Piano Bar and Piano Bar Music: Best of Piano Bar Smooth Jazz Club at Midnight Buddha Cafe Video

Title: Piano Bar and Piano Bar Music: Best of Piano Bar Smooth Jazz Club at Midnight Buddha Cafe Video

Halle Berry’s Diet & Exercise Secrets Revealed — How She Looks So Amazing At 51 – NY Daily News

Halle Berry looks better than she’s ever looked at the age of 51 and it’s all because of a strict diet and exercise plan she dedicates her time to Find out all the details of how she stays looking fabulous! Halle Berry, 51, definitely knows how to look her best Continue Reading

Must-see: Hot tea thrown into the Arctic air, see what it does

Well this is one way to get rid of your leftover tea. Check out this stunning photo taken by photographer Michael H. Davies. He says this was taken in Canada’s high Arctic when temperatures were reaching below 40-degrees Celsius. Prepared with multiple thermoses filled with tea, they began tossing the Continue Reading

Korean gov’t to place advertising restrictions on high-caffeine products

Korea is set to place advertising restrictions on food and drinks containing high-levels of caffeine amid concerns children and teenagers are consuming too many of the products. The food ministry says the measures will start in November, and they will include banning television advertising between five and seven p.m. — Continue Reading

How Much CAFFEINE KILLS?? .. and more: DONG!

Vsauce. Are you still paying money for things you have to wait to do in real life? Well, no worries, because I’ve got more free stuff you can do online now, guys. DONG. Lots of great suggestions from WeSaucers today. First from ‘fippoolive’, Google search. Why be all floaty when Continue Reading

I’M IN LOVE WITH THE COCOA | Hitman 2 # 10

Ciril Adame Cabrera in Melee wow what a name that is Ianisin here and welcome back to Hitman 2 now we left off where we killed these two Lucio uh Dominguez and Floreal Cordova with a pistol in Michike it’s a Spanish for machete but yeah we got this we Continue Reading

Madhipenn | Short Film | Caffeine Kick

In every stage of our lives, how we score determines where we go next “Scores” have played an important role in our lives. Let’s see the fun it has in Madhi’s… ABHI…..!!! You are not up yet? Don’t make me come up. Hey Madhi, one coffee please… Extra sugar. Abhi, Continue Reading