How to Cook Chewy Boba for Bubble Tea, Tapioca Pearls 타피오카펄 만들기

Hi everyone, This is a short video of my way to cook quick-cooking 5-minute boba. First, in a pot, add in 1 quart of water. And bring it to a boil. Then add in 1 cup of quick boba. And cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. When cooking boba it’s Continue Reading

Pandas try Teapresso Milk Tea – Is this the ONE?

Are you sad? Are you feeling down? Do you feel thirsty and looking for something? Well… there’s only one solution to that… Milk Tea!!! What’s up everyone? I’m Rachel and this is Panda Eatss. Today’s our 3rd episode for Panda’s Try Milk Tea. In today’s episode… We’re going to try.. Continue Reading

ASMR GREEN FOOD(날치알, 공차 밀크티, 베라 아이스크림, 마카롱) 리얼사운드 먹방 노토킹 | *NoTalking MUKPPO Eating Show mukbang

Hi everyone! I’m MUKPPO~^^ please subscribe and click the likes button ♥ I’ll try to eat ‘green food party’ today. First, I’ll have some green tea flavor bubble tea! The tapioca pearl inside is really delicious. I like bubble tea. Now I’m going to eat the flying fish roe This Continue Reading

Inside Colombia’s Beauty Pageant for Indigenous Trans Women

Why is COLOMBIAN coffee the BEST IN THE WORLD? (The 4 reasons explained)

here we are in the middle of Colombian coffee country and the first reason that makes Colombian coffee the best in the world is the climate Colombia is located very close to the equator so you get consistent temperatures year-round because there are three branches of the Andes mountain range Continue Reading

SPARKS | S2E2: Pay It Forward | DBS

Hey, is Darren here? Yeah, he went out for a meeting Do you need him for something? There’s a young mother here to see him. Hi, I’m Claire and this is Riya and Hendra We are Darren’s colleagues Hi, I’m Tiffany This is my daughter, Emily I know you are Continue Reading

Tapioca Pearls Recipe & How To Make Bubble Tea – タピオカミルクティの作り方

Tapioca Pearls Recipe & How To Make Bubble Tea 125g Tapioca starch (タピオカ澱粉) 10g Cocoa powder (ココアパウダー) 75ml Water (水) 60g Brown sugar (黒砂糖) 5-7mm Tapioca starch タピオカ澱粉 Medium heat 15 minutes 中火15分 Wait for 20 minutes 20分待つ Water 水 35g Brown sugar (黒砂糖) 80ml Water (水) Low heat 2 Continue Reading