The Brno Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

The Brno Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

Hello guys, it is Ales and Radek from European Coffee Trip and in this video we will show you 8 great cafes you can visit in Brno, Czech Republic. Cafe #1 is Cafe Mitte. Cafe Mitte is a tiny cafe in the centre of Brno and the reason we are starting our tour here is that next to the cafe there is also the hostel so whether you look for the accommodation this is the place you should go! They offer a wide range of coffees from local and international coffee roasters. If you can, sit in the window and enjoy the buzz of the Panská Street. Right now, we are sitting at Cafe Mitte in Brno and we just got Kenyan coffee from Doubleshot Coffee Roasters and it was prepared on V60.
So that is our morning coffee. Cafe #2 is 4Pokoje. 4Pokoje, 4Rooms in English, is a perfect spot for any tourist. They open at 7 am, they serve coffee, drinks and food for most of the day and they close after midnight! 4Pokoje is a fusion of cafe, bar and bistro and if you can choose – the breakfast time is the best! Taste the legendary Benedict 2.0. When it comes to coffee, the offer is minimalistic. Batch brewed filter coffee called Berliner. It is a seasonal blend from the production
of local Rebelbean coffee roasters. What is essential, baristas and bartenders can mix it well with other ingredients. So ask for coffee based cocktails. A drink you have was Irish Rehab Which is our version of non alcoholic Irish Coffee. From the hot coffee we have the batch brew, malt syrup with cocoa and shaken heavy cream It is the typical Irish but it’s a nice combination of the bitterness of the coffee, sweetness and the maltiness of the syrup and the cold cream to dial it down. It is really good! Cafe #3 is Monogram Espresso Bar. Monogram Espresso Bar is located in the side street close to the Cabbage Market and only about five minutes from the train station. Adam Neubauer is the three times Czech Barista Champion and 10th best barista in the world. Coffee and cakes are always spot on and next to the house coffee from UK’s Has Bean Adam brings exciting coffees from all around Europe. I made you washed Ethiopian coffee from Has Bean roastery which is situated in Stafford, England. It’s nice washed coffee with all kinds of tastes which are typical for Ethiopian coffee so black tea and very floral aroma, so really nice gentle taste with nice acidity. Monogram Espresso Bar creates an intimate atmosphere. You can literally sit behind the bar and observe the precise work of barista from a close distance. Cafe #4 is Coffee Fusion. Coffee Fusion, close to Malinovsky Square, combines a traditional look of the early 20th century cafe with quality specialty coffee. Michal Kocman, the owner and head barista, is probably the most decorated barista in the country. Check all his trophies on the wall. You can always choose from two different coffees prepared for espresso and some more for filter coffee. We usually serve coffee from the Czech roastery Doubleshot but from time to time we have other roasteries. For example, right now we have roastery Has Bean from England or also DoubleB which is based in Russia. We can also recommend you a famous chocolate cake! You should try it too! Cafe #5 is SKØG Urban Hub At Dominican Square, SKØG Urban Hub is a spacious cafe in the Scandinavian style. Coffee comes from a sister company called Rusty Nails Coffee Roasters and for a long time it was roasted on the first floor. so I prepared Kenyan coffee, it is from Challe, and for me it’s one of the best coffees we got now in the offer. The quality goes higher. The processing is better each and every year and we can see it and it is lovely to taste that. Next to the delicious coffees SKØG Urban Hub offers great food too. Mostly vegan and vegetarian breakfasts, burgers, salads and cakes. Cafe #6 is Punkt. It’s like 10 minutes walk from the city center and it’s right here. It was created by a coffee loving couple Klára and Martin who built the community of regular customers as well as the team of enthusiastic baristas. We are very close to the park Lužánky which is perfect place to relax so you can come over for a cup of coffee to go and you are right there in one minute. We tasted coffee from local Fiftybeans Coffee Roasters and delicious homemade cakes. Besides coffee, Martin also loves beer so he got involved in the coffee beer project with their friends. It’s Indian Pale Ale with Ethiopian coffee. The taste is like a grapefruit, citrus and the black tea. Cafe #7 is Kafe & Kobliha Jan wanted to make coffee (“kafe”) and Marek wished to make donuts (“koblihy”) So they opened their takeaway cafe at Brno’s Baker’s Street. And there is Soňa who keeps them sane! Both menus are changing every month. I’m trying to take roasteries which are not very common in Brno or in the Czech Republic. like the Caravan Coffee Roastery I have today. I really love them – I visited them a few times in London and for me it was just natural to have them few times in a year. So there is always a good reason to come. The interiors are playful and funky. Flamingos, mirrors, golden sun and table football. It’s all you can expect in the hip cafe. Cafe #8 is Industra Coffee. Industra Coffee is one of the main reasons why foodies and coffee lovers from the rest of the country come to Brno. Even though it is inconveniently
located in the suburbs of Brno, Industra Coffee brings customers in
for delicious coffee, cakes and famous weekend brunches. Here I found also pieces
of Ajala chocolate what is a local craft chocolate maker. I think it’s best chocolate you can get in the Czech Republic so maybe it’s a really good souvenir you can take from Brno. Petra Střelecká and Adam Obrátil who stand behind Industra Coffee are skilled baristas who brought years of experience in coffee in London. Have a seat on the bar, order filter coffee from London’s Square Mile Coffee Roasters and enjoy the brew and talk with the
barista champions! So we hope enjoyed this video, there are way more cafes you can find in Brno and you can find them all on our website – link in description And thank you guys watching if you like this video, smash the like
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  1. So many great coffee shops in Brno and even more than that. It's always great to see you, guys. Hats off, you do an amazing job 🙂

  2. Guys, you missed the opportunity to promote our shorter name, Czechia.

    Otherwise great video about awesome city, good work!

  3. And right behind you are also two perfect spots in Brno – Café Pilát and Café Tungsram. Anyway, good job with the video!

  4. Great guide. This is my city and all of these places I love. Especially Monogram and Cafe Momenta, but its rather a pastry shop.

  5. I admire your work guys and love your videos but the names of cafes and czech names are soooo butchered when pronounced in english. You don’t need to do that ffs:D

  6. Thanks for this video tour, guys. I live in Boston and work at George Howell Coffee, but my parents now live in Prague — will definitely make the trip out to Brno next time I'm in CZ!

  7. i'm korean. i will travel in brno. it will help me brno's coffee trip. pruge is too far in wien. so i choice brno for one day trip. thank you so much♡♡♡♡♡

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