Nutella Ice Cream

It is still Ice Cream Week and I am churning out more of my favorite flavors. That’s a bad joke, but it’s true. Today’s is a Nutella ice cream. Slightly chocolate, slightly hazelnut and absolutely delicious. This one is extra smooth and creamy and…just make it. It’s so good. To Continue Reading

Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine | Featured Tech | Currys PC World

As you can probably tell I’m really excited about this. Do you have a coffee machine at your home? Do you know what? I don’t, but I’ve liked the idea of one but I wake up in the morning, instant coffee in the cup, out the door it’s just easy, Continue Reading

Tea Eye Winner: Puppey

Hello there! We’re still at the Dreamhack Major, here in Stockholm. And this is the next episode of Tea Eye Winner. And here we have the real TI winner, And he also has a good support behind his back. – Roman (Ramzes)! Roman playing Spectre! As of yesterday. Roman is Continue Reading

NYC Strangers Try Teh Botol for the First Time?! (Indonesian Iced Tea)

So today… We have a really special tea from Indonesia Called Teh Botol [literally “tea bottle”] And we want to see what people here would think about it Have you had it? I have had it [Guy:] Did you like it? [Xiaoma:] I quite like it, yes [Girl:] What is Continue Reading

Adding Custom Audiences By Category or Tag to Pixel Caffeine

guys I had a little trouble with understanding what pixel caffeine wanted me to do when it came to using a custom category for for an audience and so I kept trying and couldn’t figure it out but I ended up finding out in one of their videos it was Continue Reading

4-Ingredient Hot Cocoa Food Gift

[ MUSIC ] Look at these gorgeous gifts. You know, I love a do it yourself food gift. They’re super fun to make. So delicious to give. Yes. I love them and you know what, you can fill them with practically anything. We have nut mix in this one. Love Continue Reading

The Future Of ReactiveCocoa by Justin Spahr-Summers • GitHub Reactive Cocoa Developer Conference

Hello… Before we actually get really into it, I’m kind of curious, like how many people are completely new to RAC? Okay, a few hands. On the flipside of the spectrum, how many people have experience using RAC in real projects? Oh, that’s actually way more than I expected. Okay. Continue Reading

ট্রেনে ঢাকা থেকে শ্রীমঙ্গল | Dhaka to Srimangal by train

Usually, I share electronics DIY build videos on YouTube. I like electronics so much and also to build new Bluetooth speakers. But, today I am sharing totally different content. This video is specially intended for subscribers without whose help I couldn’t reach 1K subs ever. You guys are really awesome, Continue Reading