Brit risks life finding finest coffee beans in world’s most dangerous places – Daily News

  As gangsters approached his car and pointed their machine-guns at his head, Will Corby was convinced his time was up  The 33-year-old was already used to ­risking his life working as a coffee buyer in the world’s most dangerous places  And he thought his end had finally come after Continue Reading

Vintage Coffee Maker – RESTORATION How To Make

Hey folks, Welcome to the next video Hey folks, Welcome to the next video Today I am going to refurbish this old hungarian coffee maker I recently got this piece from my grandma I recently got this piece from my grandma I like to use things like this outdoors It Continue Reading

Elementary school mothers ‘slashes other mom’s throat with coffee cup’ – News Today

A fight between two mothers of elementary school children started with one being airlifted to hospital after the women used shards of the mug to slash each other The horrifying brawl broke out at a bus stop in Sarasota, Florida with young children and their parents witnessing the violence Tuesday Continue Reading

Barista throws coffee into the Michigan air in -7F weather – Daily News

Some people prefer iced coffee over hot. And that certainly was the case for one barista who went outside in Michigan to give her caffeinated beverage an icy makeover. In a brief clip, the barista can be seen outside while temperatures are at a freezing -7 degrees. She quickly throws Continue Reading


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spilling youtube tea!! (ft. Ricky Dillon)

– Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley and look who I’m with. Tricky Ricky sticky dicky Dillon. Hi. – Hello! – How are you? – Good. – It’s been a while. – It’s been a while. – Ricky and I are here today. We have only filmed one other Continue Reading