Teen Mom Sleepover W/ Cam&Fam, Maddie Lambert, & Sophie Gonzalez: SPILLING THE TEA.. Sierra Watts

Teen Mom Sleepover W/ Cam&Fam, Maddie Lambert, & Sophie Gonzalez: SPILLING THE TEA..  Sierra Watts

hey guys it’s editing Sierra here real quick
before you start the video I forgot to mention we were kind of having like a
late night sleepover now some of us didn’t spend the night because her like
at different locations but we film this so late like it was at like midnight or
even maybe in the a.m. but that’s why we were kind of like tired and acting maybe
a little more silly than we would normally but yes so this is just Teen
Mom sleepover Q&A just I don’t know do you see stuff I hope you enjoy hi
guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new make sure to click the
subscribe button today I’m surrounded by some of my best
friends in the world and we’re just gonna do a little Q&A that’s a little
juicy and we’re also surrounded by Skylar because he doesn’t have a YouTube
channel that is my friend from reg and she’s like my best friend yeah okay so I
haven’t looked at these questions but oh my posted on my Instagram to ask us like
juicy questions so we’re gonna do our back today and talk about the tea on my
channel but oh boy oh boy I can talk about ramen here yeah let’s do this
the first one is literally f marry kill okay how many kids do you want let’s
start with Sophie five one day yeah I’ve already got to at least three more at
you poor yes okay I feel like I like I want at least one more but I want at
least like four I want like at the minimum to like the maximum maybe like
four wait wait you must have your sentence you say minimum one okay I want
like I think I want like four right the corner for immigrants okay this might
get a little bit juicy so some of us might not be able to answer this and I
may have to cut it out but how old were you when you first had intercourse
fifteen that’s not too bad mine look 13 I was 14 I’m good they’re gonna assume I
was like 10 no so I guess no 13 okay do you guys live alone with your baby or
with your parents I love my parents but I’m really trying to get out of those I live with my parents for one of 18 I
am gonna move out I love my parents but I wants more independence I’m 22 I’m
literally like older she is our my husband so you know I don’t have a kid
but I live with my parents and my baby brother how did your parents react when you were
pregnant okay my parents with their stages at first it
was like and then it went to like kind of what’s the kind of angry and then
after that interphase it was very very supportive out both ends um why were you
supportive throughout it all surprised that supportive um well but I was
different because this was like at the beginning of like teen pregnancy was
really popular so my were not supportive in the beginning but through the end
like at the very end they started to you know support me and make let me make my
own decisions I don’t mind of similar to Connie he’s
like really surprised I wasn’t the ones who told them so they had about of me to
process it before we even sat down and talked about it so after they kind of
processed things and got over that initial phase of like a little bit
disappointed and angry and shocked it was all just like supporting love which
moment do you wish you could go back and relive Berlin it was the best day of my
life for sure yeah yeah giving birth is the best like redo or relive it says
which moment do you wish you could go back and relive oh that’s hard
um I released first laughs yeah yeah I think mine is like with my first baby if
I was like I went through a really hard time so I didn’t really like I kind of
blocked everything out you did chairs yeah and I wish I could
go back and like really appreciate just how important that was to me honestly
for me it could be like like my baby brothers like the most important thing
in my life like he’s like my kid too and like I hope I go and like relive like
him being born and being able to see him like grow up and all that oh you’re such
a boy mine would probably be seeing Leinen
meet club for the first time cuz he didn’t he wasn’t there for my birth so
he a met her two days later and it was just such a pure moment having my whole
family be together for the first time you know and that’s really the moment
where he became and dad and just watching him come into himself and like
really he flourished as a father and link before that I think it’s kind of
lost so to see him just come into that role so well was like the most amazing
moment someone’s like is it a boy or girl it’s a liberal try don’t know for
safety reasons did any of you consider an abortion yes
I concern this a little while and then I kind of went to adoption and then
probably two months into my a finding out I decided that I wanted to keep and
become a mom no at first like the idea was to my head but after that sonogram
it never popped up in my head again yeah me finding out was twins that’s
what solidified it I was like God makes mere things happen sometimes and
everything happens for a reason so that kind of struck for me yeah so obviously
like I considered abortion and stuff but like as much as I say like I’m
pro-choice I could never go through it with myself which is why I decided to
have an adoption which is what I did so I’ve thought about it and like being
like scared to get pregnant you know and like I like I thought about it like oh
it’s like apparently am I gonna do like am I gonna have an
abortion but I also thought like I would regret having an abortion later on like
regret missing out on having my little baby and stuff like it’s definitely been
something that’s crossed my mind like before in the future you know yeah like
if I ever did get pregnant as a teenager yeah um you know not at all I don’t know
I have just always wanted kids and I always kind of plan on having kids young
not as young as I did but I mean me and have been dating for a while and I just
knew he was the one that was gonna marry and I had all the support so you know I
was like okay it’s happening a little earlier than expected but you know less is best and worst thing about parenting
watching them grow up is like the best in that although you’re not what the
times like you said in the first lap the first crawl like literally like eating
food for the first time that’s like the best the worst was like today we’re at
dinner and oh my gosh it’s so hectic just being but that’s just coming with
like being a parent it’s just craziness at one of the babies and the best worst
okay so the best would definitely have to be the just sense of pride you feel
like being a mom it’s not like a selfish sense of pride it’s more of a life this
child relies on me and I am doing a great thing in their lives just in
surprise but the worst would have to be knowing that one day you’re not gonna
have them to hold every day that’s just it breaks my heart to know that one day
I really will be a teenager and she won’t be sleeping in my arms every night
and I am I gonna be dry because I couldn’t
and to finish because like I told her every night to go to sleep and she just
sleeps so close to me when she’s like a me 13 year old she’s like my mother with
me I’m going to be going to her college dorm and freaking cuddling with her I’m
gonna sleep what about heard my bed what so like my thing is like I was
talking to Sophia about this because our baby’s here probably the closest in age
like sometimes I just look at them and I just like I feel sad like sorrow just
because like they’re so pure and Here I am like I’ve already experienced life
and like you know how harsh so they’re gonna have to go through one day right
now they’re just literally almost innocent so like the best thing about
Parenthood is like supporting them and watching them grow but it’s also the
hardest thing is one day they’re not going to rely on you anymore you know again not a mommy but like I talked
about my little brother a lot like he’s mine and like like I’ll be going through
like you know snapchat memories you know and I’ll see him like super super little
and I’m like oh my gosh like he’s so big now like why can’t I go back to like see
him like I know my mom like she’s like which is he was still little but also
like when I when he was little I was like I wonder he’s gonna be like that
he’s like like a like grown-up and bigger and you can play with me but like
like the worst part is seeing them like grow and not being able to hold them as
close as you can and then like mine to run away you know it’s just like yeah
but like the best part is having the little moments within that like you can
cherish forever and like having memories if I closely relate with Skylar on this
because my little brother’s slate mean who were like so close like I felt like
not like he was I mean I guess I kind of saw my sense of life you taking care of
it yeah and like I had that caregiver like type love and like he’s literally
like I love him like he was my own he’s not my own but I love
like that yeah I totally like relate to that slate used to be the sweetest whole
thing my brother Yanks my face so I’m gonna say he’ll I grab my nose would be
like but sometimes just opportunity right
you’re ugly when I was 15 like so like like I’m like old enough to like
understand him growing up and like being there for everything because like I do
live him I see him every day like seeing him I guess you don’t walk for the first
time so I’m having crawl for the first time hurt his first word you know
because like and it’s like he’s my own like I take care of him and like what my
mom can’t and it’s just like he’s my little baby yeah but a side note to make
things seem better about Slade today I was on FaceTime with him and he was
talking me and Everly and he said man you’re so beautiful and I love you and I
miss you cuz he can be so sweet but taught their boys are just a lot I think
the best thing is I don’t know like Neil said just like watching them grow like
every time she learned something new I really learned a new word or just like
figure something out for the first time it’s like wow like that’s a person did
your cutest thing ever – uh-huh it’s like you’re just so proud of them
and like you know when you see that they’re proud of themselves it’s like oh
my god just whenever I really does something she’ll fuckers yeah it’s
awesome and then probably the worst part about Parenthood would be just like
seeing your child hurt whether it’s like emotionally or physically or when
they’re sick you just want to take all their pain and put it on to yourself and
take it away from them and it’s just so awful if you let him learn there
your kids suffering you don’t want especially okay this is like kind of I
really relate to that I don’t know how I didn’t think of that but whenever Lee is
like when she’s sad about something like going to someone’s house today I I can’t
do anything about that because I’ll say it you want to go to this person’s house
or just don’t know tomorrow yeah I wish I could just run away with her and she
just comes back to hatch you won’t give me kisses
but it’s just oh I hurt so bad it’s so okay so this one says which kid of your
Teen Mom friends would you choose to be your weight yeah no I like the idea
because I kind of interpreter this like whose baby would you he looks like my
little brother so I would take one Holloway sexes okay I want to answers
part of me wants to take me oh these like the same boy all right a clipart beep um honestly I
feel like ever since like I started to become close with cam I feel like Coco
has kind of like I don’t know I just feel like kind of a closeness to her and
I stay with like I really yeah like I could just see myself with like both of
them and I don’t know like you said like Coco really like picks and chooses who
she like wants to be around she doesn’t like so I don’t know I could
see myself like oh my god it was Luke right yes Luke
fell asleep on yesterday sure so and I literally like I was melting like I was
like I want one I want one like I need a baby and like he’s just like the
sweetest and like y’all’s boys are just like the sweetest cutest little smile no
one was hurt rila the lovely sweety Bingley in
particular little baby this goes up to me yeah but Natalie’s not here but her
channel will be in the link in the description yes she’s part of our group
and even though she’s not here we love her so much we love you not only
if you’re watching this yes she’s come here for this role okay which one is the
freaky one out of the group I feel like this is Sophie just because in our
tik-tok I put that yeah thank you yeah let’s hit it though with me but I feel
like after like even just after the past two days like – yeah I think everyone agrees on that
yeah yeah abort you girl Cameron you free yeah bra size before versus yeah
I’ve never had a question like that before watch man for what I was like a C and I
was like no big house I can be and I don’t see and I’m like back to be Victoria Secret sizing yeah yeah maybe I
mean way too big but I went for nd to it Triple D and I don’t my band size is so
small I guess my boobs are big for my figure
yep that’s what like but like it’s like if Victoria Secret is like don’t make
these little girls I went from like a 32a to like a 36 C so that’s a pretty
yeah it’s a band so ideas yeah yeah 36 I’m like a big B to like a big sea
border line D I never thought about they’re way bigger than mine and big
literally said I was like I’m pregnant right now so they’re definitely on the D
side yeah okay I feel like this is interesting because I feel like a lot of
people like think about this stuff do you guys get competitive about
your accounts and who has more followers or subscribers now we’ve all talked
about this on the trip like I don’t even know how to put it into words but I know
that we all just support each other and also you can learn off of each other and
everyone’s just eager to like all like oh my gosh is so interesting like
probably all like see things we got to be talking about like having a Christmas
intro they come that’s a really good idea yeah I think something’s new today
everyone accent well like I was telling them like back in the day I was relevant
with YouTube like I was you know back in 2013 back when these girls were 12 years
old and then like now it’s like it’s changed during 2013 I was 10 but I never
feel like I would never feel like competitive or jealous or anything like
that look if anything I would support my friends and you know that’s awesome like
if they’re growing and being sucess I think we’re all just like happy for you
too yeah work it takes like people think it’s easy but it’s people who are
jealous of someone else that’s like toxic you know yeah like
okay so I’ve never felt like what other people are successful happy for them I’m
not like jealous but I do strive to be but I don’t like get jealous about it
like if I see somebody okay so I’m really really competitive I’m an Aries
yeah I’m really competitive but I don’t so I don’t like I use the non-toxic side
of competitiveness I don’t try to be people but I try to work as hard as them
so that’s kind of my thing I’ve never been jealous like ever like ever ever
ever ever yeah yeah to me like scholar account like is it doesn’t really matter
it’s like a person you won’t think it is like just like looking someone can have
like three hey and I’m just kind of like 45k but
like the person when 30k could be way like like and there was no like negative
to subscribers and someone was like 30 million and 31 million persons like a
dick I would chill with the negative two-y
arson exact right and like if you’re genuine friends with someone like you’re
gonna help them because they’re your friends yeah but you do a lot of people
are starting with the more people you know on YouTube like I can definitely
say that everyone here is very genuine oh there’s people which is resti number
like I’ve met people yeah I think something I want to say real quick is
like out of like all of us like it’s very rare to find so many people who
don’t care about numbers and just care about friendships you know okay so this
is a really a question but this really pisses me off so I’m just gonna say it
but someone’s like was it why are you begging for followers and views we’re
doing our job our work we’re feeding our family following you there have been so
many times cuz like magnets like my really good friend there have been so
many times where I could have been like how do you even like shout me out you
know like yeah it’s been like no like she’s like my battling with my best
friend yeah we might end up like two months but we’re literally like bitch
yeah but any day like every week I’m so tired and why people say like like I’ll
be like hey guys like everything loved like my dream is to hit a million
subscribers and as soon as I say that everyone’s like you’re begging for subs
like you’re like you’re saying your goals like yeah like you’re in a job you
want to get a raise and YouTube you want to hit a million and you have no
difference it’s just like the normal you’re to being a job needs to be ready
on the wiser let’s see what it’s like did the Teen Mom squad separate yeah I
mean like I feel like some people drift and that’s just some people for the big
fan groups don’t always laughs anyways like everyone else a B Cooper bus went
to VidCon I mean like in that 15 girl group like it’s good to be split off a
little bit and also we were in a very bad situation that was about the worst
in all of us there are easily stick and people and like honestly like I told him
this like I’m the one who booked the Airbnb in my name even though we like
all agreed on do you like Airbnb and stuff I put it in my name I felt
responsible and like that pressure and that anxiety like stuck with me so bad
and I felt like I gave off such a terrible first impression so like I’m so
blessed that like now I realize I’m not the person who will go off cuz honestly
you were tweaking I’m the knight bleep Cyrus so I was so much in a Bentley no
but I couldn’t judge you for it because I was there like literally bawling my
eyes out in the morning cuz my anxiety was so bad like I appreciate that like
so bad because I really thought like you guys oh yeah I am marrying a person to
be like that ever yeah yeah and the day like some people
click more than others and you know like not everybody’s holidays are gonna mesh
better with other person and it’s like Adam all of us like we’re not going to
pretend we’re best friends with someone we’re not you know we’re not going to
take something that’s not there like obviously we don’t look up here isn’t
real yeah yeah like these these girls I cater for it and look forward very much
who’s more likely to get pregnant next obviously after cam okay I feel like
it’s me I feel like me any Maddy how to do it
you yes okay so I’m gonna be so honest if I get a boyfriend I’m gonna like one
of the first things I’m going to bring up is when will you procreate with like
and I’m sure about this person I’m like okay let’s let’s have a kid like that’s
so bad but if when you know you know and what I know I’m like impregnate me like
give me a child I want another baby like that’s bad I just want to roll my
family honest I don’t want I really to be like five ten years older than our
sibling guys if you’re single and you want to be a dad do everything like
don’t expect a woman who cleans like mommy’s no on the bag oh and I had to
cut it out I’m so cocky yeah I’m like hit me up with the choice you do around
the house he lied to my video that’s the end of this video I felt like I don’t
know this is gonna be kind of personal but I finally feel like I found my click
and I love all these girls so much ah obviously I’m not relevant anymore a YouTube channel but just ik toilets I
have tick-tock go like wait tick-tock but yeah these are all like the most
genuine like girls I’ve ever met in my entire life and I’m really blessed to
have them as my friends that makes me so happy cuz somebody off camera and every
group setting I’ve ever seen you the same so yeah guys I will see you I think
tomorrow because I think I’m doing vlogmas and I know she’s like but yeah
okay guys

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