What Coffee Brewing Method Is The Best?

What Coffee Brewing Method Is The Best?

– Hi My name is Jeff Cheen, I’m the chief coffee
guy at Groundwork Coffee and this morning we’re
going to try one coffee, brewed over several different methods, and discuss the differences we taste that those methods
bring out of the coffee. Come on in to my playpen, lets go. (playful music) – I’m Lizz, I’m an artist, so I drink a lot of coffee
from all over the place. I’m not an expert but I do taste a lot. – I’m Jeff, chief coffee guy,
guess the resident expert, so. – I’m kind of the coffee
snob around the office. – I’ve worked with coffee before. I’ve worked at a couple
different coffee shops. So you could say I have a professional relationship with coffee. – I talked a lot of coffee game and I’m kind of here to
see what I actually know. (playful music) – [Jeff] This is the Chemex brewer developed by a very bored chemist who was up late at night
during World War Two. [sipping sounds] – Jeff I did not like that one. – Clean coffee flavor. – It’s like shitty diner coffee. – [Jeff] This is called
the Clever Dripper. This is a full-emergent brewing. – Shoe taste like a little shoe. – Yeah, I would say
yeah not a lot of power, did you taste some shoe in there? – Tasted some shoe. – That was kind of boring, – [Lizz] Not a lot of flavor.
– [Jeff] yeah softer edges. – [Laura] It’s a little flat
– [David] Rich, but not bright – like a Beverly Hills housewife. – [Jeff] French Press, you’ve
seen this around every where. Got a very, very full-body taste. – [David] It’s orangish
– It’s more of an amber. – Yeah, you’re absolutely right. – I wouldn’t be surprised to find like an ancient mosquito in here. – I think this is the french press. – I could drink this black. – [Jeff] Alright, this is the control that we’re going to use,
this is a Mr. Coffee made famous by Joe DiMaggio. – I’m tasting some soil, is that normal? – This I’ll say is shitty. – I felt this is definitely the
darkest of the three so far. – Tastes like it wasn’t
extracted properly. – I’m going to say these two are watery, this is the boldest for me. – [Jeff] Pour-over V60, it’s Japanese, Japanese culture has a long
history of love with coffee. – You got a gray dangle. – That’s the wangle of my dangle. – It’s like good or diner. – I’ve felt like kind of
watery, not very strong. Left me again with a
little bit of a flat line. – Leaves a nice flavor in my mouth. – I’m getting a little
flavor, it’s a little heavier. – Okay, Well I’m obviously correct, so where did you go wrong on
this taste thing right now? – [Jeff] Aeropress, is made by the guy who made the Aerobie Flying Disc. – It tastes kind of like burnt coffee. – I could sense coffee but
mainly like the shadow of coffee. – It’s coating the tongue, but it’s not really livening
up the party, right? – It didn’t hit me like a punch. – Alright watch that
major skin of the game, because again I talk a lot of
coffee game at Buzzfeed so. – So this is a potential source of huge embarassment for you. – I’m liking this one the best. – So again this was my favorite. – I’m sticking with my french press and Mr. Coffee choice. – [Voiceover] There you go, correct. – Oh shit (laughter)
– [Jeff] Yeah sorry Joe. – French Press or Chemex. – I just really hope he picks Mr. Coffee. – [David] No
– [Laura] What, which one? – [Voiceover] Mr. Coffee
– [David] No – [Laura] Did you pick Mr.
Coffee as your favorite? – No (slow motion voice)
this is my favorite. – This is, you’ve messed up, you have messed up with your order. – Wow, David your such a pleb,
– [David] Oh, man. – but you didn’t even know it. – My life has been up ended. The fact that I chose
Mr. Coffee as number one is ridiculous. (playful music) – [Laura] You going to walk off set now? – [David] No, I’m not gonna walk off set. Yeah, real mature. (laughter)

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  1. I use Mr, Coffee every day. I have tasted many different types and methods, but it is easy and still has a pretty good brew.

  2. Speed and duration of contact with the coffee is the key. While Mr Coffee keeps the water and grounds together too long. Bunn makes a drip coffee maker which works much better, and I believe brews the best coffee available. French press is good if you're camping and have nothing better. I fail to see how the others are different than drip other than the size of the drip whole in the basket.

  3. honestly, 24+ hour mason jar cold brew is my favorite. 3 or 4 ounces of it mixed with a tablespoon or two of sugar and a couple ounces of milk is my jam.

  4. Coffee snobs. I've had coffee brewed on the stove, a perculator, Mr Coffee drip, and instant. What I've found is the type of grounds and roast works better or worse with each method. Another factor is dot go by the recommended measurements. Adjust amount of grounds to water to your desired taste. My Mr Coffee makes a smooth rich dark coffee because of my measurements and the brand coffee I use, Community Coffee sold in Louisiana.

  5. These guys don't know anything – Chemex makes a way superior coffee.  Drip coffee machines are disgusting.

  6. If your going to say this coffee is either brewed by Chemex or French Press it's obvious you don't know coffee brewing. Those two brewing methods are opposites, French Press being more muddy and Chemex being one of the cleanest cups.

  7. I feel they cut the girl in the glasses out most of the time because she claimed everything was burnt and diner, two things that describe nothing, was she just trying to just hate everything?

  8. The blonde spitting makes me nauseous. Girl needs to learn some manners. There are far more polite ways to spit than imitating an adult film.

  9. Such a horrible test… we don't even know if the coffee was brewed properly with each method (time, grind size, technique, water to coffee ratio) and honestly if the coffee was brewed properly and the coffee they use IS WELL ROASTED COFFEE then they should have somewhat pleasant experiences with each brew. Not saying they love each one, but the fact that some of the brewing methods gave them disgust is a bad sign.

  10. Maybe he chose Mr. Coffee because that hipster mustache was getting in the way of properly tasting the coffee.

  11. 1.proclin pour-over coffee in a bamboo filter
    2. standard coffee machine
    3. instant coffee
    all with brown sugar

  12. I don't know if it's my contentiousness or my pragmatism, but these people are too annoying and out if touch for me. Buzzfeed, PLEASE don't make these guys regulars.

  13. Fresh coffee beans, a plunger, sweeteners and some milk, it doesn't need to be anymore complicated than that see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxw5234jY2E

  14. Im a fan of the V60 or Drip coffee if its fresh at home though i use the V60 its easy to clean it does not take up any counter space and its easy to make a single cup if i am home alone

  15. Nice video but, I guess Barista didn't know how to use each brewing method's product properly. Shouldn't make people feel that bad lol.

  16. Chemex brewer developed by a chemist…yeah right. What a load of pretentious bs. The pour over method is how people made coffee centuries ago, using a muslin (cloth) filter which was re-used, inside a porcelain filter cone. This changed just under a century ago when a Herr Melitta in Germany invented the coffee filter paper. Also nowadays you can buy plastic filter holders, in N.W. continental Europe just about in every homeware shop, although not in the UK. Since then filter machines were developed which drip the water from a reservoir in the back…and more recently capsule machines. However Phillips newest development, for the best coffee, boasts that it boils the full amount of water in a reservoir over the filter – rather than heating it bit by bit like a filter machine, which tends to get clogged up with limescale over time and affects the temperature of the water – and then drips it over the filter. So coffee makers have gone full circle and prove that the pour-over method is the best. Filtering is superior to French presses/cafetieres, percolators and all kinds of espresso makers/machines for one reason: it separates the fats present in the bean / ground coffee from the final coffee, these have the potential to clog arteries.

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