Types of Tea : Green Tea Vs Black Tea

Types of Tea : Green Tea Vs Black Tea

Hi, I’m Nelson Drago with Chado Tea Room in
Los Angeles on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we will be talking about green tea,
especially green tea from China. Green tea, tea which is rolled but not fermented. Some
of special green teas come China. Although India and Sri Lanka have started producing
green teas, China still remains the leader of producing green teas. Some of the mainly
common teas that we carry from China are: the Gunpowder, the Quing Ming which is the
finest grade of Lung Ching and the Dong Yang Dong Hai. These green teas have equally the
same caffeine content as the black teas have. They do produce a very light and yellowish
liquid color flavor to it and these kind of teas are very good in terms of antioxidants.
They have the same amount of antioxidants as any other tea. One of the ways the green
tea has to be steeped is for 3 minutes at a water temperature of about 185 to 190 degrees.
Remember, you are steeping the green tea, you need the water temperature to be set at
about 185 to 190, not more than that. Anything more than that you will be cooking your green
tea and not steeping and that’s really not the right way to do the green tea. If you
want to take the advantage of it make sure you follow the right directions, steep for
3 minutes in about 185 to 190 degrees of water.

11 thoughts on “Types of Tea : Green Tea Vs Black Tea

  1. alot of green tea is steeped at 175f for 1:30min if your tea is to bitter you have to much leaf or your water is to hot and of course to long of steep time

  2. Mr Drago is correct in stating a 3min brew time, when brewing using the western method. The 'gong fu'' method is different where you use a much smaller tea pot and you get multiple brews from the same leaves.

  3. @olstar18 the english method is easier, although there is still a skill factor. gong fu method is more elaborate, and from what i've read it is the optimal way to enjoy a fine tea (i dont have a gong fu tea set myself though).

  4. @olstar18 gong fu method: watch?v=Q3Q3wzCUk7U
    english method: watch?v=ebR0QmadfVI
    There is also samovar tea and turkish tea. I sugest doing a few searches and learn how to find out things for yourself.

  5. @firehandszarb When I tried to look it up on wiki it took me to kung fu for soem reason. Anyways I have already seen it just didn't know the name. Thought it had been a chinese tea ceremony type thing.

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