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Hey! Welcome back to another video. So today we’re gonna talk a
little bit about the 10 benefits of CBD oil. But before that, make sure you subscribe
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that, I’m just gonna let you know that cannabidiol is an extract that we get
from the hemp plant, so cannabidiol is actually the component that makes you
feel relaxed. It’ll make you feel in control of yourself, and that’s what
we’re gonna be talking about today! And for the sake of the video, every time
I’m talking about that, I will say CBD. CBD Benefit number 10! CBD can lower the risk
of heart disease. 5 years ago, a study was conducted on how CBD was affecting the
metabolic system of a human. The results show that users had high blood levels of HDL,
which stands for high density lipoproteins, which is what we know as
good cholesterol. This indicates that CBD users benefit from a
reduced risk of getting any form of heart disease. CBD benefit number 9! CBD oil can
potentially prevent diabetes. Studies about this CBD benefit are still ongoing.
This will be soon available for the public. CBD benefit number 8! Depression. CBD can
positively affect the brains serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that
regulates mind and also social behavior. CBD benefit number 7! CBD oil has been shown to help with PTSD for children. CBD benefit number 6!
Pain and inflammation. CBD reduces inflammation by interacting with
receptors relating to your brain, and also your immune system. CBD benefit number 5!
CBD will not get you high. CBD is a non-psychoactive, so it will
not give you the sensation of feeling high. Instead, you’ll have the feeling of
just being relaxed. CBD benefit number 4! Cancer. CBD is potentially useful in the fight
against cancer. CBD benefit number 3! Insomnia. CBD has been shown to reduce
insomnia in people that suffer from chronic pain. CBD benefit number 2! Childhood
epilepsy. Epidiolex is a CBD medication that is
useful in treating childhood epilepsy. Also, Epidiolex is FDA approved. CBD benefit number 1! Anxiety. Anxiety is something that we all struggle with, so CBD has been shown
to help you reduce all the symptoms of anxiety. Thank you so much for watching
todays video! If you want to try the new Happy Tea product that is infused with
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