Swami. In course of conversation he told me that we are not the body. We are beyond pain and suffering. When I was sitting alone and contemplating about it, “we are are not the body, Continue Reading

Tea n’ Take Episode 14: Trauma Recovery and Ayurveda

(upbeat music) – Welcome everyone to this episode of Tea N’ Take. I am Dr. Pragya Jamie Marich. – And I’m Dr. Satyavani Gayatri. – And we’re back at the scene of the crime, that is where we first met and where the first episodes of “Tea N’ Take” were Continue Reading

Matcha Green Tea + Yoga: This 5-Minute Morning Routine Can Improve Your Entire Day! Exercise

We are here with Lau Lanes yoga instructor in Cancun, Mexico to talk about what simple routine everyone can do in their mornings. We recommend using this combination of Matcha & Yoga every morning to really awaken your body and kick-start your energy for the day. During my interview with Continue Reading

Variety of Green Tea Diet | Easiest way for weight loss | Esh R

Tea, See, do what I said here, you know what are the benefits in it? one side, weight loss also be there… Morning at the empty stomach, that much beautiful.! See, if something preserved inside a pocket means… Instant Tea, Instant coffee Dip tea… that and this.. etc. Watchfully without Continue Reading

Healthy Gut Tips: Are Chocolate and Coffee Actually Good For Us?

The thing is the sort of troubles we come across with The Gut Stuff is that it’s so personalized and unique but what are the general rules that you say are to keep a healthy gut for everyone? The general rules are firstly, eat real food okay so reduced processed Continue Reading