100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Steak Sandwich – Gordon Ramsay

  1. "There she is… my crown of jewels."
    The respect shown to the ingredients is phenomenal as always. I can understand the rage over wasted food in shows like Hell's Kitchen… a creature was killed to provide that meat, treat it with dignity and care to create a great meal, don't let it go to waste carelessly.

  2. Just made this tonight, the tomato relish is fucking amazing, I thought I was gunna need more spices but stuck to the recipe and it was amazing

  3. Gordon: and you put the steak in the pan. In. Good. That’s what I call a steak in a pan

    30 seconds later
    Gordon: lightly seasoned

  4. Espon Salt Company: how may I take your order
    gordon: ill have two dump trucks plz
    Espon Salt Company: is it for your restaurant
    gordon: no its for my fucking sandwich

  5. I wonder why Gordon comes to me last week and begging me to show him how to cook this Food. Lmao he got this all from me 😂🤣👍

  6. Open legs… Yes: beautiful!
    Now… I'm gonna kiss it… Not aggressively, but gently. Ah! Perfect.
    Finally, for the rubbing, remember the three finger rule: one in front, two behind. Beautiful.

  7. Don't think I would eat that. You would just pull that meat out on the first bite. Then the bread would slice your mouth like broken glass.

  8. No one ever comments on the content of a video anymore. They just want to make stupid attempts at a joke they got from someone else who did the same thing.

  9. Gordon:*wakes up in the morning about to eat cereal for breakfast
    "olive oil, in, salt and pepper, heavy on the seasoning, beautiful"

  10. i want to be a chief sir Gordon but i have no money enough for enrollment the school actually i really really love cooking

  11. What kind of steak & bread did he say? Sounded like he said "filet", which I guess means filet mignon?

    The bread sounded like he said "Giada bread"

  12. Gordon Ramsay during the the steak sandwich video: now, you've gotta just do this, and that.
    Gordon Ramsay during hells kitchen: F*CK OFF WILL YOU!

  13. Your ingredients are too expensive… seriously, make something that fits an average millennial's budget and you'll truly be a GOD.

  14. 🤢 Qué asco, esa carne chorrea sangre, la pobre vaca está gritando aún 🤮 Después nos sorprendemos cuando a alguien le extirpan una tenia del cerebro…

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