were so mint to be, omg. GRWM where we chat about Shen Yun and More! fun times with Bailey Sarian

were so mint to be, omg. GRWM where we chat about Shen Yun and More! fun times with Bailey Sarian

hi how are you today? I forgot to put in
it I forgot to put in my piercing so I’m trying to find some jewelry. I normally
get my piercing jewelry off of Amazon, I know random. I have this issue where I
constantly lose them. I’m always losing them but I sometimes see you guys
leaving comments or questions asking like how does it work? how does it go in?
so I was just gonna show you, it’s kind of gross
but but I don’t even have..this isn’t unscrewing. what the hell?! Okay I found
this jewelry in the living room. So here’s how it works.
it’s a bar, it’s a small little bar you can’t even see it. it just goes right
through here and then you screw on the top. See easy. Hi how are you today? I hope
you’re having a wonderful day so far. Happy Saturday. It’s Saturday which means,
you guessed it. it’s Saturday. I thought I would do my makeup and just JibJab.
my name is Bailey Sarian and if you don’t know that hi don’t forget to Like and
subscribe ring that Bell hit the notification blahblah it’s so annoying. okay shut up. so I got this in PR it’s by Colourpop.
it’s called mint to be , Wow you can’t even see that huh. Mint to be, Mint to
be. come on camera you got to learn how to focus. I thought I would use this
today and um you know I don’t know what kind of look I want to do but I mean
these are colors that I never use. these are colors that I like never use
you know why because most brands cannot seem to master the army greens
are really hard like the formulas usually they’re just they just always
let you down so when I see colors like the army green my hopes aren’t that high
for it but hey let’s try it okay so first things first I’m going to I’m
gonna do my eyes first yeah this is a sample I got don’t clinique beyond
perfecting super concealer camouflage plus 24 hour wear
it’s called moderately fair isle of samples I don’t know what the deal is
with samples I get more excited over samples and like a full-size I’m just
wild you guys have out of control hi how’s it going
I missed my Monday upload I saw that well I appreciate some of you guys you
know reached out and asked if I was okay because I wasn’t doing okay I was very
stressed and I just had like a meltdown like a three-year-old and I don’t want
to start this video off negative so I won’t go into detail about anything it’s
just stress and life and kind of forgot to um I always forget to just like take
care of myself in the mix of things and it’s it’s just easy to forget to take
care of yourself so kind of like everything was just going wrong I mean
everything was literally going wrong it was so annoying I did not ask for that
universe and then I accidentally deleted all of my Monday footage off of my SD
card on Saturday night when I was like going to edit and I just couldn’t
believe that I had done that it was like the cherry on top of just a really
shitty last couple of weeks and I just was like that’s it you know just feels
so guilty when I miss and upload and I need to get over that because like I’m
human and I’m doing I’m trying my best and that’s all I could do I realized
that I need more help and like it’s okay to get help as far as like with my
YouTube channel like I always just edit my own stuff my own videos I do
everything myself which is fine but I also have zero social life because of
how much work yuck I don’t want to sound like I’m just
complaining because I don’t I’m not complaining I’m using my Maybelline fit
me powder with the loose not a loose like a fluffier brush I’m going to just
set like my brow bone area let’s do this shade right here it’s called ice cold
and I’m going to put this right in here oh okay
so my mom like a couple months ago I she’s been wanting to go see shen yun
shen yun shen yun yes i’m sure you’ve seen it
everywhere and i don’t know if it’s just a California thing or if this is
countrywide but you let me know Shen Yun are they harassing you – because you
can’t avoid the damn billboards and the commercials so my mom has always wanted
to see it for a long time I remember yeah for a long time so finally a couple
months ago she was like hey I’m gonna get tickets do you want to go and I was
like sure I’m gonna use this shade it’s called get fresh with my fluffier brush
so yeah I said sure why not like I want to see what this is all about shen yun
what’s your deal and so we went and yeah it was interesting it was some um well
it started off well okay it’s a stage right and they’re dancers they’re
performer performers and overall it’s really cool they just do a bunch of
different dances and it’s very beautiful their costumes are absolutely stunning
like very vibrant so there was like little moments that were really weird
that I was like okay but other than that it was really beautiful
shut up Bailey just get to the damn look I’m just I’m doing the same thing
because I don’t know what I wanted you to be honest this is a Mac two one 7s
brush just gonna place this on the outer lid and hope for the best okay honestly I started I started this
tutorial off by talking shit like Oh green shadows are really are but these
shadows are blowing my mind I never can find green like these matte pastel green
army green colors that actually work I’m taking this is a lip brush
Mudd and I’m just taking a little bit of that concealer I used as eyeshadow
primer and I don’t want to do a cut crease necessarily but I do want my lid
to just be lighter okay so I am going to do this shade right here it’s called
mint tea and it’s like a green shimmery type of deal and we try with my finger
there she is okay here’s what I’m gonna do I want to add just a little bit of a
darker color so I grab this palette it’s from color drain now this has been sold
out forever but maybe it’s in stock and it’s the
it’s their vivid pigments palette and these shadows are amazing you can buy
them individually but they were selling the palette for a while and I was able
to snag one this color goes right here it’s called squad it’s a match like
forest green color I’m just gonna use it right on the outer part of my eye
yesterday I did a like I used purple eye shadow what palette did I use I can’t
remember but it’s changed my eyelids I looked very sickly when I took it off it
was like really bad I feel like I’ve been doing eyes forever so primer I’m
going to use the Laura Mercier pure canvas primer this is the illuminating
now I got a PR package from Laura Mercier and I was like where’d this come
from well cuz I’ve never been on Laura Mercier’s PR list and I love Laura
Mercier well I’ve never met her but like the brand yes when it showed up I was
like oh do they know okay so I got this sample it’s from Sephora you know I like to try
the foundations before I commit and buy them and I wanted to try the new Fenty
foundation so I got a sample of it I have my Clarisonic this is the
Clarisonic and I have the foundation brush head I love this damn thing with
the foundation brush hood ah if you get the foundation brush head from
Clarisonic i would highly suggest you put the found you got the foundation on
versus putting it on the brush because it just splashes everywhere
I learned oh I don’t think this is the fenty actually oh my bad
that sample was the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer oh no wonder so I was like
damn where’s the coverage at I got a sample of the tinted moisturizer because
for those days where you don’t want a full face but you want a little
something something and I used to like the tinted moisturizer from Laura
Mercier so I thought let me just get a sample and it’s nice but I want fuller
coverage today this I also got a sample of the Smashbox it’s this one the
Smashbox full studio skin full coverage 24 hour foundation I got a sample of it
and I was like I love this and then I ended up buying it I’m gonna use the
sample just so I don’t waste my full size oh man this foundation is like
incredible it gives you such a full coverage and just flawless but I will
say if your dryer you just really need to make sure your skin is hydrated
before you you go using it because you will look so dry that was way too much now I’m going to do my eyebrows which is
I was just thinking why am i doing my eyebrows I haven’t even done concealer
but I guess I’m just I’m out of control this is by the balm and it’s called
ferocious brow pencil in dark brown this has easily become a favorite it’s so
creamy and it’s so easy to apply which is nice because I don’t know about you
guys but sometimes pencils can be a little too rough and it just like it
doesn’t apply and you’re like seeing there like this one I just feel like it
glides right on I really like the balm but I do feel like they need a REIT like
the whole rebrand right like their packaging and stuff was cute for so long
but as time goes on it’s just becoming more dated they just have such good
products but I don’t know why why I like it nobody you don’t really see it that
much or maybe I’m not paying attention they
do need a rebrand though just a little updated I like that they do like the
kind of pinup II packaging and stuff they should keep that but make it modern
so what else has been going on have you guys seen any good movies lately dude
that’s all Fernando and I do is we watch movies we go on Netflix Amazon Hulu
whatever and we will type in thrillers cuz we like thrillers or the suspense
ooh I love those kinds of movies and that’s we just go down the list and
watch them all everything on Netflix lately has been so cheesy what I don’t
know what’s been going on but their movies lately have been like I’ve also
just been typing in Nicole Kidman and just watching like any of the movies
she’s been in because I just have a new appreciation for her I never really
liked her I don’t know why I just thought she was another witch she was
like just another pretty white actress who won awards like what was different
about her you know I just never really cared I didn’t pay attention but then I
watch this little like this little biography on her and they were just
explaining how she only now well for the last couple years she only like stars in
indie films because she doesn’t like to work with like big studio production
type of movies and she only works on movies that like she’s really passionate
about and she wants to bring attention to this this filmmaker or the movie
itself and I thought that was cool like she knows that she brings views and
attention so she puts it in places where she feels I don’t know these movie
makers are underappreciated and I just really I don’t know I just really like
that and I was like oh my god I never thought about that when you pay
attention like she does just star in these really like weird movies and
you’re like what is she doing in this choice place like kind of like a creepy
character like just weird I’m terrible at explaining but you know what I mean
you know what I mean I know you know she does still star in big movies we saw
bombshell you watch that one it was okay I think what’s her name
Charlize Theron Theron I think she did actually really good as Megan Kelly so
gross though it’s just about um you know sexual harassment sexual was it
harassment or abuse sexual harassment in the workplace at Fox News and how they
all like spoke out about it and they all lost their jobs and to this day there’s
one of them I can’t remember her name she still like can’t get a job which is
awful so gross so sick of these stories not
because I’m tired of hearing about like the victims where I’m just sick that
this is still going on call them out call them out these people will call
them out and then nothing happens because they are they’re rich and don’t
get me started now I am going to add some contour so this is the huda beauty
tange tantor and it’s in the shade light it looks so dark right just a little bit
okay don’t use a lot just going to place this right I kind of want you hi whoops
right here along my forehead and then the jawline my Kara has been giving me
such a hard time lately it just hasn’t been working it’s driving
me nuts driving me absolutely nuts I’m gonna come down the sides of my nose
whoops my bad okay well you know we’re here let’s blend it out I got this
concealer from oh my fucking god I already Yuma Yoma yo mom okay
I just got this concealer from youma that doesn’t sound right
Yoma stay woke concealer to shade fair lady t one and I use this yesterday I
was like whoa it was really nice it gave a a very high coverage and you know me
well maybe you don’t but I really like concealers so I tend to go very heavy
with it he’s throwing nose hormonal e us ladies we get read around the nose and
the mouth so popping concealer there is nice you don’t have to but I do this is
a an hourglass brush it’s like a concealer brush and I just I’m going to
blend this out but you know I wore this yesterday and let me think did it like
do anything funky throughout the day I don’t think so there’s just all-around
really nice just gonna switch to my Beauty Blender cuz I’m faster with it
this is the Maybelline fit me powder it’s number 10 and I’m gonna use this to
set my under eyes this is a morphe brush it is their eat honey brush I really
like it for the loose powder set it and forget it um yeah so job interviews not fun how
come whenever somebody asked me like tell me about yourself I just go blank
tell you about me oh shit I didn’t prepare for this like I can’t ever get
it together I’m the worst like if when I’m on the
spot you know those people who are just quick thinkers oh how do you become like
that I want to be that when I grow up I just I want to master that I need to be
like that a sir
right I mentioned this in my when was at the tutorial before last I was like I
want to be more assertive what’s that did I mention that I think so or did I
dream it either way I want to be more assertive but it’s so hard there was one
thing I used to hate about dating dating the worst because it gets so repetitive
it’s like what do you like to do for fun what do you do it’s like it’s so boring
Smashbox contour palette well I’ll show you my yeah let me hold that thought let
me do my eyes first going back to this palette i’m gonna use this shades called
ice cold put this along my lower lashline yeah dating so worst what do you like to
do for fun there was a couple dates where it was just like i knew there
wasn’t any chemistry so it’s like why even try which probably isn’t that great
but i would just be like I like to do nothing but that’s kind of the truth
being lazy should be mandatory I’m gonna use this shade right here it’s called
chill factor oh yeah going back to this and let’s do mojito
mommy this shade now I’m gonna use my Smashbox contour palette angle brush I
like the shade right here look I hit pan look at me go
it’s kind of satisfying when you hit the pan like I used to yeah do you remember
when you were a kid and it’s like what do you want to be when you grow up and I
mean you would just shoot for the stars I’m gonna be an astronaut
yeah where I’m gonna be see I want to be a veterinarian a teacher like you just
nothing was holding you back then as you get older and then will he’d get this
all the adults supported you right yeah you could be a teacher you could be an
astronaut whatever you want then as you get older no one’s really root when you
want anymore like that you’re like I want to be an astronaut
oh yeah being an astronaut is really hard you’re not gonna do it like no one
ever makes it I’m just miss being a kid when everyone was like yeah do it I
don’t want to be an astronaut or anything I don’t know but I miss shootin
or dreaming big I feel like as you get older you lose that we need to get that
back okay so I’ve been putting these like little gems on my eyes I wanted to
try it before filming it because I want to see if it could work I got this look
look look look this it’s like a container full of these
different little where are these called fake crystals diamonds they were at the
thrift store for a dollar I love it that thrift store find so I know like
everybody already did the euphoria you fora inspired makeup looks with like
tons of bedazzle nasaan their eyes so I’m a little late to the game here but I
thought I would try it now I don’t I did four one two three four and I
think I probably should have put on mascara first though so I’m gonna I’m
gonna go in with my mascara this is essence volume hero mascara and I ran
out of lash princess I need to go get some so I’ll use this one for now I’m
using eyelash glue and I just have a makeup palette in front of me I put the
eyelash glue on the palette I’m going to use tweezers which is not my favorite to
apply cuz it it never really goes smoothly but whatever pick up the little
bedazzle gem dip it in the glue pick it back up if you can having a hard time
I’m gonna place this one like boom I love how I don’t really describe what
I’m doing I just do it you know what I should have moved that one over one two
boom Oh fine ooh and then I have these lashes bye kiss let me show you these
ones you see them there we go hmm oh yeah I got glue all over my
finger okay we got it we got it we got it this is a little lash applicator tool
from ardell could also just use tweezers but it does make it easier look look
look look look look look look look you see it it’s cute huh I should have done
this for New Year’s Eve because it’s like it’s not too much but it’s just
enough okay I’m just gonna do the other eye really quick and I’ll be right back
ooh ooh I like this look okay so what am i doing now blush this is my color pop
it’s their super shock cheek it’s called get laid yeah I like this okay it wasn’t sure for
a second but I’m liking it this is a Fenty beauty it’s the diamond bomb how
many carats I bought this so long ago and I don’t
know why I just I didn’t like something about it but maybe maybe my mind’s
changed and I like it so let’s try it this is a Mac one three three brush okay
now I am going to line my lips this is NARS lip liner I think it’s
called Venice yes this is mac lipglass in snob they make a snob lipstick it’s one of my
favorites I used to wear it all the time with myth kind of slutty but in a good
way I love it I got these butterfly clips on Amazon
I’ll link them down below they’re cute it came with they’re just good
old-fashioned clips good old fashioned and I just needed something my hair is a
little crusty all right you guys thank you so much for hanging out with me
today oh wait wait do you like it do you love
it do you want to wear it let me know down below I think it’s cute right I
really like so overall I really like that color pop palette great thank you
guys so much for hanging out with me today I hope you have a wonderful day
ahead of you make good choices and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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