Matcha Green Tea + Yoga: This 5-Minute Morning Routine Can Improve Your Entire Day! Exercise

We are here with Lau Lanes yoga instructor in Cancun, Mexico to talk about what simple routine everyone can do in their mornings. We recommend using this combination of Matcha & Yoga every morning to really awaken your body and kick-start your energy for the day. During my interview with Continue Reading

Personalized Tea Subscription Free Your Tea | Teas Tailored to Your Taste

We all know that baristas can make you a great cup of quality coffee and your favorite bartender pours you that craft cocktail you love. A sommelier helps you find the wine right for your special occasion, but when it comes to tea most people drop a bag in a Continue Reading

You Can Vape What!? – Vaping with Green Tea

On today’s episode of you can vape WHAT!? Were gonna be vaping green tea in the Ascent portable vaporizer. Green tea has a ton of beneficial properties and is commonly said to be a mild stimulant. It gives you a pleasant energizing buzz as well as being an anti-irritant, soothing, Continue Reading

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Hello hello today we are going to be making cold brew coffee using our soft coffee pods and our Newco Cold Brew Coffee kits. Now every recipe is different. So when you get your pods, make sure you look at the instructions. This one says we’re going to use the Continue Reading

HONEY GREEN TEA TONER FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN II खूबसूरत त्वचा के लिए शहद और ग्रीन टी टोनर

Welcome to F3 health and beauty care, Myself Jyotshna & today i will tell you the process to make Skin Toner to improvise your facial skin, its very easy to make Its name is Honey Green Tea Toner, its really very easy to make You can make it any time Continue Reading

Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not? | Parents

If you’re just a little tiny bit scary in the morning before your coffee or tea, you’re probably just a little bit interested in what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to caffeine and your pregnancy. Let me drill that down for you. 200 mg of caffeine a day Continue Reading

‘BLESSED ARE THE TEAMAKERS’ – office tea rap

This office is my hood I call myself the head brewer my homies call me Colin the perfection pursuer In the morning, round noon and again about 4 I’m like the office’s TJ take requests from the floor Some people drive a ‘Benz I got a low rider trolley Every Continue Reading

DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs!!

Really fun project planned out today!! Kinda went overboard getting some supplies. I now have 5 little things of nail polish. After this project, don’t really know what to do with this nail polish. Maybe some nail polish craft. Is that a thing? I guess we’ll find out! Yeah! Hey Continue Reading

How to Make Compost Tea

Hi Im Tricia an organic gardner. I’m here at the Peaceful Valley warehouse facility and today we’re going to be brewing up some biologically active compost tea. This is a hundred gallon compost tea brewer from Growing Solutions and these large brewers range in size from ten gallons up Continue Reading

Leftover Coffee – Fertilizer and Bug Repellent Tips Tricks Hacks With Coffee Grounds

Uses for leftover coffee uses for leftover coffee grounds how to use coffee grounds as fertilizer how to use coffee grounds to get rid of ants snails slugs hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you drink coffee or have access to coffee grounds from your friends did you know that coffee is Continue Reading