The Coffee Cup Open Face Drill

[HIT] So that’s that nice litle soft shot over the
bunker. How do golf pro’s do it? I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And I’m going to show you do it. Simply and
easily in a minute. I hope you enjoy the tip. [MUSIC] So that nice high soft shot over the bunker
that stops quick. It’s a shot that everyone craves and you watch
golf tournament after golf tournament and the best players in the world do it quite
easily. How do we do that? Well I’m going to show you a way to achieve
it quite simply. Now recently I filmed a golf tip with using
the coffee cup. And I explain how important it is when hitting
golf shots that your clubface rotates through impact. And that is good for every shot except for
this one. What we want with this one. Is we actually
want the opposite. We want to hold the clubface open through the shot so that this coffee
cup stays full of coffee. Remember I don’t like wasting coffee. So this
one I want to drink it after I have finished with it. So we swing the club. We come down and the
golf club, the face of the club is staying open and there is a lot of coffee staying
in that cup. If I rotate the clubface. That’s actually
taking loft off the golf club and it’s going to keep it lower and it’s going to make it
spin a little bit to the left and run a fraction. We don’t want that when we play this shot. We really want to hold that clubface open
through the shot. So just visualising the coffee cup attached
to the clubface can really help. So i will try it one more time. So we just take a normal set-up. I picture
the coffee cup on the clubface. I’m swinging the club and I am holding the club face open
as I hit the golf ball. [HIT] And the ball lands and stops really quickly. That’s how we do it. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. If you like my videos why don’t you share
them by clicking the button at the bottom of the video. You can also subscribe. You can also go to my website and you can
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