How to Make Water Softener. JADAM Organic Farming.

How to make large water softner. I’m here to introduce how to make water softner on your own. (Mr. Youngsang Cho, The president of JADAM) Firstly we will need a pipe related tool. And the size of the tool is usually 12A, 15A , 20, 25 35 and 40 Most Continue Reading

How to Make Electric Distribution Board. JADAM Organic Farming.

How to make electric distribution board for irrigation system. Hello everyone, This is Youngsang Cho from JADAM. Today I’m going to teach you how to make electrical distribution board that is oftenly used for agriculture. I’m not highly professional in this. However you can learn how to make with just Continue Reading

How to disassemble a Senseo coffee maker ?

Remove the water tank, the coffee guide, the cup holder, draw and rear cover. Pull off the pipe. Remove the top using a flathead screwdriver. Press on the two arms and remove the unit. Pull out the upper tube from the water heater. Release the water heater. Remove the protective Continue Reading

ASMR RAINBOW CAKE, SHINE MUSCAT, GREEN TEA ICE CREAM 샤인머스켓, 하겐다즈 아이스크림, 무지개 롤케이크 리얼사운드 디저트먹방 MUKBANG

LOL My dog is tired. Hello. green tea ice cream It’s expensive and really small. But it’s delicious…lol Moderately bitter and sweet green tea ice cream! I like green tea ice cream. awesome! I see Almond. The snack part is delicious, too! It’s really good, but I don’t think I’ll Continue Reading

자닮강좌 5. 기적같은 뿌리활착 효과, 부엽토+감자로 미생물 배양하기

Easy Skincare To Make Your Skin Look Beautiful And Healthy

for healthy skin get more vitamin D this vitamin acts like a hormone within our bodies and is essential to a very large number of body functions including those that regulate the immune system and heal pimples countless people don’t get enough vitamin D in their diets so getting outside Continue Reading

자닮강좌 4. 유기농업 핵심기술 4가지, 토양관리, 기비, 추비, 농약

Let’s talk about ultra-low cost organic farming. Repeat after me. Take it and use it! So~ easy! Suppose you have time to read all the books that professors read in graduate school for three years. After reading all those specialized books, can you organize what exactly is agriculture in your Continue Reading

자닮강좌 3. 도법자연(道法自然)과 성속일여(聖俗一如)로 여는 농업의 문!

I encourage people not to read agricultural books and not to even get a lot of education. How can we learn about agricultural technology? Don’t worry about it. I’ll give you a very easy solution. I often say that agricultural technology is like the gums in our mouth. If your Continue Reading

자닮강좌1. 귀농 성공, 초저비용 유기농업으로

nice to meet you. Thank you so much for coming to my seminar. I am Youngsang Cho the founder of JADAM. Today, my course is about the natural pesticides. Regardless of crops and cultivation methods, I will talk about natural pesticides that can replace all conventional farming input, and chemical Continue Reading