1, 2, 3! Hahahaha! PD: Hi guys! Hi! Hi! Hello~ Hello~ HELLO~ Are you serious? Are you asking us? We are the HOT POT BUBBLE TEA QUEENS! We EAT bubble tea okay? We don’t drink bubble tea! Bubble tea is ANY TIME, ANY DAY! So you can drink like, before dinner, after dinner, supper, when you wake up. I’ll eat some food, and then I must end it with a bubble tea. Like it’s a must.
Like a dessert? Yeah! You know those like hot bubble tea? Oh god. I never understood hot bubble tea in Singapore. ‘Cos it’s so hot! You can just like, order Teh-C (tea with evaporated milk). The one with the cream foam? *Gasps in horror* And I know, alot of people love it evidently! But it’s just not really my thing. *TRIGGERED* Hahaha! I’m sorry, mother. Red date ginger tea. Yeah yeah yeah yeah No no no no. I would rather buy from the liang teh (herbal tea) shop. You know? If you want like healthy drinks. Bubble tea don’t have healthy one, just go all out! For me, I feel like I will definitely get a fruit tea when the weather is hot. Yes!
When I’m thirsty. It kind of serves as a healthier choice option?
Yeah. I feel like I’ve always seen them around. And they look very colourful and very flavourful, but I have actually never tried them. So today, Chiara and I are going to, PARTEA (Party)!!! *Heavy bass sounds* Okay, so I see like passionfruit lime, strawberry, watermelon, It actually just looks like iced lemon tea with a couple of fruits inside. Okay, so it’s a… *processing* ‘see jee choon tea’ Si~ Si~ Si Ji Chun Cha jia shui guo! I actually really like it. this one, like, can finish one litre. If like milk tea one litre, cannot finish. Damn nice eh! Seriously! You drink! It’s You will feel like you came out of a swimming pool. It is also very different from your normal like if you order peach tea or passionfruit tea. because they use syrup. This one, when you drink, it doesn’t feel like it weighs you down. Ah~ Huh? For me ah. Nu er! Wah! But the mango dope! A very very sweet piece of MANGO! *crunch* Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! You know like how fruit infused water you taste the fruitiness in the water? But this time, you actually taste the tea in the fruit. And it actually complements the tea very well. Having drunk this right, I would actually buy it lah. But right! I realised it’s almost $7. Adria before pay[day]: No way! Adria after pay[day]: Yes! Wait, wait. I don’t remember strawberry juice being that red. How to drink? Got instructions? Ba chu xiao sai chong xiao kou. Got english. Pull out the plug drink cheese with fruit smoothie. This smells exactly like a cheesecake. Wah! Nice sia! I don’t really taste the cheesiness. I immediately taste sugar from this part. The cheese foam and the drink itself doesn’t complement each other. One is too rich already. Whether it’s the texture or the taste. The other one is too light. If it’s tea, I prefer a really roasty, strong, tea flavour. This kind of tastes like fruit juice to me. PD: This is $8.70. WAH!
Har~ Haiya! Sian. No matter how much I like it, No matter how much I like you but no. Wow ombre! Ombre! The cheese foam right, It has like, purple bits Grape?
So it’s not fully white. I think they must have used quite a bit of fresh grapes in order to achieve that much residue at the bottom. I was expecting the same cheesy smell, but really right up, Ribena is screaming in my ears. Wah! This one nice leh! To be honest the cheese don’t taste like cheese. It’s like some kind of a Whipped cream?
Cream. The taste really reminds me of childhood. Like the grape-flavoured vitamin Cs. I actually really like it. The foam itself, and also the drink itself, complements each other very well. I think that it’s interesting that the cheese has fruit bits in it. I think that is something very very new, novel? Something that we don’t really see? And I like eh. Oh! Oh my god! WAIT! I CAN SMELL IT! OH MY GOD! I know what this is! Ahaha! WAH! It’s DURIAN! I LOVE durian.
Oh my god! Do you like durian? Yes! Mmm! Whoa! Whoa! You see?! Ten upon ten! It’s like the durian cream puff kind of cream. Ah ah ah ah! Yes! I am absolutely impressed by the durian cream layer. This is the rich-flavoured durian leh. Yeah. I suspect we’ve only been drinking the cream. The durian cream. I don’t taste the tea at all. *cringes* *slides drink* *Groans* Why?? So when I drink right, you will taste the foam first. which I was like Oh my god! This is gonna be a wild ride! Then suddenly I drink the bottom, which is the durian and the tea, then I was like, “Oh NO NO NO NO!” Durian is so strong. Imagine if you dilute something that is so flavourful. For example your Milo. You always want to drink gao (rich). Then suddenly when you dilute, ERRGGHH! It’s that kind of flavour you know? It’s too weird! I think the only pairing that durian can ever have with other stuff is just cream or sugar. I feel like this kind of drinks right, like novelty drinks, you must buy like once. To surprise my dad and mum, like “Wah, liu lian (durian) de bubble tea eh ni you mei you he guo (have you tried)?” you know that kind? Hands down, I already have my answer off the bat.
Me too. The first one! Yes! Refreshing, thirst-quenching, I can’t say the same about the rest because of the cheese, or the foam factor. I think it’s because we associate fruit and tea with something more light. My favourite is number two. The cheese… Strawberry.
Oh the strawberry tea! I like it because, I like the novelty lah. It didn’t, for me. Because I tried Partea before. So like, *exhales* No! Actually it did! The durian kind! Hahaha! Oh! I suddenly forgot it happened! Until like I smell my breath! Hahaha! I had a mini burp then I like, “Ugh! What is this?” “Oh yeah! Durian!” I always thought fruit tea is number one. All the fruits in one cup, then like got some tea inside right, that was my idea of a fruit tea. Never did I expect that there was like durian tea, or like they can put cheese on fruit tea. Yeah. Fruit tea is now like a mix of anything fruit infused. Then they have like, different ingredients to try and spice it up a little bit as well. I think my idea of what fruit tea is is now like, Expanded.
expanded by alot lah. Thank you for watching this episode of Taste Testers! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to catch our other videos over there! And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Bye bye! My fruit tea brings all the boys to the yard~ Damn right! It’s better than yours! Damn right! It’s better than yours! We can teach you but we have to charge!


  1. Fruit teas are just for aesthetic purposes. Talking about the use of plastic, some comes with a plastic fork for the fruits. Totally not worth the money and harmful towards the environment. I mean plastics cup and bag is bad enough, but with another fork? Totally uncalled for.

  2. The only fruit tea i approve is F&N ice apple tea but they stopped production for that already? I went to NTUC and Sheng siong and ask the workers, apprarently they stopped production especially the big bottle version.

  3. okay wait i’m just putting this out there , it isn’t grape flavoured vitamins … it’s black current .

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