We visited BACALAR and this is what happened

We visited BACALAR and this is what happened

Hello Tangerineys from beautiful
Bacalar! We are next to the lagoon of seven colors in Bacalar. This is a
Pueblo Mágico in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. We’ve been here once before
and within just one week it quickly became one of our top three spots in
Mexico. And bear in mind we’ve been all over the place in Mexico. Dare I say it,
this might actually be my favorite place! But it’s not cool to have favorites so
we’re just gonna call it top three and show you exactly why we love it this
week which is my birthday week! Happy birthday! Thanks babe! So we’ve actually
been in Bacalar for five days up to this point having so so much fun! Our friends
Trish and Diego came out to Bacalar to celebrate my birthday week with us and I
could tell you about it but… roll the tape! So we are going on a boat tour today so excited! It is a gorgeous day!
Absolutely gorgeous! Vamanos! Wooo! Hola! Diego, what do you think about Bacalar? Just, thank you so much! [Laughter] Thank you Bacalar! Wooo! [Laughter] [Laughter] Stuck the landing! Nailed it! Nailed it! Is mama okay? Hello! So these are stromatolites. When you come to Bacalar don’t touch them, try not to go near them,
definitely don’t stand on them! Woo! That was awesome and we got to see the
sunset. Bacalar is just, sunrise to sunset, is just incredible! Like just
being around all this nature. And so beautiful! Ah, I can not get over it! One day we went out on the kayaks! Laska, do you want
to… Do you want to go out on Bacalar? Put your life vest on! Laska doesn’t like
being in the water where she can’t touch. I used to take her out paddle boarding
back in Arizona and she fell off a couple times and without having this
on, I wouldn’t be able to get her out of the water back onto the paddle board. But
with this, I can just go whoop! [Laughter] Laska, you look so dang cute in your little life vest! Laska, the lifeguard! Oh! We’re about to go kayaking! [Laughter] Oh, it’s so beautiful today! Every day. All day every day in Bacalar. Laska, are you ready to go
kayaking? She doesn’t like it now but she’s gonna be chillin like a villain in
just a little bit! Bye Laska! Trish and Diego are riding the struggle
boat trying to get out. [Laughter] Third time’s a charm! But I got the camera on just in
case! Oh, no! [Laughter] You got this! Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! [Laughter] Laska, you’re so pretty! Oh, yes. Much dog! Hi! Chillin, living the life! She’s still getting used to it, she’s a little bit scared. But now she likes it. [Maddie Singing] All by myself! Don’t wanna be all by myself. [Laughter] Laska you’re such a good girl! Such a good girl! Are you having fun? She loves this. Loves it, yeah. Alright go ahead, go play. And Laska, although a
little bit scared at first, thoroughly enjoyed her time on the kayaks! I think
she thinks it’s like having her head out the window of a car. I love seeing her
happy and she’s just so happy out there! We have had the absolute joy of watching
multiple sunrises. I’m not a morning person but it is so worth it to get up
and see it come up over the lagoon! It’s Just absolutely spectacular! And one
morning we saw toucans in the wild! Probably the coolest nature sighting
I’ve ever had! Like toucans are just so unbelievable looking! Like this long
colorful beak and it just it was like, wow! So for breakfast this morning we of
course had to come to our favorite breakfast place in Bacalar called La Piña! You say “of course” like they’re supposed to know this from when we made a video
a year ago. [Laughter] We made one video and what you should know is that we basically went
there every single day for that week and so far we’ve gone here every single day
except for yesterday, my birthday, when it was closed. [Laughter] But it’s so good! They bring out these chips with a bunch of Salsas and they have their little
pineapple leaves that you can scoop the salsas out. And one of my favorite
things about this place is they have breakfast smoothies, but they’re
drunk smoothies. Smoothies Borrachos. Oh, it’s fine. Here comes our food now. Thank you very much. You’re welcome sir. Thank you. Perfect. Enjoy your meal. Thank you very much. What did you get? This is the chilaquiles rojos Red chilaquiles with egg. Super super
good! I love the sauce. But yes, drunk smoothies Gives you a reason to drink
before like 10:00 a.m. so… [Laughter] Because it’s healthy. Yes, it’s very healthy! And I got Huevos Bacalareños which have this queso de bola Which seems to be a typical cheese of
this region, avocado, eggs, red sauce, and some other goodness baked in. It’s the
only thing I ever get because it’s so good and I’m not tired of it yet! Laska! Sit. So now, we are going to the very south end of Bacalar to this kind of secret spot that
not many people know about and we didn’t even know about it until our friends
Trish and Diego went on a little adventure on like this sketchy dirt road
to find it, so that’s where we are headed now, and I am so stoked because it looks
freaking amazing! Fresh Mango 35 Pesos ($1.89 USD) So we just got to this property in Xul-Ha. I hope I said that right, I never know how to pronounce the X in… I think it’s
usually Mayan. We’re here, this is called Gris Monkey spelled g-r-i-s like gray.
Such a funny play on words. It’s about 20 minutes south of the town of Bacalar,
but we’re still on the lagoon. This water is gorgeous right here! We’re on the far
south end. For 50 pesos a person It includes kayaks, and paddleboards, and
Laska can be here. [Maddie imitating a duck] Whoop! They’re really gone now! [Laughter] Okay, so we’re going up these steps now there’s a second
platform up here with a hammock and I think Laska’s gonna freak out as soon
as she realizes how high it is. Laska! She wants to go down. You want to leave already? Why? [Laughter] Get me off of here! Oh my gosh! Look at this water, it’s just gorgeous! I think it’s even more turquoise over here! Wow! Laska, your legs are so skinny! Will you take Laska out there? I want to see her all wet. I’m trying to get back. Ow! Ow! Laska, please go slow. My paws aren’t like your paws. Ow! She doesn’t want to get more than her
legs wet. [Laughter] I don’t like it, mom! A little farther! [Laughter] It’s okay, it’s okay. Awe! [Laughter] Laska, you know how to swim! Get me out of here! Gotta go! Look how tiny she it under all that fur! Come here! Just a little bit. Good girl! She looks like an otter. [Laughter] Water dog! Woo! Ahh! The healing properties of Bacalar! Laska, what do you think about this? She Loves being up top here! She gets the
breeze and gets to see the beautiful views, as long as she’s not afraid that
we’re gonna push her off the edge. [Laughter] Because that’s scary, isn’t it! They actually rent out this bus here so if you’re looking to do some glamping in
Bacalar and you don’t mind being away from the town of Bacalar, this might be
a good option for you. They charge between three hundred pesos and seven
hundred pesos (per night) depending on whether you’re one, two, or three people. And then he said you have access to the bathroom. There’s one for women and men, and each
have a shower. Also the kitchen. And this Amazingly gorgeous property with kayaks,
and stand up paddle boards, and all the relaxation and tranquility that you
could ever want. Compare that to what We’re paying right now to be on the lagoon,
we’re paying seventy bucks a night. Here you’re at the far south end of the
lagoon, so even when it’s a really windy day like it is today,
there’s not nearly as many waves. You Know, I think the crazy thing is,
you’re a little bit outside of town but like 15 to 20 minutes outside of Bacalar is really not that much. And there’s still a small town here so you can go into town and eat at various restaurants. Totally! It’s not like this is in the middle of nowhere. 500 pesos and comparing that to our $70 a night, which we feel like is
the worst value we’ve ever gotten in all of Mexico! $70 for what we’re actually
getting. We’re not gonna link it in the description or anything because we don’t
recommend it. But… I know Bacalar is getting Expensive but this is just… I think it’s a
situation like Puerto Morelos Where there’s not enough rentals so
there’s no competition in the price. So basically people can charge
whatever they want. People are just bidding it up In buying and renting them. Yeah. Well that was so fun and so nice and relaxing. The perfect place to spend
the hottest time of the day is right Next to the lagoon where you get the
evaporative cooler effect to cool you off. Under a palapa, in a hammock. Under a palapa, in a hammock. Yes. One of my favorite things about Bacalar are that the Street dogs are so friendly! And I’m not
sure if we’ve ever said this but I think You can tell a lot about a Mexican town
by how the dogs act, the stray dogs or just the wild “wild” dogs. Yeah and this isn’t
a stray, a lot of them do have collars and are just free to roam around during
the day. It’s so nice! Awe! Good girl! And you recently had puppies, I see. Good girl! Oh you’re so sweet! Okay, let’s go eat. We are super hungry so we decided to go to this place that called to me specifically because it has my family
name in it, my Mexican side of my family’s Name. Asadero Salazar. So we got
1/4 kilo of chicken Grilled chicken And also, ribs? Yep, costillas. It comes
with beans, rice, onion, salsa, and tortillas. Each of these were I believe 80 pesos?
One was more expensive than the other. Okay, we’ll put the price on the screen. Yeah! This chicken is amazing! Something interesting though, is they cut the ribs sideways like through the bone.
I’ve never seen that before. What do you think? I think it’s really
tasty. I I was just expecting to get the chicken and ribs because that’s what we
ordered, we ordered a quarter kilo of each. But it’s nice that it came with
rice and beans as well. So after tip we’re leaving here at 165 pesos and we
have leftovers. Some of the Costillas that we’re going to give to Laska and she’s
going to be so so happy! Highly recommend the chicken! Yeah.
We’re going home with leftovers of the Costillas because I don’t know how you’re
supposed to eat it when they cut through the bone. I couldn’t really get the meat
off of it. But the chicken was amazing! And with ribs, I feel like the sauce makes
or breaks it. And there was no sauce. Yeah, Just a little bit of spices. But yeah,
it didn’t really make it. You’re right. So we decided to go get some snacks at this place called Cerveceria Guayaba? Yes. Cerveceria Guayaba where everything
starts at 25 pesos so it’s very similar to Cerveceria Chapultepec. We got peanuts with salt and lime, it was
actually a bigger bowl, we’ve eaten a lot of them. That was 25. I got a Mezcal Union for 45 pesos and I drank a little bit of that. And now I got Elote But I’ve never in my Mexican life had it
served to me like this before. [Laughter] In your Mexican life! My life in Mexico. Never in my Mexican life! [Laughter] It’s so cute! It’s like in Little portions and then they put the mayo on the side and lime on the side as well, and it’s also 25 pesos. I
don’t hate it. I don’t hate it. [Laughter] It is a new and beautiful day in Bacalar. It’s
overcast so I think that means we’re going to have a better time not getting
fried to a crisp today. We are going in search of some breakfast with Laska. She
just gave us those puppy-dog eyes and we had to take her. But it’s not going so
well so far with at least all the street dogs. I said yesterday that the street
dogs – the street dogs are so nice here in Bacalar but, some of them, I think when
they come in numbers, they surround her and we actually had that incident on our property where she was attacked and yelping in pain because
one of them bit her back leg. That’s not been great. And scary too! But I think we’re just gonna have to default to our good old La Piña. It is always a good
start to the day when we breakfast at La Pina! And now we’re going to find me some
more caffeine. It is actually surprisingly difficult to find espresso
in Bacalar. Like there are lots of restaurants for how small of a town it
is but not many of them serve espresso and are dedicated to coffee. Smoothies on
the other hand, you can find smoothies anywhere. Smoothies and juices aplenty!
You know what else is hard to find here? What? Anything! Like you want to go shopping for anything, forget it! You’re going to ten different places just to find some chicken. Uh-huh. The other day we were trying to have a barbecue, like a little cookout because they provided a grill at our Airbnb. Which is one of the only things
they provided, but moving on. We were just trying to find chorizo, and chicken,
and like just some fixings to make a salad on the side. Like nothing special, and we were going everywhere! Like from place to place and one person
would say “oh it’s right over here” so Then we go a couple blocks over, another
person we’d be like “We can’t find it. Where can we find this?” And same thing.
But we’ve learned because it’s so hard to get things here, people who live here
go to Chetumal to do their shopping. Yeah because there aren’t any
grocery stores here. You have like these Tiny little markets and that’s it. Yeah or
like OXXO even, but I mean you can’t get everything at OXXO. Almost, but not quite. And there’s one OXXO in town. But I mean that’s Part of what makes Bacalar so special I think still is that it’s still like really really small town. It hasn’t been over developed yet which
is great but also a little inconvenient and annoying when you’re trying to find
like a few specific things. Do you want to have a Campfire? This is a really cool wall! What did you get? So this place behind me is
called the YAYA Cafe and as far as I know it is one of like two places in all of Bacalar that serves espresso. This was only 25 pesos, I’m so
happy! That place was a very Tulum-esq which is something I noticed being a
trend in Bacalar that hasn’t been in the Past. Or well ten months ago that we
came here, there weren’t too many places like that and now they’re popping up
like crazy. We’re gonna head home now and get out of the Sun because when the Sun
gets up in the sky you can really feel it and it burns. It doesn’t matter how
many walks we take Laska on, she always wants to go outside, she always
wants more walks, and more walks, and more walks. Everywhere else she gets tired, but
not here, not in Bacalar. She has unlimited energy! Nobody likes Bacalar
more than Laska! Laska, do you want to go out on the water? Let’s go out on the water! Come on! Laska, how pretty is this? I could just stand out Here all day looking out here with the
breeze coming in, it’s just so pretty! Do you see all the pretty shades of gray?
The pretty shades of gray! [Laughter] Laska! Your tongue is hanging out everywhere! And after a 30-minute walk, the only
thing that you can do in Bacalar to cool off, thee thing to do is go in the water
of course! So last time we mentioned if you wanted to take care of Bacalar
Lagoon to use reef safe sunscreen but we were told by our sailboat captain on our
tour that if you really want to take care of the lagoon, don’t wear any
sunscreen or anything at all, even reef safe can do some damage. Because it’s
imbalancing the ecosystem which is why I’m wearing this. It’s a UPF shirt which
is like fabric that has SPF essentially. And wearing hats and stuff. So the more
you can cover up the better so that you don’t have to put anything like: makeup,
lotion, sunscreen, anything like that. And to protect the lagoon. Ah! The water is so nice! I think I see some amigos! Well that’s one way to get a workout. All right, now butt kickers on the way back! High knees is really hard when you get deeper. Work it baby! [Laughter] Alright now see if Laska wants to play. Do the thing you were doing with her. [Laughter] [Laughter] She is just chillin! Living the doggy life! If you’re planning a trip to Mexico and whether you’re going to book flights or
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money! [Laughter] The reason we bring something like this up is because if you use our link
we get a little something as well which Helps us continue making
videos just like this. We love this wall that’s outside of our Airbnb! There’s
so many iguanas on it. I see one up here. Hopefully we can get to it before he
dives into the hole. We are now in the Fort of San Felipe. This fort was created
because Bacalar in the 17th century was under attack by pirates so they needed
this as a lookout. They finished constructing the fort in 1733 to help
defend the (from the) pirates. And you can see all across beautiful Bacalar including
straight across here we have pirates channel. Which we still never visited in a couple tours that we’ve done. We still have never made it there, but we
hear it’s very crowded usually. We tried to take the kayaks there one day, got
halfway across the lagoon and realized it’s a really really far! Just by chance have you seen any round balls around and Do you have about a pound of gunpowder? Uh, can’t say that I do! Damn. Look out for Jordan You guys, he’s crazy! To get in here it costs a hundred and ten pesos per person if you’re not Mexican and fifty pesos if
you are. Actually it’s a 110 if you don’t look Mexican and 55 if
you do look Mexican. Because she didn’t ask us at all. And she didn’t ask that people behind us, and she charges them half the
price of us. But they had dark skin and looked Mexican. So, the trick is, if you
just look Mexican at all, you can pay fifty pesos. Otherwise, it is cool, you get
the great view but I think it’s way way overpriced for what you’re actually
getting in here! Yeah honestly, I think There’s not a whole lot to see here that
you can’t see from outside. Yeah. So if You want to give them a 110
peso donation go for it. If not, just go ahead and look from the outside. Or
luckily, you could just watch this video and kind of see what it looks like in
here and not have to pay it all. You’re welcome! [Laughter] But you really can see much of this from like around Centro. This is right by El Centro. Oh!! Oh!!! Hey Jordan! Guess what time it is! What time is it? El Centro of El Centro! And there’s a dog! He’s like wag, wag, wag. [Laughter] Oh give me belly rubs! Do you want belly rubs? Awe! Okay I’ll give you belly rubs! And check out this Centro of El Centro! It has murals. Have we ever seen murals on the top? I don’t believe so! Maddie, I have something fun for you. This teeter-totter is really really steep! You know usually it’s a lot longer. This does not look fun This looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Get on the other side please. Nooo! Please do not throw me off of this. No, I would never! actually pretty fun I think we should
always take opportunities to act like a kid like adults don’t really get that
luxury very often the luxury the luxury of being a kid and like taking a nap and
stuff but also playing on teeter totters and right here I see that they have all
these shops like with art sicinius and stuff king peridot is not really known
for its art sicinius because it’s a very young State Oh something really done for
the Mayans but well yeah but I mean young in in many forms like there’s not
very much typical food or art the zinnias that sort of borrowed from other
states of Chiapas or any other state for that matter any other state for that
matter yes look at all these dream catchers
that’s one thing I love outside of Tulum that’s where you see a lot of those
town pretty close to there on the way to Coba where there’s so many dream
catchers the like look how big this one is
this is freaking target dates the size of the matter this the size of my life
and then entire life it’s right here in this drink many of them have a seat or
something in the middle we walked 10 steps and Jordan is like
begging me please can we please go in here where do you guys think it is
give you a hint it satisfies his sweet tooth come on it’s ice cream remember I had to do such a balancing
act with ice cream yeah it’s 30 pesos per Grande one really cool
thing about Mexico no matter how small the town
it always has a colorful sign with the town’s name on it there’s a big ass you go on it down here send you order I see two more iguanas
down there so I’m starting to think that the whole town is being protected from
pirates by these iguanas and that’s kind of Awesome if you ask me or is a town
under siege by iguana is no longer pirate I think that’s more like Maddie
yes do you eat wanna go to that service area
that we went to that has the really pretty view oh I want to go there right
now okay let’s eat wanna go I don’t think that
worked no sale I think one of my absolute favorite things about baccala
is that there’s so much street art like murals painted on walls all across the
town small town there is so much of it and just in the ten months since we were
here the first time I think it’s even brighter in my I think so too in fact
I’m looking right over here and I think I see a guy painting that wall over
there I love that that’s just like a simple way to make it
town so much more joyful and happy even if it’s not complex’ murals if it’s just
painted the what like painting the walls so we are at the CeraVe sitter service
area artisanal buckle are it’s kind of this beach-club setting here or you have
hammocks and bed like what do you call these day bed day bed yeah
David luxury hammocks over here super nice but anyway we came here once before
I got the shrimp burger and although it’s one of the most expensive meals
I’ve had in town if not the most expensive it’s so good and it’s huge you
lost your damn mind over that burger it’s it’s so good so I just ordered it
again this place is awesome you don’t there’s
no cover charge you don’t have to like pay to rent the bed if they’re available
you get it I think as long as you’re like ordering food and stuff they
actually have hammocks out in the water other lounge chairs I see a kayak over
here so they might even have kayak rentals too and of course a beautiful
view of the lagoon I hate when this happens you go to a restaurant you have
an amazing meal and you’re so excited to go back there and then it just isn’t as
good the next time that’s my burger this time so the first time we came here I
would have given this place five stars for sure this time the service was
horrendous the burger wasn’t nearly as good as last time we always have the
intention of recommending local restaurants and stuff if you’re looking
for great service and to get the sides that you order and the drinks that you
order and the food that you order then I mean how much your own risk yeah I just
just know now you can know what you might get into here first of all please
excuse our messy Airbnb second of all I just did something that I didn’t know
was possible I messaged the restaurant that we’re considering going to for
dinner through Google Maps to ask if dogs are allowed to see if maska can
come if you want to go for a while yes they
can she still has tons of energy even though
we’ve walked her out for like two hours today
Laska do you wanna go you want to go for a walk or not Wow look how properly she’s sitting okay
let’s go got a shake up before I put the leash on I love in our past few videos
we talked about the unexpected struggles you face in Mexico and one of those is
that sidewalks are not always standardized and you really have to
watch where you’re walking or you could just trip or there’s because there’s
tree roots pulling up the sidewalk or in this case a giant Manco manhole cover is
missing so if you’re walking down the sidewalk and not looking like this is
what it looks like just kidding I’m watching where I’m walking because
we travel to Mexico we know that’s something you really have to do so we’re
at this a really cool new place I think it’s pronounced mishneh mall but I
didn’t think BA Claire was gonna have something this fancy it’s really nice
back here and the prices seem fairly reasonable for how fancy it is I love
the ambiance so at this place they kind of cook everything over the fire so it
has that like smoky grilled taste to it aha they have this all set up with
lights hanging trees and the tables are made from like
the sections of trees if just everything about this is kind of amazing and we
read reviews like the chef is amazing this is one of the best interests I’ve
ever had saying that he’s an artist and everything that comes out it’s
perfection I got a Moscow mojito it’s really really
good and I don’t know what the strides that came with they feels kind of waxy I
thought it was bamboo at first I’m not sure what it is this gargantuan shot of
mescal this these oranges and saw the fuzzy gusano which is warm salt
don’t knock it till you try it this was 110 pieces so Maddie got a 350 gram
ribeye and I think it was about 350 pesos so every time I take a new bite
I’m like how could this get any better but then it does it does I got a
Portobello regain though I don’t know about you but this is our last night in
Bakalar we leave tomorrow morning and I am upset we didn’t discover this sooner every single dish here that we’ve tried
of the three it just just works of art there they’re so tasty and the flavors
mix so well and there’s crunchy and soft and the mix of all the flavors sweet and
salty and works perfectly so the chef here and his brother who own
the place are from aguas calientes this was amazing I rate this the number one
restaurant I’ve been to in all of Mexico this was amazing from drinks to the main
dish to the desert to the service to the ambiance everything’s so good they seem
to be very proud that this came from that they’re like style and the food and
their talent came from Aguascalientes we’ve been dog with felonies and the
people there were some of the best we’ve met in all of Mexico and it seems like
they’ve carried that love through here to this restaurant and mmm I felt it I
love this place well what a fun week this was I hope it was a nice birthday
trip for you this was probably the best birthday I’ve
ever had well in just a moment here we’re gonna have
our other baccala video on the end screen and if you enjoyed this video
consider subscribing to our channel to see more videos that we release about
our life in Mexico and traveling around one more thing oh yeah one more
important thing that bell so you will be the very first to be notified when we
release any new video and we’ll see you soon

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