What Happen when U drink Masala Tea Daily, how to make, health benefits. الفوائد الصحية للشاي ماسلا

welcome welcome to the channel we will give you valuable
things as always. lets make a tea which can be used to lower cholesterol this has huge amount of antioxidants please subscribe not only that, how the cholesterol are made
and show that is not an enemy you can use milk or you can use without milk
this is so important due to its antioxidant content
our liver will produce LDL when Free radical damage our blood vessels or arteries
this happens due to oxidization due to free radicals if we cant neutralize these Free radical, they will continue to damage the arteries
and LDL will be produced more and more, so these LDL will be deposited in the blood vessel
wall. free radical steal electrons from the layer
of inner arteries this will block the blood flow
if this continues more and more, you will get a heart attack or stroke
so you will die ?yes if you didn’t act so what we should is to neutralize the free radical. not reducing cholesterol by medicines, instead
so we have to provide these antioxidant daily , we need at least 20000 ORAC points per day. ORAC is a measure of antioxidant levels, in
those days old people use huge amount of spice ball to cook. but now they are not available
so as it is not possible now. we can simply use our daily tea to be our
life saver this is so tasty
lets calculate the Antioxidant value of this tea and you can see it in the screen
normally one tea will give 10000 ORAC this amount is for two people
we need cinnamon 5grams clove 2g pepper 4g, raw ginger 10g , minchi leaves 5g and clean
2 tea leaves spoon lets see how to make this
chop or grid all the above items use pure water and boil and include all these into it wait for some time
after smoke coming you can add two glass of fresh milk
if you want just use some brown sugar, white,sugar is not recommended
we will give another bonus point to make your rice is healthy
put all what seen in the video in to your rice
if you have any question you can comment

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