Tea Time – Scrap’d Week 3 (7/7)

Tea Time – Scrap’d Week 3 (7/7)

Hey you! My name is Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell and welcome back to Scrap’d Week! A week full of videos that didn’t quite make the cut. Today’s video will probably make you groan
and cringe and then cry. Maybe not cry. I don’t know. (Title Sequence) There you go. Hi, I’d like a tea please. Milk? N-No. A tea. Sugar? No, I want a tea. Alright, if you take a seat- I don’t want a seat I want a tea! Okay I’ll get that for you! There you go. Thank you. Anything else? I would also like a pee. Toilets are that way. Never mind, there’s a massive queue. (COMEDY MUSIC) That was the last of the 5 sketches we shot
with BBC Comedy and lemme tell ya, our producer for those sketches hated this one. She fought so hard to stop me from making it. So what did I do? I put her in the background of it! Ha ha ha. Speaking of forced laughter, the last thing
I want to mention about the BBC Comedy sketches is that deep down I wanted them all to have
a laugh track. I don’t care what people say about laugh
tracks, I like them! Especially with sketch comedy. I think it makes the experience , more communal
and encourages you to laugh aloud too. But alas, in awkward silence it shall remain. That’s it for this Scrap’d Week! At the very least I hope you found it
somewhat interesting. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you… Last Week! TomSka out.

100 thoughts on “Tea Time – Scrap’d Week 3 (7/7)

  1. I understand why this ended up in scrap'd week, but I definitely think the other two should have made it to main channel videos

  2. Reminds me of the famous Two Ronnies 'Four Candles' sketch. I agree with what you said about the laugh tracks. The BBC tends to favour the slightly more traditional, formulaic sketch, and a laugh track really makes the slightly fast-paced comedy breathe a bit more. Still, I love this series – really interesting to see behind-the-scenes as to what does and doesn't make the cut. I can't wait for you to not upload more videos…well…i–i mean uhh…yeah

  3. I find watching TomSka vlogs really funny. He's very clearly picked up the mannerisms from watching one too many Vsauce videos. 😛

    That style of presenting isn't a bad thing, it's just interesting to me (although I'm probably just a prick) 😀

    (for those unsure of what I meant, it's the intonation and pauses in his delivery, for example: " I… like them, I think it makes the experience more… communal , and encourages you to laugh..along… too .")

  4. Not gonna lie I really enjoyed this one. Made me feel like the classic Two Ronnies type of humour which I always enjoyed. Short and simple.

  5. This is the only one of the BBC sketches that made me laugh out loud! This is my type of humour all the way

  6. I like laugh tracks! sometimes. They don't work for sitcoms a lot but you're right about sketch comedies. but i watched the early mitchell and webb comedy sketches without the laugh track and they were so uncomfortable?? like a good laugh track can be good when u forget its really there.

  7. Is it me or over the course of scrap'd week did Tom start off as a grandad and come out at the end like an fat edgy college guy

  8. This is amazing.

    I disagree on the laugh track though. I think they can be funny when used veeeery sparingly and comedically timed, but only when they are part of the joke, not when they point it out.

  9. I genuinely can't imagine Y this video wouldn't have been commissioned. Sure, the visual element is worthy of CBeebies, but I think it's charming. I hope that, in the future, U get to make videos like this for us to *C*.

  10. I also love laugh tracks, like in shows like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Not Going Out, Melissa and Joey, Baby Daddy… I just like it.

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