Hello friends I hope you’re having a
super happy and cozy day so far I am so excited for today’s video it may just be
the most fun and festive video I film all year who knows but in this video I’m
doing a huge you can’t see all the stuff surrounding me but I am surrounded by a
bunch of goodies from one of my favorite places Trader Joe’s and all of the
goodies that I’m showing you today are part of their holiday collection so
they’re all super festive and perfect for this time of year and I’m all
bundled up because it is actually really cold in Florida today and you know when
I say really cold it’s a very relative term because really cold for me it may
be different for a really cold to you if you live up north but we’re feeling
festive and so excited to taste tests and do a little haul of all these treats
so I actually got a couple frozen things so I wanted to show you those first and
then I’m gonna run over and pop them in the fridge so the first thing I got was
are these mini hold the cone ice cream cones and peppermint flavor and I’ve
never tried any of their hold the cones before I know they have like a few
different flavors at least I’ve seen that in the past I think they had a
pumpkin flavor so I’m excited to try these they’re just like little mini ice
cream cones also it’s about 9:30 a.m. right now in the factor that I am about
to eat like all this stuff right now is just amazing my ideal situation I always
get hungry around 10 o’clock in the morning so this is just perfect
ok let me show you a side little close look they look yummy because they look
very chocolatey I probably should get a napkin too and
I’d have to run out and wash my hands okay here’s the comb see it’s so
chocolatey like even the little comb part looks like chocolate so I really
need a napkin we’re just gonna go for it though what about you need to put like
the whole thing in my mouth mmm Wow we’re taking it off on the right
but this is so yummy mmm mmm such a good sides if you just want like a little
quick treat at the end of the day it’s funny cuz it’s not that cozy like my
go-to is hot chocolate this year and I have something to show you later on in
this hall but wow this is yummy I love waffle cones like the flavor of
it so this chocolate one is just delish mmm
the last fight was so yummy and chocolatey would definitely recommend
these also I’ll be putting that all the prices for everything that I show you on
the screen so I’ll put them on the screen and if I’m really feeling
motivated I will put them into the description as well in case you miss air
you just kind of want an overview if you’re budgeting or something um so so
yummy okay the next frozen thing I got are
these hold the corn appetizers in there it’s like the same kind of name as hold
the cone hold the corn um but they’re nettled rice cones filled with savory
combination of sweet corn and vegetables and they look really yummy and I just
thought this is really unique and it would be fun for a little Christmas
party to put out as appetizers like alongside a little cheese board speaking
of cheese I literally have a cheese board that I’m gonna taste chance with
you guys I noticed that you know I did a fall hall for Trader Joe’s and they had
savory stuff and sweet stuff but I noticed that for Christmas they don’t
really have as much savory stuff because like pumpkin for instance is so good for
sweet and savory but I think like peppermint and gingerbread is a little
trickier to do for savory but they had lots of festive holiday cheese days and
that’s one of Brandon the nice favorite things is a good old cheese board so
really excited to try these but first I wanted to show you this Greek whole milk
yogurt eggnog so this was only 99 cents I do remember the price on this just the
top of my head and honestly I’m not excited for this because I personally do
not like the taste of eggnog I know it’s kind of like you’ll love it or hate it
kind of thing and I am just not here for it but I wanted to give it a try and I
feel like eggnog will taste better in yogurt because it’s kind of like it’s
already dairy and maybe the texture will be better for me but I don’t know I
remembered I tried the pumpkin spice Greek yogurt that Trader Joe’s had and
it was so good and this is the color of it it’s very yellow so let’s eat you know that’s not bad at all that’s
actually really yummy Wow I love it I honestly love it I’m
actually so surprised that they like this because I’ve nog I’m telling you it
is just not my thing and I’m not like a huge yogurt girl in
general like I don’t always it’s very rare that I eat yogurt but wow that is
tasty and with some granola super-young but to be honest it kind of just tastes
like vanilla yogurt so if you’re a die-hard eggnog fan I don’t know if
that’ll really impress you too much but I’m happy okay so here our cheese’s
we’re gonna go for it oh I need to get crackers
I’m gonna go red put that in the fridge and get crackers
oh I forgot to show you before I do the cheese I forgot to show you something
that I didn’t get yesterday when I went to pick up all this holiday stuff I got
it before but this is part of their holiday collection line and you may have
seen it on Instagram because it’s just taking the world by storm but it’s this
chocolate lava no key I know it’s crazy when I first saw this my jaw drops
because I love no key and I love chocolate so this just sounded
incredible but unfortunately you have tried it and Brandon and I are not a fan
and I’ve seen people love it so I think you should give it a try yourself
and I do have to note that when we tried it we cooked in the airfryer which loved
my air fryer but we didn’t have any kind of sauce or whipped cream or ice cream
to go along for it so it was just super dry and underwhelming because when you
bit into the no key like chocolate didn’t move out or anything and that’s
what I wanted if it says chocolate lava I want it to a rep like a volcano like I
want lava to be all chocolate lava to be all up in my mouth so yeah that
little disappointing but a guy you should try it yourself and give it a go
but I’m not gonna purchase again okay we’re going for the cheese so I have
some slick Wheat Thins but I’m gonna try them with but I also have a fun other
item these gingerbread crisps from Trader Joe’s these look incredible it’s
a crisp savory and sweet cracker with a hint of crystallized ginger and spices
to compliment cheese spreads dips and toppings brilliant like so smart these
sound absolutely delectable and I really hope they compliment the cheese’s I
picked up and when you go to Trader Joe’s they have the little holiday
holiday item tags around the store and some of them will like give you
suggestions of what to pair the cheapest way so that’s super helpful but I don’t
think any of these cheese’s like outright said ok with the gingerbread
Chris so we’re experimenting here ok this is what the gingerbread kists look
like I can already smell them Wow it’s stronger than I thought I was thinking
it’d be a more muted smell but it’s a very strong scent so let me show you oh
I’m so fancy I really just went all out for you guys here’s our little cheese
board I kept one of them in the wrapper I’ll try this one first this one right
here which is the fromage pave a square of soft ripened cheese product Franck’s
love it this is what the outside looks like in case you want to grab it for
yourself you surely have so many cheeses so kind of overwhelming if you don’t
know what the one you want looks like and I gotta be honest this one smells it
smells bad to me it’s not like smelly that’s just all I can say
is it smells smelling stuff I bet it’s gonna be yummy though again
I love cheese’s so I’m not too picky but the smell is kind of sometimes okay here
we go Wow mmm I don’t think I don’t think that’s a good pairing honestly
it’s so funny some bytes were like oh good I like this and then some I for
like something ain’t right but the cheese is good it’s very soft and you
can tell it’s good quality so I’m just gonna try to cheese with the wheat been much better I think
the gingerbread and then cheese were kind of competing for my taste buds a
little too much but let’s try this gingerbread Chris all that it’s all good
it’s very very tough so if you have sensitive teeth or something might hurt
a little bit cuz it is crispy they are not kidding when they say Chris okay
let’s stretch it’s a gingerbread crisp with this big goat cheese log I
absolutely love goat cheese I may go as far to say that goat cheese is my
favorite cheese it is just so delicious to me I know some people don’t like it
but I am NOT one of those people so I’m just cutting off a little bit I’m gonna
get some fig I think I like fig oh my when I cut into it kind of looks like me
obviously I know it’s not me but I’ll show you guys it’s cuz of the color of
the fig is making that she’s kind of look like dark and meaty sorry my
vegetarians out there gonna be like grin gene but I’m just telling you okay let’s
try it and then I’ll show you mm-hmm yep
that is my kind of cheese for sure I’m very happy with that but I will say I
don’t think like that’s a cheese I would want to get every time it’s not like the
unexpected cheddar that we get that we always want to have an F Ridge so it’s
kind of like a special occasion you share with a bunch of friends kind of
cheese thank goodness we’re having friends over later this week and we’re
having a game night at another friend’s house so I am bringing all of this stuff
because it is too dangerous to have all these goodies and junk food in our house
okay our final cheese is this horse radish cheddar cheese show you the label
and I’ll show you what he looks like I noticed that horse radish was kind of
one of their savory holiday flavored notes but they really stuck to a Trader
Joe’s so the horseradish one is this one I’m not gonna eat the wax I’m just gonna
take a little bit from the middle and see what we got it took a minute to like kick in but I
liked it I love cheddar cheese and I love like a
little kick in spice so that’s good overall I like all the cheese’s none of
them would be like a staple where oh I’m obsessed but really excited about that
excited for Brandon to try them and the ginger crisps are yummy I want to try to
get another cheese that they recommend and you try with engineer Chris because
I think that would be a really exciting slave flavor combination if you pair it
with achieve that is more complementary to them okay moving on
let’s see what do I want to eat next oh let me show you guys I got this lock
column draft latte in peppermint and Trader Joe’s like this isn’t made by
Trader Joe’s made by La Colombe but I love La Colombe coffee and I hate
that I drink this yesterday Brandon and I did and I just want to tell you guys
it’s so delicious I’ve tried all their other flavors I
think I’ve had this one last year too but it’s so so good if you like the
peppermint mocha flavors okay next up let’s try I want to try these the dark
chocolate minty malos so they are light and fluffy
peppermint marshmallows drench in smooth dark chocolate I’m really happy about
how much Trader Joe’s appreciates dark chocolate because that is my favorite
kind of chocolate by far I absolutely love dark chocolate so I’m happy that a
lot of these things I picked up that you’ll notice they have dark chocolate
instead of milk chocolate and these were $2.99 and I thought my receive as well
as well start paying the prices as well as putting them on the screen in case we
have any visually impaired subscribers out there so these drug chocolate
marshmallows are pretty big and they’re so good comment down below if you guys
are marshmallow fans because I couldn’t even finish my sentence I
just had to take a bite the smell was getting to me but I’m insane call me
down below if you’re marshmallow fans cuz I know that’s kind of like the
eggnog you really you either like the marshmallows a lot or you’re kind of not
really into it oh wow these are yummy yummy yummy yummy
I like these a lot but I definitely want to share these with friends I don’t
think I could finish this box on on my own
you need to stop eating so much because I’m gonna fill up we have so many more
snacks to try out next up I wanted to show you this candy cane green tea and
I’m not gonna try this right now because I don’t feel like making a whole thing
of tea but I plan on taking one of these to work when I go to work later
so I’ll insert a clip of me trying it then but this sounds amazing I’m not the
biggest tea drinker I love to but I’m not like I don’t drink it every day or
even every week it’s really just kind of what I want to be cozy and I always have
tea and are covered but peppermint tea is one of my favorite kinds of teas and
Trader Joe’s usually doesn’t have just peppermint tea so when I saw this I knew
I had to have it and it’s only $1.99 I believe yep only
$1.99 in its decaf so that’s great if you don’t like caffeine and the flavored
notes are peppermint green tea orange peel cinnamon milk thistle seed black
berry leaves roasted carob pods vanilla beans roasted she Tori to Tori I don’t
even know it half at the same time but the first ingredient is peppermint so I
really hope it’s a strong peppermint flavor because that is what I’m hoping
for next up so many sweet things my sweet
tooth is just like bouncing off the walls right now but we have this dark
chocolate covered peppermint jojo’s so one of their most popular items I would
say I mean I don’t know for sure if you work at Trader Joe’s please comment down
below cuz I’m interested but one of their most popular items are there
peppermint JoJo’s and essentially JoJo’s are Oreos they’re just like the
cream-filled cookies and I was gonna get just a peppermint jojo’s but then I saw
beets and I was like let’s take it up a level let’s take it up a notch so they
also look beautiful this would be pretty out of shape or make a little cheese and
chocolate charcuterie board into it okay here we go oh my goodness look how
beautiful that is I love Oreos so I’m really excited for
this and it’s covered in dark chocolate like I said the dark chocolate
appreciation is so real mmm heck yeah so good peppermint and chocolate are one of
my favorite color combos color combos flavor combos in the world so this time
of year is me thriving truly I’m gonna take one little bite and then I need to
move on because I still have so much more to eat
well so I just noticed that my scarf is like picking up Oh Mike huh just saving
room for later yikes okay the next thing I’m going to show
you is not a food item I need to take a little break from eating for a second
but this is a real mistletoe how stinking cute I remember I bought this
last year and I thought it was just such a sweet idea and I gave it to a few
people as gifts and this I swear last year it was 99 cents
I swear are like 199 but this year it is to my camera just shut off on me because
it was stressed out because this is the longest food haul ever but I was saying
my mistletoe is 249 and I swear last year it was cheaper and I don’t know if
I would have bought it just because like it’s cute it’s cute but I already have
so many decorations clearly but I’m gonna put it over our bedroom door and
get a few kisses well Christmas kiss is but it’s a cute gift to like I said or
stocking stuffers that’d be fun for like a new couple or you know fun things like
that and they have so many cool home stuff which I love how a lot of their
home items not all of them but are very natural they use like essential oils for
example we bought this peppermint foaming hand soap with essential oils
and Branden I have been loving it I bought it a couple weeks ago so I don’t
know the price because I don’t have that receipt anymore but I thought it was a
really good price and I love foaming hand soap it just makes washing your
hands so and more fun so that’s good stuff and then I wanted to show you a
couple gift ideas before I show you more food yes I still have tons to show you I
show these in my Christmas shopping blog so if you haven’t seen that I shared
lots of fun Christmas gift ideas but here are two that I snagged from Trader
Joe’s this is the rainbow of honey set and I want to say this was 999 or 940
day it was under $10 that’s what I do remember but it’s so beautiful it’s the
set of stunning little honey’s in a beautiful container and they’re all they
all have different notes to them so we have like a clover one a sunflower and
orange blossom eucalyptus macadamia mimosa so cool so if you have a honey
lover in your family or you have a friend or a co-worker this is such a fun
inexpensive and beautiful gift and I’m really excited to give that to someone
and then the next one is this taste test of caramels and again so many different
flavors so beautiful such a fun gift and it would be really fun to like do it
with a group of people and kind of guess which flavor and then see who’s right so
I may give this to my husband because he loves chocolate and caramel
and that one again I bought that at a different time so I don’t have the price
but it was less than six dollars it was five something so I do remember that and
again I think that’s a pretty good price for what it is they’re like specialty
chocolates so so fun okay now just a few more food pieces that I’m excited to try
so hmm I’m trying to think like what Wilma make the most sense where I don’t
have like all these different flavors okay confession I opened these last
night because I just couldn’t wait for this video I had such a sweet tooth I
already doubt a a mug full of hot cocoa but I knew I had these right next to me
and I just had to open them but they’re the dark chocolate the mini dark
chocolate mint stars again dark chocolate appreciation and these are so
tasty like they’re adorable a guy gonna be so cute on your keister
cooter eboard like I know it’s not I didn’t do this on purpose it’s just my
taste test leftovers but look how cute the chocolate and cheese looks also this
cheese tray is starving anthropology two of my friends gave it to me as a wedding
gift it’s so beautiful I don’t know if it’s still available but if it is only
get in the description but these stars are so simple and so delicious there’s
just a little shortbread cookie covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles mmm so
yummy that might be one of my favorite items because it’s not like overbearing
sweet where you could eat the whole box but like this or you know Jojo I mean
excuse me no oh yeah it’s really good but it’s it’s intact like it is
chocolatey but these are just so like effortless and I don’t think them give
me too much of a stomachache maybe if I did eat the whole box I would but if you
know what I mean okay these I am so excited to try these are the hot
chocolate stakes again flavored dark chocolate oh so good I’m not gonna try
these now because I’d have to make like a little cup of cocoa but I will update
you guys on how I like them so make sure you watch my vlogs and I’m sure
like that soon especially with all the festive Christmas of videos but I wanted
to open it to kind of show you what the stick looks like like I don’t know if
they’re individually wrapped oh how cute you open it and there’s that cute little
illustration of hot cocoa I love that little thing okay so they are
individually wrapped so this is what it looks like
oh it’s thicker than I thought for some reason I was expecting these like skinny
little sticks like that probably cause the picture is like that see that’s what
I was expecting back okay I’m just gonna open it and show you guys cuz I’m so
curious but I’m not gonna meet you right now I’m sure it’ll be good though can’t
go wrong hard to mess up chocolate oh wow so it kind of looks like a chocolate
bar I wonder if there’s powder on the inside because usually Coco’s like so
powdery I’m so curious should I take a bite huh I’m gonna take a bite out of it I’m not going to bite of it
oh my gosh that was so hard I was like gee this is getting weird you guys this
is getting weird but I’m excited to try that for real soon and not try to eat it
because that’s not what you’re supposed to do Allison come on okay next up we
have these peppermint pretzel Slim’s Lee it would also be a really cute gift idea
they’re thin crunchy pretzel slims with a creamy coating and peppermint
sprinkles I’m honestly not that excited about them
because I don’t think it’s chocolate I don’t even like white chocolate but I
mean I mean I like it like I’ll eat white chocolate but I wouldn’t eat a
whole bag of like white chocolate flavored stuff but instead of creaming
coating so it’s good but I’m already over this
flavor like I don’t even want to finish this pretzel it seems like white
chocolate with peppermint it’s cute if you have white chocolate lovers this
would be great and the pretzels are really good but it’s not really my thing
but I’m sure others will really like it okay we have two more things about dicks
okay let’s try these first these are the rich cut potato chips seasoned with
horse horseradish and chives these are really good I need to take a
swig of water cuz I have so many flavors going on in my mouth right now
I got horseradish you got the horseradish I need scissors okay
smell test mmm yeah let’s do it mm-hmm oh yeah oh yeah
hmm someone take this bag away from me I’m gonna eat all these hmm these were
$2.99 no no toot 229 so good I can’t it it’s like sour cream and onion chips but
just like a little kick from the horseradish instead of just sour cream
so really yummy I’m very excited and finishing you don’t know those chips I
know Brandon’s gonna love this as well okay our last item I’m sad
thank you guys for sticking around her so long I know this video became very
very lengthy but so fun like I literally could do this all day I will have Trader
Joe’s and it’s just a good time so these are this and an avian Thai means soft
and chewy gummy candy so basically I think they’re kind of like Swedish fish
but they’re in like star entry shapes and these were $2.99 let me show
you the little shapes they have or the other they’re like thick and hearty so
we have our little tree and straw super cute super fun if you have little kids
in your life mmm we like it I like it I’d rather eat chocolate for me like I’d
rather have chocolate any days opposed to like sour candies and stuff or gummy
candies but it’s yummy and I’m excited to share these with friends and family
you need a have a party for real to share all of these yummy treats but
thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and you have
some yummy fun snacks soon and have a beautiful holiday season I am so
thankful for you guys and I can’t wait to see you again soon


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