Tom Felton Spills The Tea On “Harry Potter” And More

Tom Felton Spills The Tea On “Harry Potter” And More

hello my name is tom felton from youtube premiums news show origin today I shall be answering some fan questions out of his rather delightful looking Cup Emma Watson revealed her first crush was she who are filming the first two Harry Potter films was the crush mutual let’s move on come on now it’s money for this now we’ve been very good friends for a very long time leaving the lap would you ever reprise your role with Draco Malfoy of the opportunity presented it of course definitely what did you enjoy the most about your time on set filming the flash getting dancing lessons from Grant Gustin he’s a good mover and the groover and a fun chat to be with so he was he give me lessons I haven’t danced since his rather tragic what G to the role of Logan in origin in which ways are you similar to him well we look alike we have the same colored eyes Logan and I have very different different people I think he comes from a rather broken family with rather crap friends and Tom is quite the opposite what drew me to it was the sort of multinational aspect of the show the fact that it kind of goes around the globe in all 10 episodes and Mika Watkins our fearless showrunner and writer she was instrumental in getting me on board not only is she a lovely person she’s also furiously talented did you take anything from the Harry Potter set technically no I’m not going to tell you more cos I still want one of others to hire me in the future the Harry Potter movies starred so many great adult actors what was the relationship like year between you and the older cast were you close with anyone in particular not really as when I was a kid I had no idea who any of these people were I just had my mum telling me that Maggie Smith was a huge actress and Richard Harris was a legend the only one I really was terrified of was Alan Rickman because I knew him from Robin Hood so I was pretty terrified of him it took me quite a lot of courage just to say anything more than good morning Alan to him cuz he was pretty terrifying I thought Gary Oldman was one of the cleaners first because he was so casually just walking around yeah so it still not to tell me that he’s playing serious black but they were all lovely Helena Bonham Carter was definitely one of my favorites jason isaacs who plays my dad I learned a lot from him he was very sweet but honestly they were all lovely so I’m very lucky for that what was the most challenging aspect of taking on the role logan in origin well he’s American for starters so I had to sort of work on that a little bit he’s a petty drug dealer so I had to do some petty drug dealing just to get the character honestly the most challenging thing was probably being in Cape Town for seven months not that it wasn’t beautiful and an amazing place to shoot but it’s a long time to spend away from friends and family other than that it was all swimmingly what is your first onset memory from filming the Harry Potter movies I don’t know is the stuff a lot chocolates and sweets inside the robe and I remember they used to melt and they get stuck in there and then they shouted at me and they’ve got sweets banned from set because of me what do you think Julian Albert has been up to since he left style as for England would you return for another season if asked yes absolutely I think Julian Albert does deserve a comeback episode at least what’s he been up to waffling around in England I suppose yes I’m not even sure what the excuse was that they gave for why Julian Albert didn’t return but he’s bloody busy in England by the sounds of things you’ve released music in the past are you planning on releasing more songs or potentially an album yes I am I’m still recording and still doubling and battling with a few few tunes and I do hope to make an EP at least or a short album of some sort I’m not sure when or how or why but I’m gonna do at some point so thank you for your interest if you could go back and film one Harry Potter movie all over again which one would it be and why bloody good questions people enjoying these I don’t know really I mean I wouldn’t change anything although I’m sure eyeballs a lot of it up when I was there maybe the last one because it was the longest a bit more time to soak it all in well I would want to go back but also I wouldn’t want to damage anything further than I already have so maybe just the last one that’d be fun does a text thread with you and the rest of the Harry Potter cast exists is there anyone who you keep in touch with the most I think there is I think there is I never answered it I think I got in trouble with Emma once for not paying any contribution to that but there is we’re all pretty natural phones to be honest with you so I’m not sure how up to date is well Matthew Lewis young young Longbottom he lives around the corner from me so I see him quite regularly Bonnie as Lopez Jenny she’s around so we are dogs have hung out a couple times but we always see each other in one way stable form and so yes it’s always fun to keep in touch with them what are you hoping audiences take away from origin well entertainment for one I hope you have a bloody good time watching it but also it does us I just asked some really poignant questions about what we’re doing on this planet and is there any hope for us on another planet you took Pottermore sorting quiz and we’re sorted into Gryffindor what would your hybrid house be I’m definitely a sliver door I think if that’s the correct term also I don’t think that I’m actually Gryffindor I tried to lie to the Sorting Hat by overly going with sliver and answers particularly dark and I think it knew so yes my true house is yet to really be decided what’s your favorite behind-the-scenes memory with Daniel Radcliffe for shooting the Harry Potter films crikey so many I don’t know I remember having Simpsons trivia battles with him well in the middle of in between doing Quidditch we used to ask each other pot Simpsons questions which he was much better at did Draco Malfoy get the ending he thought he deserved in Deathly Hallows absolutely not he should have killed everyone and run off into the sunset no of course it’s perfect Joe wrote some fabulous stories and I dare not amend them at all thank you the cup is empty thanks for your lovely questions you actually much better than most interviewers see you around watch origin YouTube premium [Music]

42 thoughts on “Tom Felton Spills The Tea On “Harry Potter” And More

  1. ~Young Tom on the Harry Potter set ~

    Costume designers: Tom no more hiding sweets in your costume! Those take lots of time to make and now we have to get rid of the sweets

    Young Tom: My father will hear about this!

  2. He is the only one who doesn’t have any complaints about being in Harry Potter he d just like “eyyy I did that, it was chill, bloody loved it”

  3. Tom: I thought he was one of the cleaners

    proceeds to scratch his armpit

    For some reason it really made me laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I have read through most of the comments and WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT JULIAN ALBERT!!? He only played Julian for like 10-15(?) episodes on the flash and i want Julian to return in season 6!!! I miss him so much , even tho he sitll need to work on his people skills.❤️👌🏻

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