The Giving Tree Soap Making + VidCon 2019 Recap (Spoiler : THERE BE TEA) | Royalty Soaps

The Giving Tree Soap Making + VidCon 2019 Recap (Spoiler : THERE BE TEA) | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson. Welcome back to Royalty Soaps and a brand new soap-making month. This background behind me is temporary. As you guys have probably
figured out by now, we have some crazy stuff going on. That’s like the most YouTuber
thing I’ve ever heard like, sorry guys, let me just
apologize for my background, or sorry guys, I (coughing),
sorry for my voice. ‘Cept for you can literally
never tell the difference at all, they just sound normal. (laughing) This month’s theme is books. I felt like today’s
video was the perfect one to release first because I think it is the most well-known
probably, of all the books. And probably the one that
most people relate to. So we wanted to start out
the month with a big bang that everyone can feel good about. “The Giving Tree” was actually something that my mom read to me,
but she only read to me a couple of times because
it makes her cry every time and she doesn’t like to cry. I however, being the romantic that I am, absolutely loved it and would read it multiple times to myself
and cry to myself. Alone, as a child because I liked crying if I thought it was romantic. (laughing) I wish I was joking but I’m really not. And so without further
ado, let’s make some soap. So in this bucket I have a
whole bunch of melted oils, namely olive oil, organic
sustainably-harvested palm oil which means it has no negative
effect on the environment. It’s RSPO certified. We’ve got some coconut oil. We have sweet almond oil
and we have castor oil. And castor oil is for
some super bubbliness. And if you’re new to
soap-making, and you’re wanting to start making soap, we have our oil mix pre-blended at It makes it really easy for
you guys to get a hold of it. So I’m just gonna pour
our lye water solution into the bucket here, and then, with this fabulous hot pink stick blender, come on now, everyone needs
a hot pink stick blender if they’re making soap, or
I guess mashed potatoes, which apparently is the other
thing people do with this. We are gonna blend this up on low until just past emulsion,
so maybe 15 to 30 seconds. (gentle music) And now we’re gonna split this
off into three equal parts in my Dollar Tree containers
because why would you pay more when you can buy from Dollar Tree? (humming) And now for the design,
so we’re gonna have three different types of greens. We’re gonna use mica from
Mad Micas and Nurture Soap. So our colors today are New
Leaf Green from Nurture. Maniacal Pea from Mad Micas and
Green Vibrance from Nurture. So into these containers
I’m adding a tiddly bit of titanium dioxide mixed with water. This is going to really
boost those greens. I want them to stand out from each other. I don’t want them to
completely mix together. And now, I’m going to blend them all up. (gentle music) Now, for the fragrance oil, I have concocted my own special blend. So because this is “The Giving
Tree” and she gives apples to the little boy, I thought
it would be a really good idea to have it apple scented,
but I can’t just do a regular apple scent, I’m
going to mix up my own. So I have Green Apple Explosion
and Red Delicious Apple and I’m doing equal parts of
both, so a one-to-one ratio. It’s smells stinkin’ delicious! It smells like a Jolly
Rancher that’s been like, I don’t know, even more applefied. So I’m going to mix this in by hand. I’ve already worked with
these fragrance oils before and they work really,
really well in cold process. So they don’t do anything
wonky to the batter. And I am going to wait until this hits probably medium trace just because of the design that I’m trying
to accomplish inside it, so. I’m not really sure what it’s called. I’ve seen some variations
on it that people use for like a wood grain
pattern, but that’s always when they’re cutting their
bars differently then mine. So if you know the name of the swirl, feel free to tell me down
in the comments below so that I can add it into my
soap vocabulary repertoire. Ah, it smells so good. It’s also pretty strong,
which is something I typically like to see in
fragrance oils for cold process, because as the soaps sit
and cure, they release some of that fragrance oil, so if
it doesn’t start out strong, chances are it’s gonna be completely gone by the time the curing process is over. I thought for book month, it
was really, really important to do “The Giving Tree”
because I’ve had so many people tell me that that was kind
of a quintessential part of their growing up, that
it means a lot to them, that maybe they have a
special person in their life who always liked to read
them that particular book. So based on all of those
comments the last time I did a literary collection,
I was like, all right, well then I’ll be sure
to include that in future literary inspired creations for sure. And some of these greens are
turnin’ a little bit wonky. That’s also pretty
typical for green micas. They kinda go from somethin’ pretty to somethin’ a little ugly
to somethin’ pretty again. It’s normal, now I have
this wonky lookin’ bucket that I got from Ikea, it was
two bucks, what a purchase. And I am going to use that to do the pour, so I’m gonna start with one green here and then I’m gonna do a darker green. I might even break the fall
a little bit with my spatula, so it doesn’t completely pierce the top, it kinda stays a little
closer to the very top than down at the bottom. Then I got this New Leaf
mica, I’m gonna do the same with that, break the fall
a little bit so we have very distinct swirl between these guys. By the way, this video’s not
sponsored by Nature’s Garden, they just sent my this apron. (laughing) So you wanna see me pour? Well ya can, after this
quick commercial break. Now with my long, skinny little spigot, I’m going to guide the soap
down the molds like so. Most of the green is gonna come out first. What am I saying, it’s
literally all green. Most of the New Leaf Green
is gonna come out first. And my goal here is to make
these horizontal stripes that when cut, kind of look like bark. That is the goal, so I’m
trying to keep these lines in the middle, as straight as possible. You can see they’re coming
out pretty straight. A little wiggle is okay,
that’s kinda how tree bark naturally is and this soap is basically at the most perfect thickness to do this. I’m gonna switch and come over here. If this particular loaf gets a little more than the other one, no
big deal because I have to refill the blue container anyway. I’ve refilled again and it’s
getting a little thicker, which is, woo, actually kinda good. So, I’m kinda pouring a lot. (laughing) There could literally
be an entire compilation that’s like Katie trying
to be a professional for 15 minutes straight and failing. (laughing) When I’m like, here, let
me show you how to do it and then just messing it up. Honestly though, it’s not
gonna make any sorta difference as far as the design is concerned, to have a little more
coming out at one time. Oh yeah, look at those
lines coming through. Some of them are a little bit hidden, but you can probably see it on the side. Ooh yeah, look, it’s like a little snake. You know, this kinda
reminds me, there was a book that Kenny and I read when we were kids. It was called “Verdi” and it
was about a little green snake that lived in the Amazon, (laughing) that’s what this reminds me of. Isn’t that funny, it reminds
me of another book, rad! I’m scrapin’ it out to get
this last little bit in here. Got a scrapey, scrapey
that weird blue containy. Okay, so now that I have
all the soap in the molds, I’m going to tippity-tap them down. Marvelous, all my wildest
dreams have come true. So, I’m gonna scrape out
the rest of my containers just to get those little
tiddly-bits on top and then we’re gonna mix
up the soap frosting. So my soap frosting is all set up. I’m gonna go ahead and start on this end and start putting it on top the soap. I really, really like the
way this is turning out. I also have a little bit
of mica that I have leaked down the sides here, it’s very minimal, but whenever the bars have cured, I think that little extra sparkle is going to be really nice. So a lot of you guys have
asked for a VidCon vlog and we did start vlogging
there, but very quickly, I stopped, (laughing)
honestly, it was just one of those events that would’ve
been really, really boring. I mean, unless I was
hunting down what would be the equivalent of like
a celebrity YouTuber, to talk to you guys, it just
wouldn’t be fun to watch. It was me walkin’ around and going to a bunch of sessions, quite frankly. The one thing that might
have been cool to see would be the Studio71 party,
so for those of you all who aren’t all hip with the
YouTube lingo and whatever, Studio71 is a management company, and they’re actually
who has been managing me for the last year and a half,
and my manager was like, “No, Katie, you should
really go to this party. “It’s gonna be really big,
it’s like the biggest creator “party of the year, come to
Anaheim, you’ve gotta go.” So I did, that was kind of
my main reason for going to Anaheim, was to go to that party and to hopefully meet people. Being a YouTuber can be like
sort of an isolating job, because in everyday life,
there’s just not a lot of people who do it, so
I thought this would be really cool to meet other people that have the same job as I do. So Kenny and I went to
that party and I am gonna spill the tea, I’m gonna spill the tea! The actual party was amazing. So it was at The House
of Blues in Anaheim, so it was huge, there was tons of food. It was just a massive venue
and in every single room was an open bar, so they
spent a lot of money on that party and honestly,
it was so well organized and so put together. And Kenny and I were VIPs
because Studio71 is our company, even though lots of people
who are creators were invited, even if they weren’t part of that network. But being VIP let us have
access to exclusive areas and that sort of thing, and Kenny and I, we don’t go clubbin’, you
know, we don’t really do that sort of thing, so this was a
very new experience for us. And I think my major problem was that I went in with wrong expectations. I was a little bit naive, and I was like, oh cool, I’ll be able to talk to people. Maybe make some YouTube friends. People that do the same thing I do. But when I walked in, it
was very clear that everyone was gonna stick with the
people they already knew. Nobody was walking around
making new connections. Oh, we interrupt this story, (laughing) for me to start putting
in these red apple embeds. This is the embed for this soap, so I’m just gonna put one
on each one of the bars. And I will also say,
there were loads of people at this party, when we got
there, we skipped the line. Again, because we were VIPs or whatever. There were 500 people in the line waiting outside to get into this party. Just so you’ll know, there
are over 2,000 channels on YouTube that have more
than a million subscribers. Which means that everyone’s
kinda famous in their own right, but quite frankly, no
one should expect anybody to know who they are because
there’s just too many of us. So I certainly didn’t walk
into that party thinkin’. hey, me with my little soap channel, everyone’s gonna know me. And nobody else should’ve
assumed that either, besides Jacksepticeye, who is
probably the biggest person at that party, really
super nice guy by the way. He is very authentic and
very genuine in person. So when I walked in and started
tryin’ to talk to people, I just kinda introduced
myself and was like, hey, are you a creator
or are you a plus one? Or all the normal questions you would ask to try to be really friendly
to someone you had just met. People were not havin’ it. And to this day, I still don’t
know who most of them are. They could be YouTubers that have like 17 million subscribers
and I wouldn’t know. I did recognize a couple
of people when I went. Like I literally almost
knocked Tana Mongeau over and I saw Joey Graceffa, there
were lots of people there that y’all would definitely know. But the people that I was talking to, I don’t have any clue who they were. And I think basically, everyone there thought either two things. Number one, that I was a fan
and I was there to harass them even though I had no clue
who they were at all. I was just trying to be nice. Or number two, that I’m in it
for like clout or something, was just trying to use them and be like, hey man, check out my channel,
we should collab, blah. I’m gonna spritz this with
rubbing alcohol, by the way. (laughing) It was just very bizarre. I just couldn’t talk to
people and be friendly without them assuming that I had some sort of ulterior motive, or so it seemed. I’m gonna take a little
bit of this biodegradable Gold Digger glitter,
this is from EcoStardust. And I’m gonna put this down the sides. And you know, maybe it was
just a bad night for them or whatever, but still, I
didn’t get a good impression. (laughing) But some people that I got
an amazing impression from. And really were some of the
nicest, most genuine people. Safiya Nygaard was one of
them, she is really exactly how she seemed on camera,
she was so friendly. Another person is Echo Gillette. If you guys know who Echo Gillette is, she has a really cool art
channel, she is the bomb. She is so nice, so down to earth. Cristine Simply Nailogical,
really cool person. Now I’ve met all those
people, but the people I’m about to name, I
just saw them interacting with their fans and they were so nice. The David Dobrik group was really nice, just as a general rule to all the people that they were talking to and meeting. They were smiling, they were jumping into other people’s vlogs that
they were shooting there. They just seemed like a
really cool group of peeps. I’m sure there were
other people that I saw. I’m sorry, I can’t give you
guys like a YouTube celeb play-by-play, I’m not
as educated on YouTube as I thought I was, I
thought I knew all the people that were like famous,
but then I didn’t realize how many people are famous. (laughing) Is the moral of this entire
story that I’m really old? Maybe, but I think more than that, I just want people to
be nice to other people. And going to that party
with all of those YouTubers who had, you know, all of
their channels were over probably 200,000 subscribers,
really just showed me that people can get a
little bit big-headed when they think that they’re famous. And it also showed me
that I really appreciate people who don’t do that. (laughing) Being kind and friendly
should be the status quo, no matter how many stupid
YouTube subscribers you have. ‘Cause at the end of the day, if YouTube blows up, who are you then? You’re not Brad Pitt, I can tell ya that. Now I’m gonna spritz this real quick with this Sparkle Me Sunshine spritzer. This is just to kinda get
the ridges of these soaps. Kinda make ’em stand
out a little bit more. It’s got those nice gold undertones like the rest of the greens in this soap, so I think it’s gonna really match. I don’t want you guys to
hear me say all those things and think, wow, she hated VidCon. I totally didn’t, I had
a really great time. Our flights were amazing, it was really cool to see the venue. It was really well setup. I also don’t want you guys
to think that I didn’t like everything about other
YouTubers or whatever. I just kinda thought it
reminded me of high school where there were cliques and
people were just, you know, unless you were in with the
in crowd, you’re a nobody. And I don’t like that, you guys know how I am on this channel. I want everyone to feel
good about themselves. I want everyone to feel included. I always wanted to be
the kid in high school who sat with the people
who didn’t have anyone to eat lunch with and yeah, so that’s just my general takeaway. And that’s it, we’re
basically done with this soap. I’m gonna give it a few quick spritzes with rubbing alcohol and I’ll bring you guys in for a closeup. So this is what “The Giving
Tree” soap looks like up close, as you can see there’s a ton of gold glitter on top. We’ve got the cute little red apples. And then we have the mica drizzle mixed in with the soap frosting. So we’re gonna let this
sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we will be
back to cut them all up and take a peep at the
inside and stamp them after this quick commercial break. We’re back to cut the very first of the book soaps this month. This could also technically
be considered I guess, our back to school month
as well because almost all of these books, you
have to read in school. I’m gonna flip dis on da side. Look at those wavy lines. It’s like one of those cosmic waves. So I’ve got to line this up properly, otherwise we won’t have whole apples. (laughing) Right, line that up, press down. The apple smell comin’ through strong. So let’s pull one out of the middle here. Um, what the crap is going on? (laughing) That looks so cool, it
looks like the inside of when you cut through a tree and you see those little round circles though. – [Kenny] They’re called tree rings. – Those little round circles. It also kind looks like
bark, I’m really thrilled. Okay, but seriously, what is going on? There’s like some glycerin
river-action up here. I almost never get those,
but it really works for this design ’cause that
looks like a bloomin’ tree! Also, this green with that green, with this gold and that apple, yes please! Now these are all gonna be stamped with the Royalty Soaps stamp
because in the Shel Silverstein illustrations, you can
see that the little boy comes back with his little lady and they carve their initials on the tree. So we’re just gonna put
the Royalty Soaps stamp. I did think about stamping
it with something else, but if I put some initials
in there or something, it wouldn’t necessarily
be y’all’s initials, so you put the Royalty Soaps
stamp on there and no problems. So, the question of the
day is, and this applies to everybody, but I know
some of you guys aren’t in school anymore, so this
just applies to when you where. Did you go back to school
in August or September? I had a couple of friends in the UK, whenever I was in school
and they were going back to school at such a
different time than I was, and I was like, why, why, why are we going to school like six weeks apart? So to vote in the question of the day, all you have to do is click the I in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. So let’s stamp these. Time to stamp, so I’ve got my bar here. It’s been sitting for a little while, about two weeks-ish actually. And that’s just because
we wanted to give it plenty of time to harden
up, it makes the stamp look so much cleaner if
you wait a little while. We’ve got my acrylic stamp, this is from Bebe’s Collection. (laughing) It is an Etsy shop and I love those guys. I’ve been using them for years. I use them for all of my stamply needs. So I’m just gonna put
that right in the middle. I’m gonna give it a whack,
whack, whack, whack. And ta da, (laughing) and once again, this is kind of representative of the boy who comes to the Giving
Tree and carves his initials of him and his lovely lady into the tree before he chops her down. – [Kenny] R-I-P. – Going to line it up. (thudding) Ta da, this stamp is really easy to do. There are certain stamps (thudding) that are not as easy
to do because they have a lot more detail, but a
circle with a basic logo on the inside is a lot simpler. And this is what the final
bar is going to look like. So you can see, by the
way, for those of y’all who are like, “How big are your soaps?” I have very large hands and
it’s almost as big as my hand. It will last you a good 50 to 70 washes. So, they’re really big, I
think it looks super cool. I’m totally getting “Giving Tree” vibes. I feel like anybody you give
this too is totally gonna know what it is representative of,
especially with the really cool label we’re gonna put on the outside and what we’re gonna call
it, which is “Giving Tree”. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Aren’t those glycerine rivers cool? I dig, this soap will
be available to purchase on September 7th at 3:00
p.m. Central Standard Time. And if you enjoyed this
video, yo can give it a bit thumbs up, subscribe,
leave us a comment down below. You can go follow us on
Instagram, I have a personal one. Kenny has a personal one. And then of course, there’s
the Royalty Soaps Instagram. We’re getting dangerously close to 100K on the Royalty Soaps
Instagram and when we do, I’m having a big fat giveaway
that you won’t wanna miss. Be sure you do somethin’
fun for yourself today, whether that is grabbing
your favorite reading pal, settling in and beginning perhaps a novel. Ooh, wouldn’t that be fun. I used to read novels with
my best friend Caroline all the time when we were kids out loud to each other, the whole thing. That’s a lot of free time I had with her. (laughing) Or maybe even calling
up someone that you love and haven’t talked to in a long time, just to let them know
that you appreciate them. Either way, do something
that makes you happy and I’ll see you guys soon. So until then, buy for now, neoom. (upbeat music)

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