Joshua Bassett Creates Songs for VSCO Girls, Spilling the Tea, & More!

Hey, I’m Joshua Bassett. I star in High School Musical, the Musical, the Series. And today, Ellen has challenged me to create a chorus for these fake song titles. This is “Chaotic Choruses.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “Oh! This Tea is Too Hot.” Ooh, all right. Oh, jeez. I’m– (SINGING) Oh, my Continue Reading

Dave Chappelle Tells Jerry Seinfeld Why He Only Eats Hard-Boiled Eggs | Netflix Is A Joke

(soft music) – I’ll do two hard boiled eggs. – That’s funny. Hard boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs are great, but people don’t order them. – I don’t– – You just find them in the fridge. – It’s like the safest way, ’cause a guy never touches the eggs. – Continue Reading


Hello, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Koling, Kopi Keliling ! It has been a while since we had our Koling. There is something exciting in this Koling. Right now, I’m at Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia). Jakarta is widely known as crowded and the traffic jams. This Koling is Continue Reading

痛い足つぼ | レベル7でも大量の汗【前編】

I sweat with just one poke What’s going to be like today? – From the beginning That was kidney reflex, right? – Yes, you know very well I watch your video so well – Thank you very much Your foot is soft, though AAAAHHHH ITTTEEEEE (painful)!!! Your foot was shaking Continue Reading

How To Ask For Lunch Or Coffee With A Key Stakeholder

hey guys II see RG here today we’ve got a very very very great video for you this is how to ask for lunch or coffee with a key stakeholder one that can change your life potentially coming up after the intro hey guys ECR G here today we’re talking Continue Reading

$100K Invested to Start a Coffee Shop (Did It Work?)

– Wanna know how to start a successful coffee shop? Stick around to find out. (dramatic music) In this channel, we interview business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs that are good at what they do. Here they share their secrets and stories, so that you too can apply that to your Continue Reading

How to Age Paper using Tea or Coffee | Antiquing Paper in 5 Minutes or Less!

Hi guys! It’s Phantom, from The Magic Crafter dot com ( Today’s video is going to be a super-duper fast one. We’re going to be making this beautiful looking antique paper here. And it’s literally going to take you about 5 minutes to create. And you won’t need many materials. Continue Reading

Pourquoi passer à la cup (coupe menstruelle) ?

Periods are a lousy time in a woman’s life. As it happens once a month, let’s make it better. Enough of these tampons attacking your flora? Your mother sucks cocks in hell. Enough of these tampons attacking your flora? Your mother sucks cocks in hell. Fed up with these towels Continue Reading

U-Select Catering Equipment Review – Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious Bean to Cup machine

Hello and welcome to the U-Select Equipment Review Show. Today we’re doing the Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious bean to cup coffee machine. Why would you use this machine? Well, bean to cup machines are becoming more and more important in catering in general, because there are so many coffee shops now Continue Reading