We Tried Everything at Playmade Bubble Tea | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 1

We Tried Everything at Playmade Bubble Tea | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 1

So, hi Chris!
Hi! Bubble tea brands.
You know what’s the newest in bubble tea? The cheese tea what, no?
The cheese tea? There’s a newer trend in Singapore right
now. No, there isn’t. There is! This new Taiwanese brand that just landed
in Singapore, And they sell flavoured pearls. Flavoured pearls?
Eeee! Pink cactus and stuff like that. What cactus?
Pink cactus. Ohhh… That sounds quite cool.
Ya. Okay, you want to try? Yes! Super excited! So we are back here at the office,
And here we have Chuan and Chris to join us. Yes, I enjoy pearls. That’s a true strength of a bubble tea.
Are you serious?! The pearls?
The pearls. Ya. You like the pearls more than the milk tea?
Yes! But you don’t like pearls? No… Why?
Huh? Because pearls right,
pearls what they do is they take up space Pearls take up space, so it gives you less drink. You take up space. So basically, we got everything on the menu.
Everything. Ok, I don’t think we will finish it.
What? 5 minutes ago, you said you could finish it. We’ll finish, everything! Everything?!
Everything. She just kept going back and taking more! Pearl taste test! I’m looking forward to the pink cactus pearls
actually. There’s this floral taste to it. It has a very plant-like smell. It’s just bandung, ok? Burnt caramel. Wah, when you smell it,
this is what diabetes smells like. Wow, this is truly sugary. It’s like brown honey. Like slightly burnt honey. The black sesame taste is so strong! Nice. They added in the whole bag of black sesame
powder. That’s very sweet. The flavour of the black sesame can be quite
strong, So when you add it into the more roasted kind
of teas, Then that would bring out the flavour.
But you wouldn’t add it into fruit teas. Oh, that’s sweet. Yeah, it’s like sugary, right?
Yeah. If you have the choice of all these 4 pearls,
I think the white one would be the last option I would go for. No, it’s the safest.
If you don’t know what it’s going to taste like, Just go for white. Favourite pearl,
1, 2, 3! Actually…
She’s like, “I cannot taste the pearls”. Yeah, I cannot really taste the pearls. All that hype, for what? Actually, ya.
Yeah, you cannot really taste… It’s just sweet.
And a little bit of that honey taste, Because caramel. I like this milk tea. It’s quite milky. Yeah, the milk tea’s not bad. So this one in summary,
You quite like the milk tea. I like the milk tea.
That milk tea is quite good. And the pearls?
If you like chewing, it’s quite good. How is it? Taste like green tea. It’s just green tea. It really just tastes like green tea, I’m not sure if the milk makes a
difference. The aftertaste you can actually taste the…
The pearls. The pearls are very weird,
Because it’s sandy, it’s rough. Just like life. I think it’s okay.
I think they complement each other very well. This one is actually the most expensive item
on their menu. So, I think it’s expensive because they
have the pulp from the grapefruit inside. How is it? Wah, sour! Oh…
This is like babies trying lemon for the first time. Did you know that there are only 2 qualified
pearl makers in Singapore. Huh? Are you serious?
Ya. I can imagine myself getting a sore throat
from this. It’s not actually as gao (thick) as you’ll
expect it to be. This one is more of the hot chocolate, cocoa
kind of taste than Milo. It’s not milky enough. Hmm… Not a fan. So they actually added orange pulp into the
green tea. I can imagine the taste being quite good. Pink cactus is very well-known for being,
high in antioxidant so it can prevent cancer. I’ve never seen a pink cactus in my life.
So interesting. Like the Final Fantasy VIII is a green cactus,
right? No, it’s like this. I don’t mind the green tea with orange.
It’s okay. I think it goes well with the pink cactus
pearl. We… are… done. That was… so much… bubble tea! It’s a good day. After trying everything on the menu,
Tell me the top 3 that you would recommend. Okay, if I am there, I will. Or if somebody volunteer to buy for me when
they’re there, “Yes, please!”. But I wouldn’t go there to buy. Price point for this is – Quite a lot of them start at $2.20. Then quite okay what. Playmade is probably for people who like that
there are actual fruits, or pulp inside their drinks. And also if you like having different combinations
with the pearls, I thought the pearls were quite interesting, and they are definitely flavours that I have
never seen in Singapore before! Ya, I will definitely recommend it to people
who are a bit more adventurous. The thing is I think they are planning to
have a headquarter to make the pearls. Okay. And then like expanding more outlets. Where the 2 people can be. Who wants milk tea, come and get the straw! I’m trying the Grapefruit Honey Green Tea, And I really like it!
Because they actually have the grapefruit pulp, and if you like something sour right. Go for this one! It tastes a bit like honey lemon. Ya, I think it tastes a bit like bandung and
honey. And these black sesame pearls are super, super
good. I think out of everything,
I like this the best but, It’s just more bitter than sweet.

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  1. I don’t get why so many people are complaining about steph like she’s trying her best to be a good host?? like what do you expect, she’s supposed to eat and give her opinions so I don’t understand why y’all are saying she’s noisy and annoying

  2. Can everyone just PLEASE stop? It's so annoying to see bad comments about Steph on every freaking eatbook video I watch. I've never had a problem with Steph, she's actually very cute and bubbly, and she's already trying her best to improve?!???!! Can't you guys see how knowledgable and informative she was in this video????? Oh my god I am so done

    Steph, you're great and please don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Fighting Eatbook team!

  3. Hi Steph, I just wanted to let you know I find you an amazing host with super natural and funny vibes. Eatbook wouldn't be the same without you 😉 Keep up the good work and ignore the haters cause they don't pay your bills gurl

  4. I used to find steph abit too hyper in previous videos but now I feel she has toned down alot and quite fun to watch too. Keep it up Steph! Keep being happy and cheerful :)))

  5. As per previous and future comments, another 'heavily-inspired' (cough) 'order everything on the menu' video. Hell, I'd rather watch Steph checking out another ulu/unusual makan place or cooking some random dish rather than these types of videos. What next – 'I Ordered Only Bubble Tea (or similar) For A Week'?

  6. A suggestion would be to focus on less individual products (i.e. trying to cover every single drink or what seems like every single drink from the stall) and maybe provide an individualised score-review for their more popular items. The "overall rating of 7.5/10" seems very arbitrary and doesn't really give us much info since obviously some drinks are great but others, not-so-much.

    i.e. if i wanted to try this stall's bubble tea, tbh, i'm still confused about which drink i should try… because info overload.

    this channel has great potential. hope y'all continue to improve and get more viewers. 🙂

  7. Hi there! Just to help clarify, Eatbook is a food-centric site and our primary focus is on offering honest reviews and recommendations on our local food scene – Whether it's a new trend, or a hidden gem here in Singapore. Seeing as our nation loves bubble tea, and curious as to how different this new brand stands in comparison to what's already out there, we thought we'd try out everything out, so you don't have to. It wasn't simply a video of us eating and not commenting about our food. We did so in order to give you a holistic review and recommendation, and to help you figure out how they taste without needing to buy them first. Hope that helps! 🙂

  8. YALL stop complaining about originality and what not: don't like it, just leave and thanks for the view. What's different for this is that Playmade is still new and a lot of people still don't know about it in SG so they can just watch the video and see what's good there — like a food review but mega-scale so you actually don't have to get everything yourself to know what's good because they already did it for you. Don't like it? go back and watch your basic videos.

  9. I love you, Steph! 😘Amidst, all the bashing, just want to let you know some people appreciate you as a host. We all know you are trying your best to improve..keep it up babe! 💕💕💕

  10. lol im someone who gets annoyed really easily but that never once crossed my mind while i was watching this video??, steph is doing great as a host, stop finding fault and claiming she's "annoying" just so you can make ur arguments sound valid, when in fact y'all are just assholes.

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