ABV Weed Recipes: How To Make ABV Hot Cocoa

Bon Journa My vape tempers. Today we are going to be making a delicious Winter Recipe. That is right, we are making ABV Hot Cocoa! This recipe is a perfect way to treat yourself when you are nestled up with your sweetheart around the fire or when you are trying Continue Reading

Easy DIY Heat Transfer Shirt | Cricut | Michaels

Make it Easy Cricut Infusible Ink T-Shirt Go to Cricut Design Space on your computer. Open the design link on Michaels.com Espresso Click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner. Click ‘Mirror’. Click ‘Continue’ in the lower right corner. Select ‘Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets’ for the material. Place the copy Continue Reading

Get in Shape in 4 Weeks – Beginners Week 1 | Espresso Workouts (4K)

hello and welcome to the beginners week one we’ll be starting straight away with the walkouts to plank in standing position feet parallel and then bent over from your hips keeping the back straight then walk forward with your hands crawling like a bear coming into a plank position and Continue Reading

Caffeine Intake and Chiropractic Care

Goodafternoon. Today’s health tip is about caffeine intake and why it’s so important to limit your caffeine intake while you’re under chiropractic care. While we’re trying to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles you wanna keep them hydrated. Caffeine in tea, soda, and coffee form severely dehydrates the muscles making them Continue Reading

College Kitchen – Berry Overnight Oats

We all know you college students our night owls and not morning birds. So in this week’s College Kitchen, we’re making berry overnight oats. You will need 1 cup of quick oats. Half cup of fresh or frozen berries of your choice. One cup of skim milk. In a jar Continue Reading

Wear Your Caffeine?!

(audience clapping) It’s time to check in and see if those caffeine bracelets I highlighted earlier have given our audience testers a little bit of a buzz, joined currently by Lisa, Leslie and Gretchen, they’ve been wearing this energy band all day I guess yesterday, and then I guess your Continue Reading

Our Butters Trio | Mango, Shea, + Cocoa Butter | The Perfect Skin Care Bundle | Better Shea Butter

Welcome our must have trio of cosmetic body butters for healthy and glowing skin. Rich cocoa butter, exotic mango butter, and nutrient rich shea butter are now available in a set, so you can use them to feed your skin the right nutrients year round. Cosmetic butters can be used Continue Reading

caffeinated cALLENdar (SEPT. 1 – 15, 2018)

(Singing) I like a cup of coffee. Hey, what’s going on? But first, coffee. Welcome to the caffeinated cALLENdar. I’m your host Jason Swiencki and I’ve got some good news. The local coffee shop just named me employee of the month. You know what’s crazy? I don’t even work there. Continue Reading

Espresso Library # 2

it is 8:15 on a Saturday morning You Know that feeling you get when your you know that feeling you get when your late yer thats the feeling i’ve got right know and its worse when your late for a bike ride because if they don’t stick around then you Continue Reading

BASICS – PreWOD™ Pre-Workout

(upbeat rock music) – Go harder, go longer and get the most out of every single rep with Driven Nutrition’s PreWOD. PreWOD is formulated to boost endurance to maximize your energy and increase blood flow. 200 milligrams of caffeine, nootropics to help your mood and your energy and last but Continue Reading