Tea is a Goth Thing Now? | Black Friday

Tea is a Goth Thing Now? | Black Friday

Hi there everybody, today I’ve got a question
for you! There’s something that’s recently come to
my attention, that maybe you can clear up for me, because I’m just confused.
Apparently tea drinking has become a Goth thing now. Why? When did this start? How did
it start? Because, like, here in New Zealand, everybody drinks tea. It’s just a really normal,
boring thing. Like everyone does. Every day. All the time. Elderly people, and children…
in fact Bell tea recently made a children’s one that was strawberry or banana flavoured,
or toffee apple. Cute flavours for children. The South Island here is dotted with tearooms.
And you know… cafés all sell it. Anyway yeah… I would like someone to clear this
up for me. I’ve got a few things I’d like to clear up perhaps a few others.
I think this question’s been posed to other people, like, when did this become a thing?
Why, how, and blah. One of the answers that was received was “Oh yes, it’s totally a thing.
But we drink it black.” Eurgh! Eeeurgh! I don’t know… I dunno I
had a theory. Tea without milk, yuck. I think some people like it that way, but generally
you drink tea with milk. I think tea without milk is pretty disgusting, but that’s just
my preference. I also think tea with sugar is a travesty, but probably most people take
it with sugar. I was wondering if it’s ’cause people have seen ‘black tea’, and… that
doesn’t mean you drink it black. There’s black tea, white tea, green tea, yellow tea. And
then there’s like, infusions and herbals and tisanes. And so much more, it’s a big world
of wonderful things. Black tea generally mean it’s drunk black. And I kinda wonder is that
why it’s a Goth thing, because it’s black?! Black tea – have it with milk. Black tea by
itself is quite bitter! I’ve actually seen quite a few videos on YouTube, little gothic
tea videos, saying “yeah here’s like um… today I’m drinking a raspberry tea.” or whatever.
Well first of all, and I’m sorry but, if it’s clear and fruity, or herbal, it’s not technically
tea. It’s an infusion or tisane. Real teas are … black tea, white tea, green tea, yellow
tea. I saw one of those “goth confession” things that said like, “People judge me for
not liking tea.” Which was weird. I thought, why would you do that to somebody?! If drinking
actual tea is such a quintessentially Goth thing and so important to being cool now or
something… I mean really, if you object to the taste of tea, first of all, tried it
with milk? You can get all kinds of flavoured black teas. This is Dilmah Rose & French Vanilla
and it’s one of my favourites. I think it’s lovely. There’s a huge amount of things you
can get, just about any flavour you can poke a stick at. Whether you prefer spicy things,
or sweet, or whatever. But that’s just flavoured black tea. You can also get flavoured white
tea, and those are actually teas, and not infusions or tisanes. I think really a culturally…different
thing. I think this whole tea eing a Goth thing, surely it must be an American thing.
‘Cause I’ve always understood that you couldn’t get tea in America. That if you ordered it,
you’d be given iced tea which is sort of .. something else. If you wanted like, English Breakfast
or whatever, you asked for hot tea. Which is hard to come by. I understand that’s changing,
and you’re able to get Twinings there now. And other things which is really good, and
has made me less afraid of visiting the States. Here in New Zealand, the tea section in the
supermarket is about as big as the coffee section. Like it’s just… really normal and…
not that special? I wonder if it’s become cool ’cause there’s this whole ritual that
surrounds it, it’s associated with being very civilised, very sophisticated… and of course
you can get all the fancy doodads that go along with it. Sugar bowls, pretty teapots
and things. I also blame the likes of Emilie Autumn for making tea cool. Cause I dunno…
posing with tea bags. So, I thought, why not, since we’re on the subject, maybe I’ll tell
you what my favourites are and show you my teapots. Because: why not. I have this teapot.
It’s not very exciting. Just plain. But it’s good because it has it’s own little infusy
thingie inside. This is the second one of these I’ve had, cause I actually… I mean
I had one for years exactly the same. And I lost it. And I don’t know how you lose a
thing like that, but I did. This one’s a little bit posher. My mother has just sent me up
for Christmas. It’s very pretty. For special occasions. If I’m not making a whole pot,
for loose leaves, this sort of affair. One of these balls. My fiancé just brought me
back from his trip to Australia this trendy doodad. Some of my favourite teas…
I haven’t got all my favourites with me at the moment. But, I guess like I said, the
thing that everybody drinks all the time in New Zealand everywhere. Constantly forever.
Is… plain black tea. Which is fondly known as ‘gumboot tea’. Here’s a South Island classic:
Tiger. Loose leaf. I like Twining’s English Breakfast is what I generally go for. I also
love Twining’s Lady Grey. Earl Grey is for me more of an every now and then thing. I’ll
get it in a café. Green tea…mmmm. Yes, no, not really for everybody. I remember my
first time drinking green tea was in Japan and I was 12. And I drank the whole thing
out of politeness, but I was like bleeeuurgh. So not really for me! But very full of antioxidants!
Fortunately these days you can now get green tea with all kinds of flavours. At least here
you can. This is berry flavoured green tea. You can get orange… I’ve got blueberry as
well. I’m a big fan of Red Bush tea. Really nice and sweet and vanilla-ish. Caffeine free,
so good for before bed or in the evening. Personally I don’t like coffee. I don’t like
the taste of coffee. I really want to like coffee. I’ve been trying to make myself like
coffee. I’ll drink coffee with chocolate, but I have to choke it down. I’ve always been
big on energy drinks. Every day, energy drinks. They are so bad for you. So much sugar. I
thought I’d try and switch to coffee, because of the amount of caffeine. But eeeurgh, coffee.
Yeah.. I guess if someone could clear that up for me. It’s just… all of a sudden…
tea is a Goth thing. Why? Why!? According to whom? Will you be judged if you don’t like
tea? Maybe it’s to do with Alice in Wonderland? I dunno. So if someone could clear that up
for me and a bit more info would be nice. As to… where in the world is it a thing?
When did it start? Why do you think it started? Also, remember if you were unaware previously:
black tea, white tea, green tea, yellow tea – actually tea. Whereas herbals teas and fruit
teas – not actually tea. Infusions or tisanes. Well, that’s all I have to say. Hopefully
this mystery will be solved for me! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Tea is a Goth Thing Now? | Black Friday

  1. my tea must have milk and no sugar. i love earl grey, various breakfast teas and lovely Chinese tea that taste slightly chocolaty. green is too bitter

  2. I'm actually one of those who drinks pure green tea, i get a lot of it as gifts from some chinese friends so drinking tea has become this mandatory thing for me to do

  3. We have tea here in America but depending on where you go can depend on if it's hot or cold when you ask for tea in restaurants. Here in the south tea is generally iced tea (sweet and unsweetened) which makes sense as it's hot and humid and most don't want a hot drink on a hot day while up north it's hot tea. Me, I'll drink both and I'll say tea for hot or iced tea for cold, seems weird to make a distinction there but like I said if you go to a restaurant and ask for tea or sweet tea here, it's gonna be iced tea automatically. I like hot teas more and if I'm feeling bad they make me feel better. I can drink them plain or I'll add sugar or honey (used milk before but not my go to) depending on what tea I'm making. For instance, I added a bit of honey to my green tea the other day when my throat was bothering me. Really depends on the taste and what mood I'm in. Always liked tea and never thought about it as a goth thing before — I associate it more with Britain if I'm gonna apply it to a group. Yeah, weird thinking as it as a "thing" when I'm more "Huh, I'm in the mood for some tea. That sounds good"

  4. I'm obsessed with Earl Grey tea, Luzianne tea, & Red Diamond tea. I take it hot, room temperature & cold. Always with sugar. I luv tea.

  5. I drink black tea with milk; but the lighter flavors without. I also add honey to some tea; but sugar to others because it helps brings out the flavors. I don't like it super sweet though.
    Sweet iced tea is delicious~

    The second pot reminds me of a genie lamp.
    Green tea in Japan tends to be bitter. I mean that was how it was originally made; so I wonder if you had a more authentic type.

  6. I am from the US and the colonials who commandeered North America from the American Indian tribes brought tea over with them in the 1600's and we have been drinking tea hot, cold, flavored ect. I personally prefer coffee myself.
    Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much I really enjoy your channel, most importantly your personality and fashion sense.
    I am not Goth but I always wear all black so….

  7. I've never considered tea a goth thing and I'm from the US. However, it is seen as a kind of intellectual, sophisticated type of thing. Personally I tend to associate it with Britain and Europe in general since it's supposed to be a big part of their culture and whatnot. I drink hot tea once in a while. I'm a pretty big fan of flavored teas. There's this black tea I love called sweet pumpkin harvest that tastes amazing.

  8. Oh, Black Friday I love watching your videos. But who told you Americans don't get tea, and you can only get ice tea? Oh, hun, i laugh so much. Yes, Ice tea is popular but mainly down in the south, most other regions (specially up North) thing ice tea is cold unsweeten tea with sugar added much later.(eh it's more like sugar flavored water up there). As you can probably I am American, but I love a nice hot cup of tea right from a teapot/kettle. When you made this video 2 years ago…IDK where you heard that tea os a Goth thing. Because..I don't know, to be honest, I'm goth and have been drinking tea of all kinds and sorts since I was young.

  9. I've tried milk in my tea…..its not bad but from my uncle putting in 5 teaspoons of sugar in my first cup of tea and coffee when i was a kid….i must have my hot tea sweeten

  10. I know this was posted awhile ago, but…I live in America, and when I was very little I was surprised to hear there was a such thing as tea made cold!(ice tea) and almost everyone I know has a tea cabinet and kettle :/

  11. I agree with Daelen down below. I, too, am from the US. I always keep A variety of Tazo and Twinings tea in my office along with coffee for students. More students are drinking tea now. I associate tea with Europe, sophistication, civility, and politeness. How lovely to take a little time each day. Goth thing? No.

  12. I think it became a thing when "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" came out; and one of the main characters "Romona Flowers" was an alternative kind of character, and one of the things that made her so cool and exotic was her tea collection. I'm not saying that's exactly right, but it seems possible. I mean it made we wanna go out and get tea.

  13. Tea drinking in America is ethier hipster, hillbilly, or hippy. And South park said Goths drink coffee so IDK where the tea thing came from never heard of it. I love tea 😉

  14. I drink green tea to clear up my skin and quicken the skin lightening process without having reddish undertone. Green tea kills off skin inflammation which causes the skin to turn red. ^_^ I think that is why it is a Goth thing.

  15. I agree with you. Although she is not goth per say, I feel Emilie Autumn's following has a lot to do with it. Also, 5 or 6 years ago a store called Teavana opened up in a lot of larger malls/shopping centers. As you can guess, the specialize in tea and accessories. They sell maybe 30+ varieties of tea and you can buy things such as tea pots and steeping balls. It can get hella expensive though. The tea is sold in 2 oz units and ranges in price from 4.50 to 25 USD! And yes, if you don't specify HOT tea you will most likely get iced. But really, no one calls it "iced" tea, at least not in the south. It's either sweet or unsweet tea. Personally, I take mine black-no milk or suger.

  16. My family has always drank Orange Pekoe. Why? Well it's cheaper maybe? I grew up drinking coffee at a young age as well. I am now an avid tea/coffee drinker. I think it's just how you are raised. Black tea is my tea of choice now.

  17. I personally enjoy coffee more than tea but when I do drink it (mostly when im sick) I like green tea with sugar.

  18. In the middle east we drink black tea all the time, at least twice a day. I could understand how it's becoming a goth thing, I mean tea serve ware is just so elegant and sophisticated.

  19. Can we talk about how much you've come out of your shell over the last two years? Look at how demure you were in this video! Your personality sure has evolved.

  20. I realize this is years later, but I am from the US and I have been drinking tea for many years and we have always had many flavors and styles of tea. Twinnings was one of the first brands I was introduced to as a child! English Breakfast or Earl Grey is my go too. I am from Alaska, but currently live in the "South" and I cannot drink sweet tea as is, I have to cut it with unsweetened tea if I drink it at all. My mother sends me the absolute yummiest loose leaf tea she tells me is called "Market Spice" and there is a blend one of the older hotels up there makes that is quite similar called Samovar from the Kobuk's tea room…
    Very cool video, I am going to have to start looking online for some of the kinds you suggest. I am very interested in the rose tea. 😉

  21. Try Yorkshire Gold!!! Best black tea ever!!!!except for Barry's Gold Label. NO ONE does a cuppa as good as us Irish!!!!!☕️☕️☕️☕️🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  22. Here in Seattle, it's always been a thing. When I got started in the mid-90's, coffee was THE stereotypical drink of Goths and Seattleites, but we've always known that not everybody likes it or is able to drink it. So there was always that one die-hard tea drinker you knew…and then there was me, the die-hard cocoa drinker because I hated both tea and coffee.

    In the modern day we have the coffee drinkers, the tea drinkers, and the energy drink drinkers. We just try to stay caffeinated as much as we can so we don't dissolve in our beautiful endlessly grey and rainy weather.

  23. no no tea is a completely normal every day thing here in the USA. it's absolutely everywhere just like any other beverage.

  24. I don't like energy drinks, I dont like tea, I like black coffie, but I can't live without soda pop

  25. im from Texas and I've never put milk in my tea. Something I will have to try! I feel it will taste naste tho..

  26. I drink my tea with a spoon of honey, and if it's bitter I'll add a splash of milk, but usually just the honey.

  27. Baja idk were you heard American doesn't have tea unless is iced. who ever told you that is rediculious. ya hot tea might not be as popular as coffee or iced tea but there has been hot tea here ever since I can remember. sorry I just found that silly america doesn't have tea? haha

  28. Here in Southern California, we don't have all those fun teas. I guess we have what you would call infusions. I wish I liked tea more. I like chai tea with creamer. I don't know if that counts, lol.

  29. shes victorian industrial talks alot about madness and the mad tea party and alice in wonderland which i belive is super dark underneath lots of fun

  30. alice in wonderland may have alot to do with it espically american mcgees video game version ms autumn brought it to the fore front mostly in america and parts of europe with the mad tea party and spitting it and crumpets all over people of all types starting i belive in 97 and notoriety in the early 2000s to definatly now i cant think of anyone other than those 2 that are influential in that

  31. In America it's actually more unusual (not unheard of though) to put milk in hot tea. If you're drinking hot tea you might add a bit of sweetener but that's about it. Iced tea is much more popular here especially where I live in the southern United States. ☕️️

  32. it depends on where you live in the US and in NY it's pretty easy to find tea and infusions. some people aren't aware of tea being able to be consumed with milk.

  33. Gahh!!! Xmal Deutschland ! Anyone else in love with them and their music? Soon as I heard them playing in the background I lost it.

  34. I only drink tea with sugar or no sugar if its super fruity tea- American who has been drinking tea from childhood
    also it has to be hot! my favorite is red rose tea. in the states we have so much tea! just like the UK i am from the north though. I'm in the philadelphia area, in a nice part.

  35. Most US Americans will tell you that we dumped tea drinking with the Boston Tea Party, and most would be wrong. The afternoon tea social was HUGE in the Victorian era, but apparently went out of fashion due to the 1,2,3,4 punch of Spanish Flu quarantines, the Great Depression, WWII, and industrialisation. The afternoon tea became the stuckup garden party with your choice of expensive counterfeit wines, but it did remain in some families as the healthy "after school pick-me-up" probably because tea is cheaper than milk. I grew up on Luzianne, Gunpowder, Hibiscus, Ginseng, Chinese brick tea (which because I can't read the label, I only recently discovered was Pu'er) bone broth, and Cajun coffee (a mixture of French roast and roasted Chicory Root), and recently have started drinking Matcha and Mate'. I honestly can't imagine drinking hot tea with milk, sugar or lemon (only babies drink hot milk and tea) . Anyway Victorian Goths where I live are reviving the afternoon tea social, partly because so many of us were never into the booze, sex and drug scenes, to begin with, and partly because the mall bats are just so tired of being harassed. Common courtesy, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Religion are yesterday's news, and it's open season on blacks, Jews and Goths. Probably won't be long before most of us are making the scene in Canada, Australia, or the UK.

  36. How have I only just found this? I love tea, but since an old friend put off milk in my tea, I can only drink it black now. With one spoon of sugar, as I'm trying to cut down on added sweetness. Any ideas where I can buy a goth styled teapot that's not stupidly expensive?

  37. Never had tea with milk. That's an unusual combination for us in the USA. I'm from Texas and we do drink tea, and lots of it, but it's iced sweet tea. The American south gets very hot, that may be why we've always preferred it cold. I will only drink hot tea if I have a cold.

  38. I know this is an old video but I have got to say, I love your videos old and new. I was trying to watch videos of other goths and while lots of them have great production value, their personalities just fall flat. There's no one around quite like you and I truly hope you make youtube videos for a long time. Thank you for making free content for us and being yourself <3

  39. I'm British & black tea without milk is a travesty, also builders tea is the best, no one uses a teapot & drink it out of mugs not cups hahaha

  40. Um…not sure who told you tea in the US was difficult to come by, but they're full of shit. It's always been readily available here. More recently there's been more flavored and herbal varieties available but plain tea has always been available. Trust me…I've been around a long time and there's never been a shortage. And ice tea? YES! Although that is more of a regional thing (in the south where I'm at it justvgoes eithiut saying you drink iced tea. With LOTS of sugar. Yum.

    There ya go. All you ever wanted to know about tea in the US. Lmao!

  41. I can only guess that this came from America since everywhere else either drinks tea anyway or thinks it's nothing special. Black tea is kind of a Russian thing, like samovar tea, right?

  42. I do love tea… both hot teas and iced teas… iced sweet tea since I grew up in south Texas and it was pretty much a requirement.. hot teas because I loved going to the Asian restaurants and they always brought the hot tea out and it was so good! But for breakfast I normally have the twinnings English breakfast or something similar and yes milk, honey/sugar are mandatory… but I also love hot teas for lunches as well.. and I think drinking tea brings back those ideas of fancy tea parties from when you played with your friends as a child… pretend drinks, cakes and sandwiches with the crusts cut off.. they really can be fun..

  43. Huh, I'm not familiar with tea drinking but I remember I used to do that a long time ago and I didn't know it was similar to Coffee and also needed milk, I alo used to drink it plain, blah. :p Good to know now.

    I've drinking green tea at least and heard it's popular in Asia, which I'm part Japanese, so meh. :p I remember having chamomile just once and I got really drowsy…

    Also, normal brown/black iced tea or whatever is really gross though, I hate it. :p Don't know how anyone can like it, LOL. XD

  44. Black tea ('normal' tea) should have milk and sugar imo. My favourite tea rn is earl grey, no milk, 2 teaspoons of sugar.

  45. Herbal tea is amazing. The reason why people don’t like herbal tea is because they don’t take out the herbs lol

  46. I always figured drinking tea without anything added was pretty normal—more common than drinking black coffee anyways. For example, if you go to a typical Asian restaurant, they'll never serve you tea with milk or sugar. I guess growing up in a half-asian family has made me accustomed to drinking all my tea plain; tea with milk and sugar just tastes strange to me, like it's just masking the flavour of the tea.

  47. Sugar in tea is definitely a travesty : I usually go for honey or mint, or just make black/white/green tea alone. If I buy tea with flavorings its usually earl grey, or floral teas like rose or jasmine mixtures.

  48. I'm from America and I've never heard this but it sounds weird I mean who judges someone for not drinking tea I mean that literally takes putting labels on people to a whole nother level

  49. не понимаю по английски, но мне нравится.
    Xmal Deutschland играет. "Incubus Succubus"

  50. Also, we’ve basically always had tea in the states always, it’s just always been way less than coffee for some reason but I’m more of tea than coffee person, and we just mostly drink tea without milk 😆 we’re weird but also fun on occasion 😁

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