The Competitive World of Latte Art | How to Make Everything: Coffee

The Competitive World of Latte Art | How to Make Everything: Coffee

I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit what
some consider to be the best coffee shop in the Midwest: Kickapoo Coffee. I’m
here to learn about Latte Art. But first to I have to try some of the coffee yeah it’s pretty good at this point I’ve been through a bit of
a journey trying to understand what goes into making coffee, but honestly I still
don’t really know like what makes it good what does Kickapoo do different as a store?
we take the time to make sure that all the boxes on our list are getting checked
and that list is the list of things related to quality
can you tell me about Latte Art and what goes into that?
yeah Latte Art’s definitely an interesting thing it allows that barista to kind of take a
timeout focus really specifically at that one drink he describe to me the process of making
latte art. You first need a machine that can put on a high-level of stream pressure
You fill a steam pitcher, generally speaking one-third full of milk
and then stick the steam wand just below the surface of milk The machine kicks out that steam pressure and if you hold the pitcher just right, it will cause the milk to rotate. Then comes time to pour the cream you see experienced baristas will move around
the pitcher there’s a rhythm involved similar to break dancing, certain designs
depend on the bill to sway back and forth
if you’re really interested in
Latte Art, tonight actually we’re having a little Latte Art of competition we call it a
throwdown want you could probably even a try it
out yourself . See how you do. Ok. It was at this point that I realized I was
in way over my head They had me sign up on a tournament style bracket where I would go head to head against other baristas except…I’m not a barista
I quickly started watching youtube videos in hopes of somehow faking my way
through it
and of course they place me on the bottom of the bracket so I plenty
of time to consider my impending demise Yeah, yeah, you win sometimes, you lose. You know know, it’s a little up and down. So how’d you do?
I loss I tried to pour a swan but it definitely failed
it looks like a peacock kind of a few different things that you
look for in latte art competition looking for symmetry so that is the design
symmetrical technical difficulty of the design and then you just looking for
contrast of the milk and the crema of the espresso the brown-and-white kind of
contrast after over an hour waiting it was
finally time to shine Hi
Are you from Minnesota?
Perfect I’m from
Wisconsin this will be a battle Alright, I have no idea what I’m doing oh really?
I’ve never done this before
YES! Have you ever streamed milk before?
Nope okay you’re gonna want to angle the
steam head so it’s not pointed straight down that angle just create a small
vortex don’t go too crazy That is a beautiful job It was quite possibly the most terrible quality I’ve ever seen. In terms of art… his milk was too loud. his milk was
screaming. Tell him to try roasting instead This cup right here is pretty bad this cup is terrible that’s why he didn’t win he doesn’t know what he’s doing so just got eliminated so I guess
coffee’s a little more complicated than I expected. Guess it’s not something you can just watch a youtube video right before and figure out I guess I still don’t know everything about coffee

100 thoughts on “The Competitive World of Latte Art | How to Make Everything: Coffee

  1. very little time spent showing the actual latte art being made which is what I was looking forward to… 🙁 put in a few more shots please!

  2. Very entertaining! Just how I felt when starting work at a cafe with no idea on how to make coffee…on the plus (?) side no one else working there was trained either.

  3. great channel…subscribed as soon as i saw the 1st video. BTW you should come to Puerto Rico for a different video and perspective on coffee. Most coffee farms treat coffee in an artistic careful way, plus the tropical climate and soil makes the coffee taste extremely like chocolate and less bitter by nature.

  4. omgg… I'm howwwlling laughing, as soon as you start pouring, that was amazing, the buildup, wipes tear omg, that was fantastic… XD

  5. Them latte artist want symmetry, what more symmetrical than a circle, only Picasso does know what is going on with that coffee cup

  6. this was amazing! you should do this as a regular thing, learn about the processes behind something and then have a test at the end, it was hilarious

  7. They didn't appreciate your minimalist Latte art? In terms of art it was clearly the best come on… what are you kidding me judges?

  8. sure at least he gave it a shot and earned some experience I really respect this guy and the lengths and journeys he takes just to show us how everyday things travel trough a process of people and places with individual stories and It's inspired me to do the same, thank you Andy if you ever read this.

  9. I love your Channel it is super funny and your ideas are authentic! Keep going like this, you have French followers 😉

  10. when you thought everything would be easy peasy lemon squeesy but it was difficult difficult lemon difficult

  11. Really good episode. I noticed your hand shook a lot while pouring, not exactly a control issue. You just need to practice a drowsy hand, dont focus too much. I love the coffee video series.

  12. Think of it this way. If this was an anime he totally would have won. I've never done this before and it's no secret I'm the under dog, but I will prevail !!!

  13. These people made me so sad, they were so mean and rude. It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of tons of people and compete in something you've never tried before. My anxiety would have probably killed me before it was even my turn. Props for giving it a hell of a shot!

  14. My favorites are the ones where it just turns out absolutely terrible. Makes you realize that its harder than it looks haha

  15. Coming from competitive fighting games after seeing the brackets, format, and skill ceiling this seems to be up my alley. this will be interesting coming from my drafting background.

  16. excellent videos ! you made an amazing investigation and is just wonderful how you shared not only the types or differences of coffee but also the difficult job farmers do when they are harvesting , i am trying to make a campaign with all coffee importers from Colombia in shanghai to sell more Colombian coffee and people is not aware about anything ! congratulations

  17. They collectively gave you and the guy you were up against, the boot. Like Jesus it's just a friendly comp O.o regardless I'm sure both would taste amazing but lordy lu that was a curb stomp.

  18. I'd have liked to see the winner, even though I don't tend to notice coffee art, but rather the smell. Also, this guy reminds me of Louis Theroux sometimes, mainly the awkward expressions.

  19. I have to commend you for daring to walk into a pretentious place like that and get roasted like that.
    Takes a lot of courage, man.

  20. They may be good at latte art, but at least they haven't tried making a lot of things from scratch, Andy is still a winner in life

  21. I am a barista and they were super rude! Like dude, it’s not easy whatsoever. It takes a good couple months to get a real good feel for it. This is why baristas have such a bad rep., it’s the pretentious ones that spoil the rest.

  22. My grandpa had a sign back in the day, that has an Indian and i think a coffee cup or something on it with big red letters saying "kickapoo joy juice".
    Also on a side note, these people are so pretentious it hurts. Very cringeworthy.

  23. 4:59 that dude is really implying: "I am the best motherfucker! How dare you insult me in challenging me? I am a natural born killer motherfucker! You ain't shit! Doesn't matter how many years of training you get, I will always beat you scum!"

  24. "I would like to learn about latte-art."
    "Great! Come compete in this competition so we can all squash you like a bug and feel better about ourselves whilst teaching you nothing about what you came here to learn about!"

  25. You are definitely not so good at cooking nor at doing coffe, btw just like me 😀
    Instead you are very creative and handsome, go on!
    Thanks for the video !

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