14 thoughts on “The Healthiest Beverage

  1. I'm only up to 2 or 3 cups of organic green tea each day…and am RUNNING to the bathroom right afterwards which is sometimes difficult because I work full time, LOL!…will try to ratchet it up to 5 cups….eesh! Thanks Doc! and I never add any sweetener nor milk as you say…! Fresh lemon, yes!

  2. Picked up the habit while I was out on the Sahel in Senegal. Every major village has a little shop run by Berbers from the North (Mauritania) that sells boxes of gunpowder. The Senegalese mix it with mint and sugar to make pots of "Warga", regular night-time ritual. I still use mint but have dropped the sugar (to save the last of my few remaining teeth. LOL)

  3. I've been brewing my green tea at night, like I would sweet tea. I don't add sugar and store overnight..drink the next day. Very easy way to drink several cups and it's so refreshing!!

  4. I love green tea but worry that the caffeine contained in the green tea may inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals etc in my body thoughts?

  5. Every living creature on Earth other than humans only drinks water. Our bodies are over 75% water. There is no need to justify drinking anything other than water.

  6. does anybody else feel nausiated after drinking tea (all teas have the same effect on me)? It started a few years ago and never went away…

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